Elon Musk recently stirred the old pot when he said passive investing had gone too far, and that there must be a shift back towards active investing. The quirky billionaire invoked the father of passive investing, saying that even Jack Bogle knew that passive funds had grown too big.

The latest edition of Financial Express Manage Your Money uncovers how that impacts mutual fund investors, or does it? Whatever the perceived ills (if any), passive investing remains the hassle free option to invest in mutual funds. We try to find if it is also a great wealth building avenue.

Featuring a great debate between two opposite schools of thought: Active vs Passive investing; followed by a discussion on how to build an investment portfolio with passive mutual funds.

Active mutual fund investing could be complicated, confusing, and demanding. While passive investing may not necessarily be safer, it is certainly easier. Our experts will unravel how this easier investing route can also be made profitable for you.

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Discussion Areas

Difference between active mutual funds and passive mutual funds
Merits of passive funds over active and vice versa
Benefits of investing in passive mutual funds
Advantage of passive mutual funds over active mutual funds
Is passive mutual funds less risky? Or is it a myth?
Portfolio allocation among various kinds of passive mutual funds
How much diversification is too much?
Returns comparison of passive mutual funds and active mutual funds


Neil Parag Parikh

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
PPFAS Mutual Fund

Anil Ghelani, CFA

Head of Passive Investments and Products
DSP Investment Managers

Hemen Bhatia

Head ETF
Nippon Life India Asset Management

Rahul Jain

President & Head - Personal Wealth
Edelweiss Wealth Management

Prableen Bajpai

FinFix and Analytics Private Limited

Shaleen Agrawal

Editor - Markets
Financial Express Online (Moderator)

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Salaried Employees
Small Business Owners
Retail Investors
High Net Worth Individuals
Mutual Fund Companies
Mutual Fund Distributors
Asset Management Companies
Financial Planners
Wealth Managers

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