Celebrating the role of Engineers in auto industry on National Engineer’s Day

The automotive industry is no exception. More than ever before, engineering has come at the forefront of all activities. It is not only about the conventional but the pace at which innovation is take precedence, engineering has taken up a dynamic form.

Celebrating the role of Engineers in auto industry on National Engineer’s Day

It’s National Engineer’s Day. Every year September 15, the birth anniversary of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya is celebrated to appreciate the innovative contributions of all the engineers in the country. The automotive industry is no exception. More than ever before, engineering has come at the forefront of all activities. It is not only about the conventional but the pace at which innovation is take precedence, engineering has taken up a dynamic form. A look at how some key industry veterans and stakeholders are looking at the current scenario- 

Rajendra Petkar, President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Tata Motors

On this Engineers Day, I would like to reckon the Engineering fraternity, with whose relentless efforts, the Indian automotive sector is touching the pinnacle of advancements in both core and digital areas. Fast paced technological advancements globally have been transforming various sectors and the way we do business. With sustainability becoming the core of our lives, automotive propulsion with the alternative fuels and new energy regime, connectivity features, advanced driver assistance features (ADAS), safety and smartness (through AI/ML) will continue to define the future of mobility. 

Raghavendra Vaidya, MD & CEO, Daimler Truck Innovation Centre India 

“World Engineer’s day is a way to pause and celebrate this discipline and the individuals associated with it who are continuously working to improve the quality of life. The automotive industry is going through massive disruption, and a large part of it is being led by engineers. They are re-imagining transportation and solving some of the fundamental problems. This also means that today’s engineers in the automotive sector are multi-disciplined; they need to understand the power of software along with their primary domain. 

Suresh D, CTO, Spark Minda Group and CEO of Spark Minda Technological Centre

“The collective efforts of the engineering community at Spark Minda Technical Centre has helped us emerge as a hub of innovation and technology. Our team of engineers is the guiding force which has steered us towards achieving noteworthy milestones by introducing cutting-edge products to help with faster adoption of EVs. Going forward, we’ll continue to drive the change and grow from strength to strength by providing solutions in safety, security, sustainability and comfort which will make the world a safer and better place for future generations.”

Thameem Kamaldeen- MD, Signalling, Alstom India

“A decade ago, who would have believed that there would be trains to practically run-on water? Finding innovative solutions is a challenge that every engineer faces. I would advise the young generation to start from the very basics, for often the answer to a very complex problem lies in the simplest of approaches. Although specialisation will remain a highlight in the future, there is a critical need for the cross-pollination of ideas from engineering disciplines. In today’s era of modern computing where tools like AR / VR, Machine Learning and AI are easily accessible, I say hands on experience doesn’t come from being desk-bound but learnings from the shopfloor and field work. Armed with the power of technology and the limitless ability of human brain, India’s engineering talent is taking on some of the world’s greatest challenges. I firmly believe that the power of engineering led innovation can revolutionise life in all realms”.

Jeetender Sharma, Founder & MD of Okinawa Autotech 
As a brand, we always take proactive initiatives for the conservation of the environment. I personally have faith that as an Engineer, I aim to deliver value, technology and support to our community and embrace the motto of ‘Made in India’ and ‘Localisation’.

Shreshth Mishra, Co-Founder, Simple Energy

As we celebrate Engineer’s Day to honour the great achievements of Bharat Ratna Sir M Visvevaraya, we must remember the lessons he has left as his legacy. Many engineers have been inspired by him and have dedicated their careers to give in the best to the nation. We, at Simple, believe in dedication, perseverance, and innovation; those were the core strengths of Sir M Vishvesvaraya, and strive to implement them in our mission and our offerings, beginning with the Simple ONE.

Sushant Kumar, Founder & Managing Director, AMO Electric Bikes
On this Engineer’s Day, I want to emphasize that engineers embrace complexities and limitations to make futuristic realities possible. It is true that engineering efforts often remain curtained from the public glory but the finished product or solution always remains special to all. Our quest to turn e-mobility into mainstream mass mobility has only been made feasible by engineering mindsets and endeavours that are hidden from the general public. I wish all engineers and technicians a very successful career and hope that they develop the inner spirit and desire to solve industrial and societal challenges.

Siddharth Agrawal, Director, Godawari EMobility
As the country moves towards sustainable mobility commitment, Engineers in R&D and product development are going to be at the heart of this transition. Engineer’s Day is a generous reminder of their contribution to successfully putting India on the roadmap. At Godawari EMobility, as we transition into the retailing of e-vehicles in the future, our engineers have successfully managed to be part of this next-generation revolution ensuring optimum performance.

Sridhar Thirunakara – Founder and Managing Director, Arctic Fox
 On this occasion, I remember Sir M Visvesvaraya who is a prolific engineer and inspiration to people from all walks of life. Engineers Day greetings to our brilliant engineers who are constantly striving towards the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat through their amazing innovations. 

Kalpit Patel – PMV Electric – Founder and CEO
“Engineers are the backbone of a developing India. Be it the specs or the futuristic features in terms of tech, or the vehicle itself, we have engineered the product from scratch to suit your everyday requirements for personal mobility.”

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