As technology evolves, so do opportunities around it. The same goes for blockchain, what had started as a small step towards decentralisation, today the idea has grasped the world in a whirlpool. For the unknowns, blockchain is otherwise too known as Decentralised Distributed Ledger, which talks about the idea of decentralisation. So what happens in this case? It is believed that a decentralised mechanism provides everyone with a fair chance to own, interact, and grow without any interference from third parties. The digital database facilitates the storage of transactions and contracts in interconnected blocks. Each block is timestamped, encrypted, and immutable.

The global blockchain technology market was valued at $5.85 billion in 2021. This is expected to reach $1,235.71 billion by 2030, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 82.8%, according to market research firm Statista. In 2021, cross-border payments and settlements were considered the largest individual blockchain technology use case, accounting for close to 16% of the market. Lot lineage and provenance also accounted for a large portion of the market share, at 10.7%. Interestingly, the banking industry has become the dominant user of technology more recently. Similarly, the cryptocurrency industry too, has caught on to this trend. As per the report, crypto trader Binance ranked among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world in 2022, with a trading volume that was several times as high as ZG.com.

As a sublet, two more sectors have witnessed rapid progress, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and Web3.0. As per the latest data by Statista, the gaming segment posted the highest volume of sales in the NFT market in 2020, with over six times. NFTs are unique, non-transferable digital assets and can function as blockchain-backed certificates of authenticity. Next in line is Web3.0 which is based on creating a decentralised eco-system and hence, blockchain is expected to play a crucial role in the evolution of the Metaverse. As per Gartner, by 2026, a quarter of people will spend at least an hour a day in the Metaverse where they could carry out daily activities like shopping, and studying. It is further believed that the metaverse will have a virtual economy where people will use digital tokens, in this case, NFT or cryptocurrency to purchase and exchange for things such as digital collectables. Backed by audio reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and other technologies, blockchain will play an important role in bringing the Metaverse from concept to reality. This year’s India Blockchain Conclave will focus on discussing the trends, opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the industry.

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Meet Our Speakers

Alexander Szul

Co-founder, Benqi & Rome Blockchain Lab

Ajay Singh

Co-Founder and CIO, DLT Labs

Amit Nayak

Co-Founder and CEO, Sahicoin

Animesh Singh

Co-Founder and CEO, ZILLSKILL

Avinash Shekhar

Chief Executive Officer, Zebpay

Amanjot Malhotra

Country Head - India, Bitay

Ashootosh Chand

Partner, Digital and Emerging Technologies, PwC India

Deepak Ghadge

Co-Founder, Stealth Blockchain

Dipesh Karki

Co-founder and CTO, LenDenClub

Edul Patel

Co-founder and CEO, Mudrex

Jaspreet Bindra

Founder, The Tech Whisperer

Karan Ambwani

India Lead, dYdX Foundation

Mairu Gupta

Blockchain Advisor

Manasa Rajan

CEO, Jupiter Meta

Navin Gupta

Managing Director, South Asia and MENA, Ripple

Nanjunda Palecanda

Founder, Nija Venture Impacts

Nitin Gaur

Global Head of Digital Asset and Technology Design, State Street

Nirupam Srivastava

VP Strategy, Hero Group

Nipun Seth

Chief Metaverse Officer and CTO, Shoppertainment

Naseem Naqvi

President, The British Blockchain Association

Nitin Narkhede

Founder, The-Ally.com

Naman Kabra

Business Development and Growth, Assetmantle


Chief Executive Officer, Block Stack

Prashant K Singh

Consulting Manager, Deloitte Digital

Prashant Surana Jain

Co-founder, Snapper Blockchain Technology and Innovations

Prakhar Sharma

Co founder, MetaSky

Purushottam Anand

Founder, Crypto Legal

Rahul Mishra

Head - Web 3.0 Initiatives, Shemaroo

Rahul Jagtiani

Entrepreneur, Blockchain Marketing Advisor and Media Professional

​Rajagopal Menon

Vice President, WazirX

Raj Kapoor

Founder, India Blockchain Alliance

Sankalp Sharma

Co-founder and VP of Engineering, Zeeve

Supreet Raju

Co-founder, OneRare

Senthil Nayagam

CEO, OracleMovies

Sharat Chandra

Co-Founder, India Blockchain Forum and Research Head, EarthID

Swapnil Pawar

Founder, ASQI

Siddharth Durbha

Director, KPMG India

Saurav Raaj

Founder, Wize

Tanvi Ratna

Founder and CEO, Policy 4.0

Tanay Pratap

Founder and CEO, Invact

Toshendra Sharma

Founder and CEO, NFTically

Uddhav Kumar

Co-Founder and CEO, Lynkit

Umakant Soni


Vikram Tanna

CEO, Mzaalo

Vivek Belgavi

Partner and FinTech Leader, PwC India

Vikram R Singh

CEO, Antier Solutions

Vaideeswaran Sethuraman

Founder and CEO, Param Network

Zubin Tafti

Managing Director, PwC


09:35 am - 09:55 am

Welcome Address

  • Sanjay Sindhwani, Chief Executive Officer, The Indian Express Online Media
10:00 am - 10:20 am

Keynote Address

Topic: Unraveling Web3.0 Blockchain Technology

Description: Web3.0 Blockchain perhaps will be the base for many innovations. What is the scope of growth and how it can be implemented to create successful businesses?

  • Alexander Szul, Co-founder, Benqi and Rome Blockchain Labs
10:25 am - 10:55 am

Fireside Chat

Topic: Digital Assets and its growing relevance

Description: Even as cryptocurrencies continue to face challenges , there is no doubt that gradually many governments across the world have warmed up to the idea through the introduction of CBDCs. The growing role of digital currencies and how transactions are expected to evolve in the future.

  • Navin Gupta, Managing Director, South Asia and MENA, Ripple
  • Nanjunda Palecanda, Founder, Nija Venture Impacts
  • Vikram R Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Antier Solutions
  • Anushree Bhattacharyya, Editor - Education, Brand and Marketing, FE Digital (Moderator)
11:00 am - 11:10 am

Tea Break

11:15 am - 11:55 am

Panel Discussion

Topic: The Curious Case of Decentralised Technology

Description: It is believed that under Web3.0 Blockchain will implement the principles of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology. This is expected to allow merging of cryptography and consensus algorithms, scale systems of decentralization among the large population, and replace the traditional databases, which are currently in use.

  • ​Karan Ambwani, India Lead, dYdX Foundation
  • Umakant Soni, CEO, Artpark
  • Sankalp Sharma, Co-founder and VP, Engineering, Zeeve
  • Prasanna Lohar, Chief Executive Officer, Block Stack
  • Tanvi Ratna, Founder and CEO, Policy 4.0
  • Vivek Belgavi, Partner and FinTech Leader, PwC India (Moderator)
12:00 pm - 12:40 pm

Panel Discussion

Topic: The Metaverse Land

Description: Your virtual real estate NFT ensures your ownership and enables you to sell the property to a different owner. It also records all transactions for that property, removing the need for title work. It is essentially a digital act from the 21st century

  • Supreet Raju, Co-founder, OneRare
  • Tanay Pratap, Founder and CEO, Invact
  • Nipun Seth, Chief Metaverse Officer, CTO, Shoppertainment
  • Prashant K Singh, Consulting Manager - Digital TX and Customer Experience, Deloitte Digital
  • Ashootosh Chand, Partner, Digital and Emerging Technologies, PwC India (Moderator)
12:45 pm - 01:15 pm

Fireside Chat

Topic: Brands hop onto Metaverse and NFT

Description: Many brands today are using metaverse and NFTs for marketing their products. These gimmicks are helping brands broaden their horizon for the future.

  • Manasa Rajan, CEO, Jupiter Meta
  • Nirupam Srivastava, VP Strategy, M&A and AI/Digital, Hero Group
  • Siddharth Durbha, Director, KPMG India (Moderator)
01:15 pm - 02:05 pm


02:05 pm - 02:25 pm

Standalone Session

Topic: Building a Human-Centric Metaverse: The Future of a Citizen-focused Decentralised Economy
  • Naseem Naqvi, President, The British Blockchain Association
02:30 pm - 03:10 pm

Panel Discussion

Topic: NFT and more NFTS

Description: NFTs function similarly to blockchain-backed receipts for digital assets like artwork, profile photographs, collectibles, and more. Last year, the NFT market produced around $25 billion in trade volume, with Ethereum and its sidechain and layer-2 scaling solutions well ahead of the competition.

However, the Solana NFT ecosystem has been growing in popularity over the past year and with total sales volume reaching over $1 billion. This increased activity attracted attention from leading Ethereum-based NFT platforms

  • Toshendra Sharma, Founder and CEO, NFTically
  • Prashant Surana Jain, Co-founder, Snapper Blockchain Technology and Innovations, Co-founder, Cryptoforce
  • Prakhar Sharma, Co founder, MetaSky
  • Jaspreet Bindra, Founder, The Tech Whisperer, UK
  • Naman Kabra, Core-Business Development and Growth, AssetMantle
  • Zubin Tafti, Managing Director, PwC (Moderator)
03:15 pm - 03:55 pm

Panel discussion

Topic: Blockchain in Media

Description: In 2018, CitiGroup found the unfair distribution of profit in the music industry in the USA. Despite registering an all-time-high spend approaching $43 billion, artists received just 12% of the profits (around $5 billion). This is because intermediaries took a cut of the revenues at every turn. The technology can be used to resolve many issues including ad-fraud

  • Senthil Nayagam, CEO, OracleMovies
  • Animesh Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, ZILLSKILL
  • Rahul Mishra, Head, Web 3.0 Initiatives, Shemaroo
  • Mairu Gupta, Blockchain Advisor
  • Rahul Jagtiani, Entrepreneur, Blockchain Marketing Advisor and Media Professional (Moderator)
04:00 pm - 04:30 pm

Fireside Chat

Topic: Blockchain in Supply chain and logistics

Description: The disruption in the supply chain industry because of blockchain is huge. This session we will create an environment to discuss various aspects of the supply chain using blockchain technology.

  • Uddhav Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO, Lynkit
  • Ajay Singh, Co-Founder and CIO, DLT Labs
  • Vaideeswaran Sethuraman, CEO, Param Networks
  • Sharat Chandra, Co-Founder, India Blockchain Forum and Research Head, EarthID (Moderator)
04:35 pm - 05:15 pm

Panel Discussion

Topic: The Crypto Play

Description: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are a unique type of financial technology that has the potential to transform the vertical of the fintech sector; right from investment and trading to payments and lending

  • Amit Nayak, Co-Founder and CEO, Sahicoin
  • Avinash Shekhar, Chief Executive Officer, Zebpay
  • Edul Patel, Co-founder and CEO, Mudrex
  • Rajagopal Menon, Vice President, WazirX
  • Amanjot Malhotra, Country Head - India, Bitay
  • Purushottam Anand, Founder, Crypto Legal (Moderator)
05:20 pm - 05:50 pm

Fireside Chat

Topic: Blockchain in OTT

Description: From royalty payment to artists, piracy, copyrights management and flawed advertising strategy, it is believed that blockchain technology has the potential to solve the media and OTT industry’s long-standing struggles with issues such as royalty payment to artists, piracy, copyrights management and flawed advertising strategy, among others.

  • Nitin Narkhede, Founder, The-Ally.com
  • Vikram Tanna, CEO, Mzaalo
  • Saurav Raaj, Founder, Wize (Moderator)
05:55 pm - 06:35 pm

Panel Discussion

Topic: The Game of Lending

Description: Whether it is blockchain mortgages, business loans or bonds, crypto lending is changing the way we use financial technology.

  • Raj Kapoor, Founder , India Blockchain Alliance
  • Swapnil Pawar, Founder, ASQI
  • Dipesh Karki, Co-founder and CTO, LenDenClub
  • Deepak Ghadge, Co Founder, Mater Mentors Advisory
  • Prasanna Lohar, Chief Executive Officer, Block Stack (Moderator)
06:40 pm - 07:00 pm

Standalone Session

Topic: Business Imperatives of Metaverse

  • Nitin Gaur, Global Head of Digital Asset & Technology Design, State Street
07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

Cocktails and Networking


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  • 1 Exhibition Pass
  • Networking Breakfast, Lunch, Tea/Coffee
  • Networking Opportunity with Key Speakers, Investors & Delegates
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