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The global automobile industry is undergoing a substantial transition with the inclusion of connected technology, the race to find cleaner forms of mobility, and to make the mobility ecosystem safer and easily accessible. These changes are synonymous with those transforming the industry in India as well. While the government is now actively pushing green mobility, the onus to build a clean mobility environment that involves alternative fuels and embraces change lies on the OEMs, related stakeholders and also service providers.

The whole idea of moving from point A to B is transforming whilst creating a new ecosystem that includes implications that affect more than just the automotive industry. The concept of mobility now has to include one who can afford a car, one who prefers a taxi over a bus or one who chooses to take the local train and then rely on last-mile connectivity or one who is happy with a rental. And then there's the question of what kind of energy powers the mode of transportation chosen.

The global push in the field of electric mobility is substantial but it is relevant to explore other alternative energy solutions like hydrogen fuel cells, CNG, ethanol, or hybrids. Moreover, the shift to connected cars has already begun and the use of IoT platforms to connect cars to other vehicles, infrastructure, and everything (V2V, V2I, V2X) would be one of the next steps.

With the “Future of Mobility” Summit, Express Mobility aims to get a wide range of stakeholders on board to discuss the plans for building a wholesome future for mobility in India.

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Recorded Sessions

Our Speakers

C V Raman

Maruti Suzuki

Naveen Munjal

Managing Director
Hero Electric

Mahesh Babu

Switch Mobility India

Mahua Acharya

MD and CEO
Convergence Energy Services

Jeetender Sharma

Founder & MD
Okinawa Autotech

Debarupa Das

Global Head of EV-ONe
TCS' Electric Vehicle and Battery Ecosystem

Ramesh Dorairajan

Sr GM, Network Management & EV Sales
Tata Motors

Amitabh Saran

Founder & CEO
Altigreen Propulsion Labs

Amit Gupta

Co-Founder and CEO

Sapna Ahuja

Chief Operating Officer

Mohammed Turra

SVP & Business Head
Quiklyz (Mahindra Finance)

Rajeev Singh

Partner and Automotive Leader

Ashim Sharma

Partner & Group Head
Nomura Research Institute

Akshay Singhal

Founder & CEO
Log 9 Materials

Shivendra Bansotra

Portfolio Development – Automotive
Siemens Digital Industries Software

Girish Kamala

Sr. Director & Country Head Sales - Automotive
Infineon Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Maxson Lewis

Co-founder & MD
Magenta Power

Vikash Mishra

Founder and CEO

Saket Mehra

Grant Thornton

Sadaf A Siddiqui

Marketing Manager
Keysight Technologies


Topics Of Discussions

  • Transforming First and Last Mile Mobility Solutions With EVs
  • Building Smart Charging Infrastructure
  • Alternative Clean Energy Mobility Solutions
  • Emerging Business Models In Mobility Space
  • Connected Mobility: Future of Transportation

In the form of

Panel discussions, presentations, exhibitions, and networking

Who Should Attend

Policy Makers & Regulatory Authorities
Auto Component Makers & Suppliers
Automotive Startups
Mobility Solutions Providers
Charging Infrastructure Companies
Connected Technologies Solution Provider
R&D Professionals

Why Should You Attend

The virtual event will offer a platform to interact with speakers from notable organisations working in the field of mobility or related to it. Considering the ongoing pandemic, an online venue for the event will ensure safety while opening opportunities for networking with relevant people.

While the concept of self-driving cars is considered the epitome of mobility standards for now, the path to fully autonomous vehicles will go through several steps and stages. These stages will include testing connected tech platforms, safety regulations, alternative fuels, alternative models of mobility - a giant ecosystem that offers immense opportunities and also a set of challenges that will need overcoming. One of these big opportunities is the EV market which is likely to grow 200 times by the end of this decade if India sticks with its 2030 plans.

Beyond the EV market, there are more fuels that need exploring, and more ways for making getting from point A to point B easier and affordable for people.

Through this summit, Express Mobility aims to bring all concerned parties together on a singular platform for the exchange of thoughts and ideas, networking, and discussing a way forward for the future of the industry and beyond in India.


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