Discover deep secrets of the fashion industry with Lionsgate Play’s Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons

Here are the five reasons why you should not miss this three-part docuseries:

Discover deep secrets of the fashion industry with Lionsgate Play’s Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons
Discover deep dark secrets of the fashion industry – are you ready for a dose of weekend binge? Watch Victoria's Secret: Angels and Demons exclusively on Lionsgate Play

How many times have you practiced your Victoria’s Secret ramp walk in your room alone? All of us at some point in our lives have wanted to be a part of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show wherein these stunning angels walked down the ramp and women across the world dreamt of possessing what the angels wore. But where is Victoria’s Secret today? and what exactly went wrong? Though this multi-million-dollar business represented a new era of fashion and lifestyle. However, all that shines is not gold. Under the glitz and glamour, there lay many secrets behind the brand that the mass was unaware of. Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons, the new three-part docuseries from Peter Berg and Matt Tyrnauer is your in-road to some never-before-seen sneak peek of one of the most aspirational brands of the world and how the world came crashing down on them.

Here are the five reasons why you should not miss this three-part docuseries:

The fall of the iconic Victoria’s Secret

The fascinating, enlightening, and sometimes shocking three-part documentary series Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons highlights the darker side of the infamous Jeffrey Epstein -the financer and advisor to Victoria’s Secret chief executive, Les Wexner. Epstein tried to pose as a recruiter for the brand in order to have access to young models. The unattainable beauty standards, Epstein, toxic work culture, and harassment cases all escalated to the brand being blacklisted by the public. In today’s body-positive world, the request for a more inclusive fashion brand was also something that the brand could not fully cater to leading to its ultimate fall. Watch more to know how the brand no longer became relevant and its dark truth could possibly prevent it from ever coming back to where it was.

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The idea of the perfect woman and the unattainable beauty standards

Victoria’s Secret often hosted the biggest fashion shows every year for their new line of products and is also known to have a very strict requirement to hire their models, also known as their “Angels”. They had only the best of the best but this had severely played on the minds of many young women. In the series, we get to see how the models were chosen and how the brand became a symbol for one of the most unattainable beauty standards, with models themselves struggling to keep up.

Allegations against the brand

While the brand shined bright on the outside, the majority were unaware of the dark truths of the brand. Complaints of misogyny and sexual harassment were often filed by the employees, new models, and the Angels, however, they always went unnoticed. More than 100 models signed a letter and demanded that they should be treated better. The series gives a closer look at what the Angels actually went through and their struggles.

The man behind the brand, Les Wexner

While everyone knows the brand, the face behind it was often a mystery. Know more about one of the most secretive billionaires out there – Les Wexner, former CEO of L brands, and how Victoria’s Secret became one of the biggest brands worth 7.5 billion dollars. Often called to be a “genius”, Wexner made the brand Victoria’s Secret to be every woman’s dream destination.

The involvement of Jeffery Epstein

As the brand grew more popular, people began to notice Wexner associating with notorious former financier and sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. The series dives deep into the relationship between the two remained a mystery and a concern for many years. It was later found out that Jeffery Epstein has lured and exploited many young models without Wexner’s notice.

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