The Indian startup ecosystem is thriving, and the ever-increasing opportunities have sparked the entrepreneurial drive across the nation. However, being an entrepreneur is a juggling act. Early players in the game must prepare and understand the basics of managing their own funds – knowing what expenses to cut, funds to reserve, understanding funding and loans, etc. This will help them gain the financial acumen necessary for making educated business decisions.

The latest edition of Financial Express Manage Your Money, “Startup Life: Juggling Personal & Business Finances” will have two exciting panel discussions: on managing personal finances for startup entrepreneurs, and on raising outside funds vs bootstrapping. It will also have a case study on one of the successful startup entrepreneurs in the country.

Discussion Areas

Reserve funds for contingencies
Savings before investments
Common & uncommon expenses to cut before starting a business
Getting more bank per buck of your money
When to leave your regular income stream
Taking loans to start a business
Managing separate expense accounts
Tax benefits that can be claimed
Startup funding for one income household vs two income households
Funded vs bootstrappped startup
Advantages & disadvantages of raising early funding
Advantages & disadvantages of a bootstrapped business
Split between startup founders- how to manage functioning & operations of the business Financial arrangements, legal agreements between co-founders


Naiyya Saggi

The Good Glamm Group

Nithin Kamath

Founder & CEO

Priya Mohan

Venture Highway

Radhika Gupta

Edelweiss AMC

Sandeep Aggarwal

Founder & CEO
Droom Technology

Shaleen Agrawal

Editor - Markets, Financial Express Online (Moderator)

Discussion Topics

Panel Discussion: Raising funds vs bootstrapping
Panel Discussion: Personal finance for startup entrepreneurs

Who Should Attend?

Salaried Employees
Small Business Owners
Startup Owners
Aspiring startup founders
Angel Investors
High net worth individuals
Financial Planners
Wealth Managers

Why Should You Attend?

India saw the number of startups rise 154 times to 72,993 as on 30 June 2022, from 471 in 2016 to. The country has grown to become the third largest startup ecosystem with a projected annual growth rate of 12-15 per cent. But what does it really entail for a startup entrepreneur to become successful? How should an entrepreneur find a balance between personal and business finances? Should one raise funding in the initial stages or keep the company equity intact and infuse capital through loans or personal savings? While these and many such questions overwhelm a potential entrepreneur starting on a new venture, FinancialExpress.com Manage Your Money will have all these questions answered in its upcoming edition.

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