GOT SPOILER! Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3: From Daenerys Targaryen meeting Jon Snow to Olenna Tyrrel death, what you must not miss

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New Delhi | Published: July 31, 2017 5:09:24 PM

*SPOILER ALERT* The most awaited meeting of all - Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow has finally come forth in the third episode of HBO's hit series Game of Thrones. The episode has been named as 'The Queen’s Justice.'

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*SPOILER ALERT* The most awaited meeting of all – Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow has finally come forth in the third episode of HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. The episode has been named as ‘The Queen’s Justice.’ The two characters are seen in one room talking politics and White Walkers. The two characters who play the role of the Mother of Dragons and King of North are Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington respectively. While talking to the Entertainment Weekly, the two characters discussed the scene and what was going through their character’s mind. As per the report, Harrington said,”I predicted, like everyone, they would meet this season, but I don’t think I predicted it quite as quickly but then again, you’ve got to take yourself out of the mindset of the viewer.” Emilia while talking about her character said,”As far as Jon knows, he’s just meeting this queen he’s heard of and trying to negotiate with her — he’s not meeting Daenerys, who the audience has been watching for so many years. That helps with the surprise of it. He walks into the room and doesn’t expect to see such a beautiful young woman of similar age to him. Any young man’s reaction is going to be, ‘Okay…’ but he puts that aside because he has to.” She added,”I had an idea it was coming this season, sure. It was fun to play — she doesn’t like him and she doesn’t believe him.”

Cersei on her ‘worst nightmare’

Euron Greyjoy takes a victory lap through King’s Landing, being cheered on by the peasants as he drags Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand behind him as prisoners. The whole thing is very arousing to him, but then again this guy seems to be in a constant state of arousal. He gets a full round of applause as he walks into the throne room, where he’s greeted by Cersei on the Iron Throne and presents her with his previously-promised gift. He gives her what no other man could give — justice. Ellaria, who knows the rest of her life is going to be unspeakably awful (and that was before spotting The Mountain) spits at Cersei’s feet. Euron’s intentions are clear — he wants to marry Cersei and take the power that would come with their union. Cersei agrees, but not until the war is won. Euron is feeling good about things, enough to taunt Jaime that he’ll soon be taking his place next to Cersei, on the throne and in the bedroom. He even asks for advice: “Gentle or rough?” before adding something off-color that cannot be printed in a publication like this, unless, that is, it is said by the White House communications director.

Down in the Red Keep, Cersei relishes time with her two Dornish prisoners, Ellaria Sand and The One Sand Snake Who Didn’t Die. And for the next few minutes it’s pure, uncut Cersei. The primo stuff. “I was there that day when Ser Gregor crushed your lover’s head,” she tells Ellaria and goes from there. Crossing Cersei in any way will provoke her; murdering her only daughter gets you the special treatment. Cersei’s first act of revenge against Ellaria — you get the feeling this will be drawn out in an agonizing way — is to kill The Living Sand Snake the same way Ellaria killed Myrcella, a kiss with poison. Cersei plants the kiss of death (and quickly drinks the serum) and explains how Ellaria (chained and gagged mere feet away from her daughter) will watch the slow death that will unfold over the next few days. “Your daughter will die here in this cell and you will be there watching when she dies.”

A little torture and murder gets Cersei hot and bothered because soon she’s jumping Jaime’s bones and the two of them are back to their passionately incestuous ways. The next morning a toweringly-confident Cersei not only doesn’t make Jaime hide when a chambermaid comes knocking to tell her she has a visitor but also instructs said chambermaid that they’ll need fresh sheets for the bed.

Olenna Tyrell dies but with one last victory

The great Battle of Casterly Rock that all fans had geared up for never transpired but instead the Unsullied (led by Grey Worm) invaded and suffered some losses, but had a pretty easy time taking the seat of House Lannister. Olenna does have one last speech on her, admitting she did unspeakable things to protect her family but that they were all necessary. Meanwhile, Cersei has done things that Olenna didn’t think were capable of imagining, and that she’s truly a monster. Jaime will still let Olenna die with some dignity, avoiding the fate of Ellaria and simply downing some poison and being done with it. Jaime pours it into her wine glass and Olenna chugs it down immediately, saying she will hate to die like Jaime’s son before dropping her last bit of revenge on the Lannisters and admitting that she was the one who poisoned Joffrey.

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