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Novelic is taking safety to the next level

Jure Galic, Business Development and Marketing Executive, Novelic, explains the two new radar-based safety features the Serbian firm is working on and what gives them an edge over their competition.

Novelic specialises in short-range technology and presented two important solutions at the Auto Expo Components 2023

Novelic has been in the news recently as Sona Comstar acquire 54% of the Serbian company. Being a leading provider of mmWave radar sensors, perception solutions and full-stack embedded systems, Jure Galic, Business Development and Marketing Executive, Novelic tells us why the European firm is a leader in developing end-to-end capabilities in mmWave radar technology and how this will translate into multiple state-of-the-art safety features.

Could you tell us about your patented mmWave radar technology and two safety features that the company is currently working on? 

Novelic specialises in short-range technology. We are presenting two important solutions at the Auto Expo Components 2023. The first one is for the interior cabin monitoring with a single radar module. Presently, we are the only company to offer this unique technology. With this single module, we can detect when the child is left in the cabin and this technology will become mandatory in the EU countries from 2025 onwards after that it is expected to be launched in North America and then Asia. 

Apart from this, the same technology also detects occupants in the vehicle and gives out intrusion alerts. Another advantage of this technology is that the sensor has a low power volt and even if a car is parked for a month, it will continue to operate and detect if someone is trying to break into the vehicle. 

Jure Galic, Business Development and Marketing Executive, Novelic

The second solution we are presenting here Asper, which is an exterior sensor solution for vehicles that detects objects on the road. The one that we are showcasing at the Expo is the rear radar detection. This is a very important solution for all types of automobiles including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, e-bikes, and heavy industry vehicles for agriculture and mining. The advantage of radar technology is that it operates in different types of weather conditions, including the dusty environment. Vehicle radar is extremely reliable and can accurately detect objects or humans. 

With such kind of technology, do you have any plans in localizing the parts in India?      

The technology is now very new, but, yes, the next steps will lead to the localization of the parts. After all, our goal is to deliver the products and with Sona Costar’s help, we are confident in achieving this. 

Child Presence Detection is a very important feature. What give you an edge over your competition?

With the software and the radar sensor, we believe we have the most efficient technology in the business. We are the leaders in the radar sensor market, hence, we provide a low-cost solution and also a very low power consumption solution. In terms of performance, it is right up there with its effectiveness and accuracy which are required by OEMs. 

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Would it be too early to ask, when can we expect this technology available here in India?

Safety is a must and we take it very seriously in all the markets. As mentioned earlier, this technology will first make its debut in Europe then most likely North America and then Asia will follow for sure after that. We also believe that Child Presence Detection is very crucial for countries with hot weather conditions as it takes only 50 minutes for the cabin’s condition to become critical for a baby as the temperature of a baby can rise three times faster than that of an adult’s.  

How long did it take for Novelic to finalize the cabin interior detection sensor technology?

Novelic identified the importance of cabin interior detection technology around 6 years back. We are the first company which started the development of interior monitoring technology and we hope to be the first one to deliver it to OEMs.  

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First published on: 14-01-2023 at 10:35 IST