Steelbird Partners With Cybellum For Cybersecurity Solutions

Steelbird International has partnered with Cybellum Technologies to introduce Cybellum’s advanced product security platform to Indian OEMs and component manufacturers.

steelbird cyber security solutions

Steelbird International, the automotive components manufacturing company, will facilitate Cybellum Technologies Ltd., Israel’s premier company in the Cybersecurity domain, in introducing Cybellum’s advanced product security platform (vulnerability management, compliance validation) to Indian OEMs and component manufacturers.

Since most spend time in a hyperconnected environment, be it at home, work, or while driving, the moment a system is connected to a network, it becomes vulnerable to cyberattack. Cybersecurity, within the context of road vehicles, is the protection of automotive electronic systems, communication networks, control algorithms, software, and underlying data from malicious attacks, damage, unauthorized access, or manipulation.

For example, a connected car is akin to a computer on a network with exposed interfaces such as steering, braking and other vital information about the occupants. A modern-day car with some advanced features can have 150 Electronic Control Units (ECUs) with millions of lines of source code, thereby increasing the cyber risk manifold.

Steelbird’s in-depth insight of the Indian market made it pertinent for Steelbird to envision the importance of cybersecurity and make the best available for the Indian OEMs, the aftermarket and testing institutes for both Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs); thereby becoming one of the first companies to provide cybersecurity solutions in the Indian marketplace.

By making the Cybellum platform available, Steelbird will enable automobile manufacturers to develop and design systems with end-to-end compliance to global cybersecurity standards such as UNECE WP29R155.

“This is a breakthrough initiative for Steelbird International. As we move in an increasingly interconnected world, the threat of cyberattacks and the need to adopt effective solutions has also skyrocketed,” says Manav Kapur, Executive Director, Steelbird International.

He added, “Currently, a small percentage of vehicles, both ICEs and EVs, are protected by cybersecurity solutions while the others with their vulnerabilities are open to attacks via a connected network. By using Cybellum’s trusted platform, manufacturers will be able to drive the technological edge in this compelling domain.”

The capability to Detect, Remediate and Assess exposure to Cyber vulnerabilities on auto components, including ECUs, with Cybellum’s Digital Twin Feature will enable them to secure their products and solutions.

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