We charge zero surge pricing – Rachitta Juneja, Whide

Whide is a ride and delivery app that does not charge commission, or surge pricing. To know more about the Whide, Express Mobility spoke to the Founder and CEO of Whide, Rachitta Juneja.

We charge zero surge pricing – Rachitta Juneja, Whide

In today’s world, last-mile delivery has become a business by itself. While there are numerous digital services or aggregators for just about any product, the ease of such services is eventually lost. That’s where Whide steps in, a ride and delivery app that offers many services in a mobile application without surge pricing. 

To know more about how the business runs, Express Mobility spoke to the Founder and CEO of Whide, Rachitta Juneja. Here’s what Whide is all about. 

How did the idea of forming Whide come about? Who are the investors, the number of employees, and how much money has been invested? 

We have realized only 4-5 companies are ruling. Earlier, when companies were growing, partners were growing with them. Today, they are worth billions of dollars, but their partners cannot even make their ends meet now. The big corporations wanted to eliminate the middleman. Instead, they became the middle man. So, we wanted to be the change. With this vision, Whide started the first Ride & Delivery App to empower businesses without levying heavy commissions that kill businesses and their margins. 

Whide’s vision is “Creation Belongs Equally to everyone”. The Bhagavat Gita says, “We didn’t create anything. Nothing belongs to us. We are part of creation, and everything else is part of creation. No idea is original. It is just a mix of existing ideas. If someone tries to take a part of creation and claims it as their own, they are not living the truth.”

We are looking to raise the first round after a decent number of transactions. To date, we have invested around 3.2 crores in the business. Lastly, we have 30 employees, which we are looking to increase periodically.

How does the company earn revenue if it doesn’t charge commission?

We work on a nominal subscription to our total addressable market and the market opportunity is much bigger than competitors because of the unique model of our business. Mostly, they charge a nominal Monthly Subscription from just INR 299 to INR 1999. Now, the underdogs can compete with the technology giants of the world.

Please elaborate on the services offered by the company? Is it safe to assume that Whide is more of a logistics company?

Whide is a Subscription-based Mobile App and Web Platform for individuals and enterprises, which enables them to directly do business with their customers. For our end customers, like you and me, Whide is a Single app for Ride, Hire-Driver, Self-Drive, Parcel & Food Delivery & Shopping.

How has the response been so far? Are you guys present on Android as well as Apple platforms?

Whide has only launched RIDE, Anything from Anywhere & Hire-Driver Service currently. We are present on both Android as well as Apple platforms. The response has been phenomenal, customers love that there is NO Surge Pricing, You get to choose and ride your favourite driver and that fares are lower but transparent and the same at all times. Drivers enjoy getting more money for the same ride. The customer pays less, the driver makes more. 

What are the future plans, the security layers at Whide?

Whide is architected with security in mind, we use industry-standard cloud services to ensure all our data & services are secured at all times, Data classification is done to define the criticality of data, to add to it all critical data in databases is encrypted at all times. Even the key data points like users’ mobile numbers & email ids are masked from the people having access to the databases. This is done using cloud-based databases with views of critical data. Every user can only access the systems by using a VPN & Firewall, while all activities are logged at all times.

Looking to move to electric if you guys already aren’t using electric vehicles? If yes, by when.

We are vehicle agnostic, the founder is very conscious about the environment so we will encourage EV when the time is right.

The fleet, does Whide own it, or do they have delivery partners who bring their vehicles?

Whide doesn’t own any fleet, drivers own the vehicles. We provide the service for the customers.

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First published on: 02-09-2021 at 23:29 IST