Yogi Adityanath Cabinet ministers’ assets and income details – from Shrikant Sharma, Swami Prasad Maurya, Chetan Chauhan to Rita Bahuguna Joshi, all you want to know

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Published: March 20, 2017 8:20:54 PM

We take a look here at the wealth Uttar Pradesh Cabinet ministers have declared they have as per the affidavits submitted.

Yogi Adityanath, Corruption in UP, UP new government, UP CM, BJP, UP Cabinet Members, Election Commission, Ashutosh Tandon, Brajesh Pathak, Chetan Chauhan, Minister assetsWe take a look here at the wealth Uttar Pradesh Cabinet ministers have declared they have as per the affidavits submitted. (Source: ANI)

Corruption looks to have met its nemesis in Uttar Pradesh with the arrival of the new incumbent in the chief minister’s residence. In his first move after becoming the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath has given 15 days to all his ministers to provide all details about their assets, income and even liabilities. Matching his actions to his words, Yogi Adityanath said uprooting corruption is the first and foremost priority of the government especially as this social evil has ensured that the state’s economy remains mired in poverty. He added,”In the past 15 years Uttar Pradesh has failed because of the indulgence political parties have shown to corruption and nepotism.” Considering that there are so many bigwigs in the Cabinet, we take a look here at the wealth Uttar Pradesh Cabinet ministers have declared they have as per the affidavits submitted by them to the Election Commission before the assembly polls:

Ashutosh Tandon, 56, 2nd time MLA from Lucknow East
Immovable assets: Rs 3,35,00,000; Wife: Rs 1,35,00,000
Jewellery: 4 rings worth Rs 11,60,000.00; Wife: Worth Rs 2,46,900.00
Liabilities: Nil
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 5,71,67,757.76; Wife: Rs 70,05,617.80

Brajesh Pathak, 52, Former BSP MP and now MLA from Lucknow Central
Immovable assets: Rs 41,15,000; Wife: Rs, 16,15,000
Jewellery: Gold 115 g worth Rs 3,40,000; Wife: Gold 600 g worth Rs 17,70,000;
Dependent 1: Gold 60 g 1,76,600; Dependent 2: Gold 40 g worth Rs 1,84,000
Liabilities: Nil
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 1,11,79,335; Wife: Rs 44,91,095; Dependent 1: Rs 5,60,718,;
Dependent 2: Rs 2,68,650

Chetan Chauhan, 68, Former cricketer and MP and now MLA from Naugawan Sadat
Immovable Assets: Rs 2,41,00,000; Wife: Rs 1,42,00,000
Jewellery: Gold 20 g worth Rs 53,600; Wife: Gold 600 g worth Rs 20,00,000
Liabilities: 47,12,476; Wife: Rs 10,16,886
Net Worth (Movable Assets): Rs 27,76,872; Wife: Rs 23,16,455

Dara Singh Chauhan, 53, Former BSP MP and now MLA from Madhuban
Immovable assets: Rs 2,50,00,000
Jewellery: Gold 50 g worth Rs 150000; Wife: Gold 150 g and 1 kg silver worth Rs 5,00,000
Liabilities: Rs 11,200,000
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 643500; Wife; Rs 1928000

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Dharampal Singh, 64, Former state party general secretary and now MLA from Aonla
Immovable assets: Rs, 1,07,00,000
Jewellery: Gold 7 tola worth Rs 2,10,000; Wife: 8 Tola Gold worth Rs 1,68,000 and 1 KG silver worth Rs 50,000
Liabilities: Rs 20,00,000
Net worth (Movable assets): Nil (as per affidavit); Calculated as Sum of Values- Rs 20,76,085

Jai Pratap Singh, 63, 7-time MLA from Bansi in Siddharthnagar
Immovable assets: Rs 469,65,820; Wife: Rs 95,00,000
Jewellery: Gold 603 g Rs 16,88,400 and Silver 1714 g worth Rs 71,988; Wife: 2511 g
Gold Rs 70,30,800 and Silver 6637 g worth Rs 2,78,754; Dependent 1: 50 g gold worth Rs 1,40,000 and
Dependent 2: 50 g gold worth Rs 1,40,000
Liabilities: Nil
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 49,17,533; Wife: Rs 88,66,815; Dependent 1: Rs 4,29,899; Dependent 2: Rs 11,84,747

Laxmi Narain Chaudhary, 65, 4-time winner, he is a former Lok Dal, BSP, Congress man and now MLA from Chhata
Immovable assets: Details not clear from affidavit
Jewellery: Details not clear from affidavit
Liabilities: Details not clear from affidavit
Net Worth (Movable assets): Details not clear from affidavit

Ramapati Shastri, 67, was minister in the governments of Kalyan Singh and Rajnath Singh and now MLA from Mankapur (SC Reserved)
Immovable assets: Rs 2,24,00,000
Jewellery: 1600 g Gold worth Rs 44,88,000 and 11.5 kg silver worth Rs 4,94,500
Liabilities: Nil
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 64,24,281

Rajesh Agrawal, 73, is 6-time MLA wins Bareilly Cantonment again
Immovable Assets: 1,88,11,387.97
Jewellery: Gold: 750.3 g worth Rs 1,87,500; Wife: 1310.60 g worth Rs 34,21,452, Diamonds worth Rs 5,06,177;
Wife: 150 g worth Rs 5,000
Liabilities: Nil
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 1,12,15,516.57; Wife: Rs 48,51,421.96

Rita Bahuguna Joshi, 67, A former UP Congress president,and now MLA from Lucknow Cantonment (defeated Aparna Yadav, Mulayam’s daughter-in-law)
Immovable assets: 95 lakhs; Husband: Rs 75 lakhs
Jewellery: Gold: 110 g worth Rs 32,4500
Liabilities: Nil
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 17,17,709; Husband: Rs 24,39,596

Rajendra Pratap Singh, 62, Patti
Immovable assets: Rs 6,83,73,666; Spouse: Rs 1,31,66,000
Jewellery: Gold 100 g worth Rs 2,70,000; Wife: Gold 500 g worth Rs 13,50,000
Liabilities: Rs 28,13,900; Wife: Rs 2,80,140
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 72,73,250; Wife: Rs 18,09,556

Muktu Bihari Verma, 69, A lawyer and now MLA from Kaiserganj (Muslim-dominated)
Immovable assets: Rs 1,56,00,000
Jewellery: Gold 350 g worth Rs 7,50,000, Silver 2 kg worth Rs 100000
Liabilities: Nil
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 4988659

Nand Gopal Gupta, 42, A former BSP man who served in Mayawati’s ministry and now MLA from Allahabad South
Immovable assets: 885 lakhs; Wife: 1,957 lakhs
Jewellery: 910 g gold worth Rs 29,15,000; Wife: 1415 g Gold Rs 45,30,000 and 2700 g Silver worth Rs 3,35,000
Liabilities: 69.41 lakhs; Wife: 2487.74 lakhs
Net Worth (Movable assets): 498.31 lakhs; Wife: 2350 lakhs, Dependent 1: 18.08 lakhs, Dependent 2: 1.60 lakhs,
Dependent 3: 1.04 lakhs

Om Prakash Rajbhar, 50, A former BSP man who started his own party, the Suheldev Bharatia Samaj Party and allied with BJP and now MLA from Zahoorabad
Immovable assets: Rs 10,00,000; Wife: Rs 1,80,00,000
Jewellery: Ornaments worth Rs 1,20,000; Wife: Ornaments worth Rs 1,69,000
Liabilities: Nil
Net Worth (Movable assets): 383,511.64 ; Wife: Rs 364,109.25;
Dependent 1: Rs 2,96,343.12; Dependent 2: Rs 301,170.19

Surya Pratap Shahi, 64, A former state BJP president and now MLA from Pathardeva
Immovable Assets: Rs 16,049,400; Wife: Rs 42,79,000
Jewellery: Gold 400 gram worth Rs 15,00,000, Silver approx 250 grams worth Rs 1,50,000 and Precious Stones worth
Rs 1,00,000; Wife: Gold 800 grams worth Rs 30,00,000, Silver approx 3 kg worth Rs 2,00,000
Liabilities: Rs 2,34,969
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 18,263,094; Wife: Rs 87,76,607; Dependent: Rs 15,80,913

Suresh Khanna, 63, A lawyer and eight-time MLA from Shahjahanpur
Immovable Assets: Rs 29,63,000
Jewellery: Gold 37 gram worth Rs 1,03,600
Liabilities: Rs 60,000
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 51,20,249,33

Satish Mahana, 56, Seven-time MLA. Has served in ministries of Rajnath Singh, RP Gupta and even Maywati and now MLA from Maharajpur
Immovable assets: Rs 2,86,03,449; Wife: Rs 27,62,590
Jewellery: Gold+Silver 201.79- gram worth Rs 23,11,547; Wife: 2272.38 grams worth Rs 57,17,810
Liabilities: Rs 38,19,203
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 1,70,52,219.79 ; Wife: Rs 100,08,223

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Satyadeo Pachauri, 69, A businessman and Third-time MLA from Govindnagar
Immovable assets: Rs 4,27,01,000; Wife: Rs 1,67,76,000
Jewellery: 67.09 g Gold and 14.8 carat gem worth Rs 2,56,729; Wife: 800.18 g
Gold and 27.71 carat gem worth Rs 24,98,330
Liabilities: Rs 2,27,20,795; Wife: Rs 46,85,702; Dependent: Rs 19,067
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 3,94,59,129.69; Wife: Rs 1,26,80,319; Dependent: Rs 53,36,015

Shrikant Sharma, 46, BJP national secretary and now MLA from Mathura
Immovable assets: Rs 10,00,000; Wife: Rs 68,00,000
Jewellery: Gold 20 g worth Rs 55,000; Wife: Gold 150 g worth Rs 4,25,000
Liabilities: Nil
Net Worth (Movable Assets): Rs 6,95,530; Wife: 19,73,834

Sidharth Singh, 53, BJP national secretary and now MLA from Allahabad West
Immovable assets: Rs 1,05,61,477; Wife: Rs 17,18,36,000
Jewellery: Diamond bracelet, 14.25 g Gold and 2.5 carat diamond worth Rs 38000; Four necklaces,
earrings, 196 g gold, 0.25 carat diamond worth Rs 5,50,000
Liabilities: Rs 9,31,72,910
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 1,36,71,167; Wife: Rs 1,75,94,721; Dependent 1: Rs 41,61,619:
Dependent 2: Rs 28,52,374

Swami Prasad Maurya, 63, Former BSP general secretaryand now MLA from Padrauna
Immovable asset: Rs 55,00,000; Wife: Rs 50,00,000
Jewellery: Ring Rs 30,000; Wife: Rs 1.50 g gold worth Rs 3,00,000
Liabilities: Nil
Net Worth (Movable asset): Rs 7,90,203.04; Wife: Rs 14,90,000

S P Singh Baghel, 56, A former Samajwadi Party and BSP man. He has been an MP before and is now MLA from Tundla
Immovable assets: Rs 1,20,00,000; Wife: Rs 1,50,20000
Jewellery: Gold 5 tola worth Rs 1,50,000; Wife: Gold 15 tola worth Rs 4,50,000 and silver 1 kg worth Rs 42,000
Liabilities: Nil
Net Worth (Movable assets): Rs 62,15,816.76; Wife: 14,21,296; Dependent: Rs 11,100

(With inputs from Indian Express)

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