Cybersecurity has become an essential component of every country’s national security. It is transforming into a new battleground for cyber troops. The automation of sensitive material is not an aberration to the global digital revolution. It has rendered sensitive data exposed to coordinated cyberattack. The world of malware can cause mayhem during the conflict by limiting access to crucial systems and exploiting sensitive data. The effectiveness of a cyber-attack on a large scale on a battlefield was demonstrated to the rest of the world. It gave the military strategists a news depth to look into the dimensions of warfare. Futuristic cyber-attacks pose serious challenges to the space asset. Indian defense establishment does recognize the criticality of cyber security and the challenges remain. On such critical issues, Financial Express will open the debate and deliberate with stakeholders, including policymakers, leading cyber experts and industries to forge a greater understanding. It aims to unfold a new kind of resilient.

Points to deliberate during the session

Cyber security and policies
National Industry Capabilities - Emerging opportunities and Cyber Security Applications
Cyber security - Industrial & military infrastructure/network/communications/ Command and Control systems


Wing Commander Satyam Kushwaha

Indian Space Association (ISpA)

Sujeet Samaddar

Founder SAMDeS; Member, Governing Council, SIOS and Sr Cons, NITI AAYOG

Khushhal Kaushik

Founder & CEO
Lisianthus Tech

Manish Kumar Jha

Deputy Editor - Defence & Foreign Affairs
Financial Express (Moderator)

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