Why automobile companies should invest in AI-based customer care

In the current world, the typical customer experience when people reach out to an automobile company for their queries, concerns, and complaints is far from being pleasant.

Updated: Aug 24, 2021 11:09 AM
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User experience and emotion have always been an integral part of their entire journey with the brand when it comes to automobiles. However, It is essential to understand that customer experience is not limited to product features but goes far beyond. It starts when a customer calls at the call centre to inquire about their future car’s price, features or book a test drive. The customer journey does not stop post-purchase but goes on. Futuristic service appointments, breakdown handling, repairs all contribute to the customer experience. Each well-attended call, personalized and contextualized email/text shapes a car owner’s experience and brings them closer to their favourite brand.

In the current world, the typical customer experience when people reach out to an automobile company for their queries, concerns, and complaints is far from being pleasant. In a conventional environment, the contact centres of automobile companies are operated by people with low bandwidth, unstructured data, and without much insight about the customer who is reaching them. As a result, customers either wait endlessly or receive a suboptimal response. However, thanks to the digital disruption, some technologies can join forces with human contact centre agents to address these challenges. AI-powered automated contact centres bring in unprecedented efficiency and help customers self-serve their engagement with the automobile company. Here’s how AI-powered contact centres make a difference:-

24/7 Availability and real-time response – Human beings feel fatigued, frustrated, and have many other emotions. Therefore, their response to identical situations could be different at different points in time. An AI-powered contact centre leverages AI to revert to customer queries and have the ability to handle function round-the-clock, respond to a much larger volume of calls, texts, or emails, strictly following the processes, and no threat of data loss. In addition, it can power the brand’s presence on multiple platforms with a real-time support mechanism.

Personalized Customer Support– AI-powered contact centres enable interactive and personalized conversations by identifying customer intent from the user input. Understanding the purpose helps the AI systems to maintain a friendly tone and be able to more helpful to the customer.

Omni-Channel Support– Once developed, the same bot can help revert queries across all channels – social media, emails, messengers, voice, etc. Real-time, consistent, contextual, and personalized communication across all channels significantly add value to customer experience.

Multilingual Support – AI-powered bots can revert to conversations in the language, the customer is asking the questions. Linguistic helps develop a better, closer, and humane connection with customers. It helps get drive better conversations and better conversions.

Impact on operational cost and bottom line: The AI usually takes care of a good 70-85% of queries across both text and voice channels. Pending queries that cannot be answered by AI due to lack of training data or complexity are seamlessly transferred to human agents with experience in handling such tickets. In addition, a bot can also help collect primary insights about current and potential customers. Business productivity grows substantially, at a much lower contact centre operational expenditure.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, AI-powered conversations tools are finding more relevance among automobile companies. Furthermore, as automobile products are increasingly commoditized, customer experience will be the sole differentiator. Thus, automobile business leaders’ most logical next step is to identify and implement an enterprise-grade-AI-driven-Conversational platform to nurture a deeper connection with their current and potential customers.

Author: Dr Rashi Gupta, Chief Data Scientist and Co-founder, Rezo.ai, an AI-powered contact centre

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the original author. These views and opinions do not represent those of The Indian Express Group or its employees.

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