Why MG Motor India is developing a metaverse

In the future, carmakers will generate revenues by selling much more than cars. The MGverse is a glimpse of that, where MG Motor India is trying to sell future, today.


Last week, MG Motor became the first carmaker in India to launch a metaverse platform. Called the MGverse, it will combine the carmaker’s multiple virtual spaces into a single platform.

But what exactly is a metaverse, what is the MGverse, and how will it benefit customers? According to Dictionary.com, a metaverse is a shared, realistic and immersive computer simulation of the real world, in which people participate as digital avatars. These people can access this shared virtual space through virtual reality, augmented reality, game consoles, mobile devices or conventional computers.

Right now, this shared virtual space could be a gaming arena or a virtual classroom or a digital twin of a tourist attraction, in which people participate as digital avatars and interact with each other, but tech companies and other stakeholders want to make a digital copy of the entire universe, and that would be true metaverse. Once the metaverse expands from its current form (right now it is in silos), it will also be interoperable, and allow you to take virtual items like clothes or cars from one platform to another.

Coming to the MGverse, it combines five virtual spaces including the ‘Explore & Creator centre’, NFT Gallery, virtual ‘MG Car Club’, a gaming arena and the ‘MG Knowledge Centre’ for employees. The platform will initially be available on mobile and on desktop web browsers. MG Motor said it aims to make the same experience available with virtual reality headsets in the future.—The Explore & Creator centre allows users to personalise, accessorise and build MG vehicle models in the MGverse, and lets them take a virtual test drive.—The NFT Gallery will be a virtual museum.—The virtual MG Car Club is a digital twin of the real MG Car Club, where members will be able to connect with each other and access member-only events and concerts digitally.—The gaming arena will host video games.—The MG Knowledge Centre will train and upskill MG employees and partners.

In the future, carmakers will generate revenues by selling much more than cars. We are seeing a glimpse of that, where MG Motor India is selling not just a car, but also future.

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