Freddy Review: Strong script, solid twists, intriguing plot, and brilliant performances by Kartik Aaryan-Alaya F

Freddy Review: Film is loaded with twists, surprises, and excellent performances by Kartik Aaryan-Alaya F

Freddy Review: Strong script, solid twists, intriguing plot, and brilliant performances by Kartik Aaryan-Alaya F
Kartik Aaryan’s Freddy is streaming exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar

Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cast: Kartik Aaryan, Alaya F, Tripti Agarwal, Jeniffer Piccinato

Director: Shashanka Ghosh

Language: Hindi



Kartik Aaryan’s Freddy Movie Review: Freddy is an intriguing love story of a dentist (Kartik Aaryan) who is obsessed with a married woman Kainaaz (Alaya F). What happens in between and after that is intriguing – The lines between love and obsession blur in this romantic thriller packed with unpredictable twists and sharp turns.

The film begins with Freddy Ginwala meeting potential matches to get married, however, nothing materializes. This is when he meets Kainaaz for the first time and falls in love with her. He starts visiting her house every night after she comes to his clinic for treatment. He sees how Kainaaz’s husband beats her. This is when we get a glimpse of Freddy’s tragic past.

He starts meeting her every day and even she eventually falls in love with him but eventually realises it’s not right. She stops taking Freddy’s calls and this makes him go crazy and he decides to visit her to find her in a terrible condition. His obsession crosses all levels and he plans to kill Rustom (her husband). He tells Kainaaz that he’ll plan everything and they’ll not meet for a week.

A still from Freddy
A still from Freddy

He follows Rustom and kills him and leaves for Karjat, his hometown.

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Kartik Aaryan is a chameleon – Has the ability to change his body language, voice, and personality for films he is a part of. He proved that again with Freddy. You would not see the usual funny Kartik Aaryan in the film but an anxious man who is madly in love.

Freddy’s life turns upside down when he realises that Kainaaz has another boyfriend and she used him to kill her husband. She humiliates and blackmails him.

This might be Alaya F’s second film, but she has proved herself yet again. She is a fine actor who is improving herself with every film.

She has the vision to convert the Light of Persia (her husband’s hotel) into a boutique property. She totally forgets Freddy; however, he is not able to make peace with what had happened. He has changed himself for Kainaaz but now feels cheated and lost.

He gets back to his normal life but is even more anxious. He decides to visit The Light Of Persia and Kainaaz abuses him but he just looks at her having glasses of coffee with tears in his eyes. Kainaaz asks him what he wants and he asks her to apologise but her boyfriend Rayu starts beating him. He threatens to inform the police that he has killed Rustom.

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He starts collecting proof against them and also tries to find ways to clear his name from everything. He enters her house and adds sleeping pills to food, adds soap to the facewash (Kainaaz is allergic) to trouble them. Once they are asleep, he enters the house again to delete pictures from their phones and tampers Rayu’s car as he knew they’ll visit the hospital.

We see Freddy saying – “Sorry bol dena chaiye tha.” And that scene once again proved his mettle as an actor. It was just perfect.

He then adds lizard to the hotel’s food and that forces the food safety authority to shut the hotel. He once again enters the house to delete details from the laptop. He then sends Kainaaz her private pictures with Rayu. She decides to visit him and Rayu once again beats him.

Freddy was clever enough to call the police. Kainaaz is in trouble – She decides to tell the police the truth, however, she gets trapped in her own lies. She opens her phone to find the pictures and the shreds of evidence but fails. Freddy has mind-blowing twists and turns.

It’s a battle between wrong and wrong – Kainaaz crosses limits and kills Freddy’s pet and best friend Hardy (A Turtle). She also decides to kill him. However, Freddy has different plans. He asks a man to go to the police and tell them that he saw the car that killed Rustom. However, he gives Freddy’s car details and that leaves the audience in shock, again.

He tells the police that it was his car but Kainaaz Irani and her boyfriend Raymond were driving. He told the police that they started threatening him and also told him about how they killed his pet.

Kartik Aaryan, Kartik Aaryan movies, Kartik Aaryan Freddy, Freddy, Freddy story, Watch Freddy
Kartik Aaryan in and as Freddy

Freddy calls Kainaaz and asks her to come to his farmhouse in Karjat, with a suitcase. They decide to kill him there, however, there are more twists waiting for the audience. Kainaaz takes out Freddy’s gun and takes away his phone. She shoots but there are no bullets. Another clever move by Freddy will leave the audience impressed. We then see the two tied to dentist chairs. Freddy tells them that he’ll take their teeth out without anesthesia. She tries to convince Freddy to start over again with her. Meanwhile, we see police at Kainaaz’s house.  

The climax will keep you on the edge of your seat. Freddy buries Rayu alive. He asked them to come with a suitcase to fool the police into thinking that they have left the city. He takes Kainaaz’s teeth out and buries her, too.


From the screenplay and cinematography to the direction and acting, Freddy is a must-watch. Kartik Aaryan has once again given us an excellent performance, proving that he can play any character and cannot be stereotyped. Ayala F’s performance in Freddy is a treat to watch. She is definitely here to stay. That’s not all, the casting of other actors has been done right. The decision not to release a full-fledged trailer but mini clips has worked for the film as the audience has no clue about what’s going to happen.

Freddy is exclusively streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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First published on: 02-12-2022 at 09:02 IST