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RBI and govt must disclose how much of old Rs 500-1,000 is back

RBI Governor Urjit Patel must find ways now to show that the apex bank is in complete command of the situation, instead of expressing disability in providing information about the old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 that have come back.
Santosh Tiwari

Will govt’s black money disclosure scheme be a grand success?

Those who have worked on black money estimation study point out that the government had been advised not to come out with any amnesty scheme or compliance window.

Decoding PM Narendra Modi’s Digital India mega-plan

The Digital India plan to be unveiled on July 1 has several applications to make people’s life easier, but the states’ support will be a key element for its success.

Opinion: Will NDA govt be able to pass GST, Land Bill this Monsoon Session?

Failure in getting the GST and the Land Acquisition Bill passed will severely dent the government’s efforts to improve the policy domain

Opinion: Curbing cash a better tool than black money compliance window

The government should fast-track measures like tax incentives to promote plastic money and electronic transactions.

Opinion: Raghuram Rajan must go for more interest rate cuts now

With monsoon fears subsiding, and inflation-targeting drawing flak, the RBI Guv Raghuram Rajan would do well by changing track.

Opinion: Rajasthan’s move to cut tax on tobacco products a retrograde step

If money has to be raised in public interest, there are better ways to do it than cutting taxes on tobacco products

Opinion: Bibek Debroy panel draws a new Railway dream

Expect travelling in a Tata or a Reliance super fast train from Delhi to Mumbai in a few years time once the government decides to implement the Bibek Debroy committee’s report on railways restructu

Manmohan Singh needs some introspection on growth in UPA regime

That the situation has not changed in last one year is known, he must share the reasons for his failures to help Narendra Modi.

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