Uttarakhand Election Results 2017: Full list of winners from all constituencies in Assembly elections of Uttarakhand

Congress and BJP are locked in a straight contest in most of the seats in Uttarakhand.

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Congress and BJP are locked in a straight contest in most of the seats.

Generally, caste and religion play pivotal roles in elections in India but in Uttarakhand it is all about two regions – Garhwal and Kumaon. In 2012 assembly elections, Congress won 13 seats from Kumaon and 19 from Garhwal. While BJP won 15 Kumaon and 16 from Garhwal, UDF manages to secure 1 seats and 6 respectively. There are 41 seats in Garhwal and 29 seats in Kumaon. It is the starling contrast between the two regions that nearly cost the Kumaoni chief minister his chair last year. It was a rebellion by Garhwali leaders that led to defection from the Congress. And it is something that has been playing out in Uttarakhand since long before it became a state, according to report.

Complete list of winners from each constituency in 2017 Assembly elections in Uttarakhand

1 Purola (SC) constituency election results 2017: RAJKUMAR from Congress has won.
2 Yamunotri constituency election results 2017: KEDAR SINGH from BJP has won.
3 Gangotri constituency election results 2017: Gopal Singh Rawat from BJP has won.
4 Badrinath constituency election results 2017: Mahendra Bhatt from BJP has won.
5 Tharali (SC) constituency election results 2017: MAGAN LAL SHAH from BJP has won.
6 Karnaprayag constituency election results 2017: Surendra Singh Negi of BJP has won.
7 Kedarnath constituency election results 2017: Manoj Rawat from Congres has won
8 Rudraprayag  constituency election results 2017: BHARAT SINGH from BJP has won
9 Ghansali (SC) constituency election results 2017: Shakti Lal Shah from BJP has won.
10 Devprayag constituency election results 2017: Vinod Kandari from BJP has won.
11 Narendranagar constituency election results 2017: SUBODH UNIYAL from BJP has  won.
12 Pratapnagar constituency election results 2017: VIJAY SINGH PANWAR from BJP has won
13 Tehri constituency election results 2017: DHAN SINGH NEGI from BJP has won.
14 Dhanaulti constituency election results 2017: Pritam Singh Panwar from Independent has won.
15 Chakrata (ST) constituency election results 2017: Pritam Singh from Congress has won.
16 Vikasnagarv constituency election results 2017: MUNNA SINGH CHAUHAN from BJP has won.
17 Sahaspur constituency election results 2017: SAHDEV SINGH PUNDIR from BJP has won.
18 Dharampur constituency election results 2017: Vinod Chamoli from BJP has won.
19 Raipur constituency election results 2017: UMESH SHARMA KAU from BJP has won.
20 Rajpur Road (SC) constituency election results 2017: KHAJAN DASS from BJP has won.
21 Dehradun Cantt constituency election results 2017: Harbans Kapoor from BJP has won
22 Mussoorie constituency election results 2017: GANESH JOSHI from BJP has won.
23 Doiwala constituency election results 2017: Trivendra Singh Rawat from BJP has won.
24 Rishikesh constituency election results 2017: PREMCHAND AGGARWAL from BJP has won.
25 Haridwar constituency election results 2017: Madan Kaushik from BJP has won
26 BHEL Ranipu constituency election results 2017: Adesh Chauhan from BJP has won
27 Jwalapur (SC) constituency election results 2017: Suresh Rathor from BJP has won
28 Bhagwanpur (SC) constituency election results 2017: Mamta Rakesh from Congress has won
29 Jhabrera (SC) constituency election results 2017: Desraj Karanwal from BJP has won
30 Piran Kaliyar constituency election results 2017: FURKAN AHMAD of Congress has won
31 Roorkee constituency election results 2017: Pradip Batra from BJP has won.
32 Khanpur constituency election results 2017: Kunwar Pranav Singh from BJP has won
33 Manglaur constituency election results 2017: Kazi Mohammad Nizamuddin from Congress has won.
34 Laksar constituency election results 2017: Sanjay Gupta from BJP has won

35 Haridwar Rural constituency election results 2017: Yatishwaranand from BJP wins. Harish Rawat from Congress lost.

36 Yamkeshwar constituency election results 2017: RITU KHANDURI BHUSHAN from BJP has won.
37 Pauri (SC) constituency election results 2017: Mukesh Singh Koli of BJP has won.
38 Srinagar constituency election results 2017: DHAN SINGH RAWAT from BJP has won.
39 Chaubattakhal constituency election results 2017: Satpal Maharaj from BJP has won.
40 Lansdowne constituency election results 2017: DALEEP SINGH RAWAT of BJP has won.
41 Kotdwar constituency election results 2017: HARAK SINGH RAWAT of BJP has won.
42 Dharchula constituency election results 2017: Harish Singh from Congress has won
43 Didihat constituency election results 2017: Vishan Singh from BJP has won
44 Pithoragarh constituency election results 2017: PRAKASH PANT from BJP has won
45 Gangolihat (SC) constituency election results 2017: Meena Gangola from BJP has won
46 Kapkot constituency election results 2017: Balawant Singh Bhouriyal of BJP has won.
47 Bageshwar (SC) constituency election results 2017: Chandan Ram Dass from BJP has won
48 Dwarahat constituency election results 2017: Mahesh Singh Negi from BJP has won.

49 Salt constituency election results 2017: SURENDER SINGH JEENA from BJP has won.
50 Ranikhet constituency election results 2017: Karan Mahara of Congress  has won.
51 Someshwar (SC) constituency election results 2017: REKHA ARYA from BJP has won
52 Almora constituency election results 2017: Raghunath Singh Chauhan form BJP has won.
53 Jageshwar constituency election results 2017: GOVIND SINGH KUNJWAL of Congress has won.
54 Lohaghat constituency election results 2017: PURAN SINGH FARTYAL from BJP has won.
55 Champawat constituency election results 2017: Kailash Chandra Gahtori from BJP has won
56 Lalkuan constituency election results 2017: Naveen Chandra Dumka from BJP has won.
57 Bhimtal constituency election results 2017: Ram Singh Kaira from Independent has won.
58 Nainital (SC) constituency election results 2017: SANJEEV ARYA from BJP has won.
59 Haldwani constituency election results 2017: Indira Hridayesh from Congress has won
60 Kaladhungi constituency election results 2017: BANSIDHAR BHAGAT of BJP has won.
61 Ramnagar constituency election results 2017: DIWAN SINGH BISHT from BJP has won.
62 Jaspur constituency election results 2017: ADESH SINGH CHAUHAN from Congress has won.
63 Kashipur constituency election results 2017: HARBHAJAN SINGH CHEEMA of BJP has won.
64 Bajpur (SC) constituency election results 2017: Yashpal Arya from BJP has won
65 Gadarpur constituency election results 2017: Arvind Pandey from BJP has won.
66 Rudrapur constituency election results 2017: RAJKUMAR THUKRAL from BJP has won.

67 Kichha constituency election results 2017: Rajesh Shukla from BJP wins. Harish Rawat from Congress lost.

68 Sitarganj constituency election results 2017: SAURABH BAHUGUNA from BJP has won.
69 Nanakmatta (ST) constituency election results 2017: PREM SINGH of BJP has won.
70 Khatima constituency election results 2017: Pushkar Singh Dhami from BJP has won.

Complete list of winners from each constituency in 2012 Assembly elections in Uttarakhand

S. No. Constituency Elected Member Party Affiliation (if any)
1 Purola (SC) Malchand BJP
2 Yamunotri Pritam Singh Panwar UKD (P)
3 Gangotri Vijaypal Singh Sajwan INC
4 Badrinath Rajendra Singh Bhandari INC
5 Tharali (SC) Dr. Jeet Ram INC
6 Karnaprayag Dr. Anusuya Prasad Maikhuri INC
7 Kedarnath Shaila Rani Rawat INC
8 Rudraprayag Dr. Harak Singh Rawat INC
9 Ghansali (SC) Bhim Lal Arya BJP
10 Devprayag Mantri Prasad Naithani Independent
11 Narendranagar Subodh Uniyal INC
12 Pratapnagar Vikram Singh Negi INC
13 Tehri Dinesh Dhanai Independent
14 Dhanaulti Mahavir Singh BJP
15 Chakrata (ST) Pritam Singh INC
16 Vikasnagar Nav Prabhat INC
17 Sahaspur Sahdev Singh Pundir BJP
18 Dharampur Dinesh Agrawal INC
19 Raipur Umesh Sharma ‘Kau’ INC
20 Rajpur Road (SC) Rajkumar INC
21 Dehradun Cantt Harbans Kapoor BJP
22 Mussoorie Ganesh Joshi BJP
23 Doiwala Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ BJP
24 Rishikesh Premchand Agrawal BJP
25 Haridwar Madan Kaushik BJP
26 BHEL Ranipur Adesh Chauhan BJP
27 Jwalapur (SC) Chandra Shekhar BJP
28 Bhagwanpur (SC) Surendra Rakesh BSP
29 Jhabrera (SC) Hari Das BSP
30 Piran Kaliyar Furqan Ahmad INC
31 Roorkee Pradip Batra INC
32 Khanpur Kunwar Pranav Singh ‘Champion’ INC
33 Manglaur Sarwat Karim Ansari BSP
34 Laksar Sanjay Gupta BJP
35 Haridwar Rural Yatishwaranand BJP
36 Yamkeshwar Vijaya Barthwal BJP
37 Pauri (SC) Sundar Lal Mandrawal INC
38 Srinagar Ganesh Prasad Godiyal INC
39 Chaubattakhal Tirath Singh Rawat BJP
40 Lansdowne Dilip Singh Rawat BJP
41 Kotdwar Surendra Singh Negi INC
42 Dharchula Harish Dhami INC
43 Didihat Bishan Singh Chuphal BJP
44 Pithoragarh Mayukh Singh Mahar INC
45 Gangolihat (SC) Narayan Ram Arya INC
46 Kapkot Lalit Mohan Singh Pharswan INC
47 Bageshwar (SC) Chandan Ram Das BJP
48 Dwarahat Madan Singh Bisht INC
49 Salt Surendra Singh Jeena BJP
50 Ranikhet Ajay Bhatt BJP
51 Someshwar (SC) Ajay Tamta BJP
52 Almora Manoj Tiwari INC
53 Jageshwar Govind Singh Kunjwal INC
54 Lohaghat Puran Singh Phartyal BJP
55 Champawat Hemesh Kharkwal INC
56 Lalkuan Harish Chandra Durgapal Independent
57 Bhimtal Dan Singh Bhandari BJP
58 Nainital (SC) Sarita Arya INC
59 Haldwani Dr. Indira Hridayesh INC
60 Kaladhungi Banshidhar Bhagat BJP
61 Ramnagar Amrita Rawat INC
62 Jaspur Dr. Shailendra Mohan Singhal INC
63 Kashipur Harbhajan Singh Cheema BJP
64 Bajpur (SC) Yashpal Arya INC
65 Gadarpur Arvind Pandey BJP
66 Rudrapur Rajkumar Thukral BJP
67 Kichha Rajesh Shukla BJP
68 Sitarganj Kiran Mandal BJP
69 Nanakmatta (ST) Dr. Prem Singh BJP
70 Khatima Pushkar Singh Dhami BJP

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How the results can change in 2017

Uttarakhand Assembly elections have always thrown up surprises and pollsters believe that it will be a tough contest between Congress and BJP. While some exit polls suggest a clear win for BJP, some of the results show that Congress is not lagging too far behind. It will be interesting to see who emerges as the winner and the things that span out post-results.

What Opinion polls predict for Uttarakhand
Polling firm/Link/Portal Survey Dates INC BJP Others
Uttarakhand Post [8] 01/10/17 36 29 5
ABP News – Lokniti[9] 01/05/17 22-30 (26) 35-43 (39)
India Today – Axis[10] 01/05/17 18-23 (21) 41-46 (44) 2-6 (4)
India Today – Axis[11] 10/14/16 26-31 (29) 38-43 (41) 1-4 (3)
Polls Average 28 38 4

EXIT POLLS 2017: UTTARAKHAND (Total seats 70)
This hilly state is being ruled by the Chief Minister Harish Rawat led Congress party, but according to the exit polls, he is set to get dethroned. India Today predicted BJP will win 46-53 seats, Congress to get 12-21 seats and others 2-6. ABP says BJP will get 34-42 seats, Congress will get 23-39 and others will get 3-9. News 24 says BJP will get 53 (+/-7), Congress will get 15 (+/-7), others will get 2 (+/-2). India TV forecasts BJP will get 29-35 seats, Congress will get 29-35 and others will get 2-8.

Counting of votes for Uttarakhand Assembly Elections 2017 has commenced. Fate of over 600 candidates will be sealed even as BJP and Congress are fighting it out to rule the hill state. However, voting for Karnaprayag seat in Chamoli district had to be revised to March 9 due to the death of BSP candidate Kuldeep Singh Kanwasi in a road mishap. Congress and BJP were locked in a straight contest in most of the seats but it was expected that the presence of about a dozen rebel candidates in the fray as independents and the saffron party fielding former Congressmen may upset the calculations. Over 68 per cent of more than 74 lakh electorates in the state sealed the fate of 628 candidates. Notably, the voter turnout recorded on February 15 was the highest polling ever in the hill state’s brief history.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi held two public meetings in Rishikesh and Someshwar besides a 75-km roadshow in Haridwar district which has the maximum number of 11 constituencies in Uttarakhand. Chief Minister Harish Rawat went all out to woo voters by holding several public meetings and roadshows on a daily basis in perhaps the most crucial election of his career.

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