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Repos Energy, BATX Energies, Urja Bio System to launch mobile EV charging solution in India

The solution claimed to be the first-of-its-kind globally will open up opportunities for new entrepreneurs to enter the power generation and on-demand EV charging business.

Repos Energy, BATX Energies, Urja Bio System to launch mobile EV charging solution in India
Respos Energy provides energy at doorstep service including diesel and now electric vehicle charging.

The electric vehicle industry is fast-growing globally, but one of the key challenges that still affects the potential adoption for the segment is the charging infrastructure.

For a country like India, where having access to a dedicated parking space is still a dream for many, the ability to install an EV charger dedicated for their vehicle is quite difficult. On the other hand, despite the growing number of public charging infrastructures coming up in the country, there still lies range anxiety in the minds of EV users. But setting up a number of chargers still has its own set of challenges in terms of the high price of land, maintenance and ensuring higher uptime among others.

But as they say, every challenge is an opportunity in disguise, three young Indian start-ups have come together to introduce not just a mobile EV charging solutions, but also to ensure that the energy used to charge these vehicles is generated from renewable sources.

Pune-based Repos Energy, a fuel-on-demand service company, Urja Bio System a waste-to-energy solutions provider, and Gurugram-based Batx Energies, a green tech solutions start-up have come together to try and introduce a green mobile/on-demand EV charging solution infrastructure.

As per the company plan, Urja Bio System will work towards creating micro power-generation utilities using waste-to-energy production, which will be used to charge stationary batteries.

The batteries will be assembled by Batx Energies sourcing end-of-live lithium-ion cells from various sources including OEMs, telecom and IT infrastructure. These batteries will be equipped in the mobile charging truck created by Repos Energy.

The mobile charging station can be equipped with 10 kW to 100 kW. Repos Energy is finalising the truck on which the mobile charging station will be set-up. The target is to have an electric truck to ensure as much reduction in carbon emissions as possible. It is already in talks with leading CV makers to finalise the vehicle model.

It is learnt that under the initial target, the first mobile EV charging station/ proof-of-concept (POC) will be introduced by end-2022 in Pune. Once successful, customers will be able to procure these mobile EV charging stations and become an entrepreneur. On the other hand, the waste-to-energy micro plants will also open up opportunities for farmers to enhance their income while being able to get rid of waste plants.

Chetan Walunj, Founder and CEO, Repos, said “We are proud to launch our customised mobile electric charging solution, which uses old, recycled batteries to promote green EV. It is designed as a fast-charging network available any day, anytime, anywhere in the city. The cost of total ownership is quite low, driven by our business model. The charging solution would form the infrastructure backbone for a growing EV ecosystem and easily provide customers with energy-efficient options. Our smart charging solution balances individual, corporate, and community usage.”

Aditi Bhosale Walunj, Founder, Repos: “75% of electrical power in India is generated through the burning of coal, and then using this power to charge your EVs will do no good for the desired purpose. Also, the e-waste through batteries is huge in the country. We need to find a solution to these problems first and that is why we have come up with this solution of ‘Waste to power’ fuelled ‘Mobile Electric Charging Vehicles’ where power produced through waste is stored in recycled second-life batteries which in turn are mounted on a mobile vehicle used as a charging station for end-consumers. The entire process ensures negligible carbon emissions thus serving the overall purpose of the carbon neutral future”

Utkarsh Singh, Founder and CEO, BatX Energies said, “Our partnership with Repos for developing mobile electric vehicles charging systems and technology best defines our mission of sustainable energy transmission and storage. Our second-life energy storage technology will not only help India to reuse the hazardous lithium-ion batteries waste coming out of electric vehicles but also create a circular economy. The trio-led solution will help customers to reduce range anxiety and have easy access to EV charging on demand at the desired location. This will be the world’s first of its kind of carbon neutral solution made in India for the world.”

Gajanan Patil, MD, Urja Biosystem, “Today we are happy to announce that we are joining hands with India’s biggest energy distribution company Repos for carbon neutral mobile EV charging station. We are generating power from wet biodegradable waste and the same renewable power will be used for EV charging by Repos. By this venture we will contribute in waste management under Swach Bharat mission, saving in natural resources, promoting a circular economy in rural area,s and employment generation. And will also contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions responsible for global warming.”

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First published on: 15-07-2022 at 09:09:46 pm
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