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Cars24 co-founder says competitive compensation packages and employee testimonials help in attracting right talent

Gajendra Jangid, Co-founder & CMO, Cars24 says right remuneration coupled with proper training goes a long way in retaining talented workforce for the longer term.

Cars24 co-founder says competitive compensation packages and employee testimonials help in attracting right talent

What are the key general skills that you look to hire freshers?

We at CARS24 look for highly motivated and goal-driven individuals when hiring freshers. We try to look for the right talent that can share the same enthusiasm as our founders, who have always believed in taking command and responsibility of their actions to a higher level while empowering those who work around them.

What skills and qualities do you look for in employees on the shop floor?

The shop floor is of paramount importance for the CARS24 team, where we lay focus on the right mix of candidates who are responsible for sales and direct interaction with the customers. The right candidates are adept in making the customers feel comfortable in our stores. We mainly try to focus on candidates who have developed relationship management as one of their core soft skills and can help the customers in making the right choice, not just as a salesman but rather as a friend and guide, who can help them resolve their queries and suggest better products with respect to buying, selling or financing according to their needs and requirements. 

When hiring new talent, which are the various streams of education/qualification that can apply to your company?

When it comes to hiring new talent into the company, we require that candidates at least have a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, Sales, Communication, Management, Engineering etc. But, if we feel that a candidate has the right proven abilities, then mere degree is not a final constraint in making hiring decisions. However, if we see the bigger picture, those with proper educational qualifications, surely have an edge over other candidates. 

What are the challenges you face when hiring new talent?

There are two main challenges that we face while hiring freshers, one namely is pertaining to the right remuneration for the candidate matching his abilities and responsibilities and the second one being training and retaining of talent as per the organisation’s working and requisites.    

Do you think there is a gap between academia and industry? How can this be bridged?

The massive demand for complementary training of graduates in India indicates a mismatch between academic education and industry requirements. To bridge this gap between academia and industry requirements, Indian Institutions need to focus more on practical training and exposure to help educate students about industry requirements and expectations. 

Additionally, the pandemic has reshaped business dynamics, reinforcing the adage that change is the only constant. Just that the pace of change, prompted by the virus that swept the world more than two years ago, has been frenetic. Organisations and employees that were quick to adapt survived, and even thrived, while those that failed to spot the obvious and subtle changes, and pivot accordingly, fell by the wayside. 

In order to reposition the brand and frame new strategies, CARS24 aims to develop a skilled team of car advisors, armed with a thorough knowledge about vehicle models, and who stand ready to guide and support customers through their journey of car purchase. 

What are you doing to attract, train and retain young professionals?

We can divide our initiatives in the following manner- 

  • Attract- Apart from offering competitive compensation packages, we have always realised the importance of sharing the stories that narrate the work culture we are so proud of. Recently, on account of our 7th anniversary, we started a series on LinkedIN and our employer branding Instagram handle- CARS24 Riders where we shared stories of employees who have been with us for over 6 years now. 
  • Train – we ensure all new joiners are integrated with every aspect of the business, for example, product/tech/ finance team joiners are made to conduct field visits and spend time with our front runners to observe how they serve our customers. Our L&OD team is continuously enhancing their training sessions to upskill our employees. Apart from this, we will begin a separate training and coaching programme for women where they can select what area they wish to train in apart from their current BAU plus be personally mentored by the CXOs and leaders of our firm.
  • Retain – Apart from industry level pay scale, we focus a lot on the concept of “Innovation” and “Autonomy” where we encourage employee to bring in their own concepts & projects on how to improve business or enhance it to a different level

Are there any additional training programs or courses that you have incorporated to upskill your existing workforce?

Apart from partnering with LinkedIn Talent Solutions, the company has also developed CARS24 Learning Academy app that prompts courses in line with the sales dashboard, empowering employees with relevant skills. In addition, mentorship programs are being rolled out to help young managers lead their contemporaries. What is also important in the managerial context is creating an ecosystem where people can actively and regularly communicate and express themselves.

Flexibility has also become an important area of focus.

Thus, CARS24 has invested in a series of solutions to advance learning at a time when career aspirations have been evolving at an unprecedented pace. By leveraging technology, without losing the salience of the human touch, the organisation is preparing to scale its business and create a work culture that rests on learning, flexibility and an uninterrupted flow of communication. 

How do you ensure to retain your hardworking employees? Is fiscal incentives the only way to motivate employees? 

Investing in our employees is an imperative for us at CARS24. We do an annual ‘Vibes’ Survey to map our movement in terms of delivering an outstanding workplace environment for our employees. It has been a great tool to be dynamic and upbeat with the ever evolving needs of employees as well. Regular RnR (Rewards & Recognitions) programs are an engraved part of the CARS24 culture. Apart from these, our HR team is also at the forefront of organising fun activities often and regularly.

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