Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor – A power couple: What numerology says about their relationship

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are moving in their journey of life and are going to hold each other’s hand forever.


By Sidhharrth S Kumaar

Each one who is born on this Earth undergoes a journey briefly predetermined by one’s own karma and deeds. In this journey of life, life becomes beautiful and a magical experience to live in when one has a companion in life in the form of a wife. The importance and significance of this companion is credibly established in our culture with marriage being one of sixteen samskaras mentioned in the scriptures.

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are moving in their journey of life and are going to hold each other’s hand forever. The high-spirited energy and enthusiasm about this marriage shows the strength of magnetic aura they carry as a couple.

What Numerology Says About Their Relationship

The name elements and their nose pattern suggest we are witnessing a marriage of one soul living in two bodies.

The planetary chart of their name also talks about their karmic relationship with each other and gives us a good clue around their feelings about each other.

A comprehensive assessment of multiple parameters suggests their unison is favourable provided they need to be extra cautious of energy they manifest in their life.

Post Marriage Life as Couple

In professional life, the couple would emerge as a ‘power couple’ with magnetic aura and will be highly in demand of filmmakers and ads.

The couple together will be able to script commercial successes which will be remembered for time to come.

Both of them together, will also explore business avenues and will be making simultaneous investments into companies and will garner good gain for each other

In personal life, the couple will make their career a priority for the near future and won’t be thinking about family expansion.

The eyes, ears, nose and lips of both when read together reveals the couple may opt for a medical assisted path of becoming parents which will remain hidden for a long time and will come into public quite later.

Piece of Advice:

The current energy of their names and social media handles are not in excellent sync with their core energy. Hence, they should redesign and rethink on this to infuse new cupid energy for future

Be over cautious on the type of energy their attracts in their life as this may lead to irrecoverable situations in future if not dealt properly in advance

What is in store for Alia post Marriage?

Alia would be more vocal about her relationships and her blush on face would make headlines.

Her feet will bring back glory and fame to Ranbir and family in rechristened fashion.

She will win hearts of film critics and audiences with her acting skills and she will win national recognition over next one decade for her contribution

She will become a more aggressive angel investor and her fortunes will bring glory to many new businesses and this will show her different bountiful side to the world.

Piece of Advice

The more you trust your gut feel, the better it will be for you in future

Do not adopt the ‘kapoor’ surname as this adoption along with current name may not prove am excellent choice for emotional and hormonal health.

If this has to be adopted, prefer to get a new name which gels with all current energies.

What is in store for Ranbir post Marriage?

The key of fortunes for Ranbir is in entering his life in the form of Alia and her entry will transition positively for the career of Ranbir.

He will adopt many new hats in his career and will kiss new milestones in each hat he adopts.

Piece of Advice:

Express your inner emotions and this will take you to heights in personal life

Be very cautious with people you trust, known people may backstab in future

In conclusion, stars hold good promise for both of you, be selective and choosy with energies you manifest in life to unlock best of promised

(The author, Sidhharrth S Kumaar is Founder of NumroVani, and Astro Numerologist, Spiritual Business & Personalized Wellness Coach. He is a renowned name in Astro numerology. Views expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of the Financial Express Online.)

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