2nd Edition
Mapping The Future of Healthcare
16th December 2022 New Delhi


Decentralisation of healthcare and ensuring access to remote and advanced care would be critical in any effort that seeks to put in place next generation of pandemic-proof healthcare systems. Digitisation has a crucial role in this journey. A lot is being done by the government in this, be it with initiatives like the Co-WIN app, Ni-kshay -the web-enabled patient management system for control of tuberculosis; the Mission Poshan for nutrition or even the Digital health ID. However, while the efforts are on to invest in building the digital ecosystem that can capitalise and use patient data in a secure fashion with data privacy intact, several challenges remain. Most important of them all is the scaling the hurdle of talent shortage on the ground - be it the availability of specialists and trained paramedics in remote locations or having an empowered and incentivised healthcare cadre. Connected Healthcare has been talked about for long. However, the ecosystem to facilitate it needs the much-desired push. Without approaches working in tandem, there is a risk of emerging out with only islands of excellence with many within the private sector. At the second edition of FE Digital Health Conclave, the Digital Health experts will brainstorm on the possible solutions and on the ways to combat the challenges in the path to creation of a holistic tech-based futuristic healthcare ecosystem in the country. Join us!

Discussion Topics

India's Digital Health ID Mission: Is Everything Good In The Hood?
About Science, Speed and Partnerships
Has Indian Digital Health Industry got what it takes to catch up?
Post Pandemic preparedness and digital agenda for developing countries
Innovations and Advancements in healthcare delivery
Digital Diagnostics : Post pandemic digital imperatives
Manpower constraints and challenges: Is the manpower demand-supply challenge playing the spoil sport?
Developing Digital Solutions To Deliver Better Outcomes: The ecosystem matters

Why Attend

1 Full Day Of Networking
8+ Knowledgeable Sessions
30+ Speakers
150+ Delegates

Who Should Attend

  • Policymakers
  • Task Force Members
  • CEOs & CIOs
  • CTOs & Procurement Heads of Hospitals
  • Healthcare & Pharma Companies
  • Heads of hospital supply chain and procurement
  • Medical Directors From Autonomous Institutions (AIIMS, NIMHANS, PGIMER & Govt Medical Colleges, etc)
  • Health Tech Entrepreneurs
  • Network Solution Providers
  • Corporates From Health Tech Companies
  • Central & State Government Decision Makers

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