Uttar Pradesh election results 2017: Full list of constituencies and winning candidates

By: | Updated: April 24, 2017 10:52 AM

Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017 was touted as the litmus test for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's popularity and the effect of demonetisation.

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Leading into the 2017 Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections, there was a lot of drama with Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav coming face to face. After this, the BSP founder decided not to promote his part during the elections. Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017 was touted as the litmus test for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity and the effect of demonetisation. For Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav, who emerged victorious after a bitter family feud for power, the polls were believed to be a test of his development works and his youthful appeal to young voters of the state. For Bahujan Samaj Party president Mayawati, it was definitely a make or break election. Throughout the seven-phase elections, pollsters couldn’t predict a clear wave in the favor of a single party.

Here is the full list of constituencies and the winning candidates from respective seats in Uttar Pradesh:  (Results awaited)

1 Behat constituency election results 2017: Naresh Saini of INC has won

2 Nakur constituency election results 2017: Dr.dharam singh saini of BJP has won

3 Saharanpur Nagar constituency election results 2017: Sanjay Garg of SP has won

4 Saharanpur constituency election results 2017: Masood Akhtar of INC has won

5 Deoband constituency election results 2017: Brijesh of BJP has won

6 Rampur Maniharan constituency election results 2017: DEVENDER KUMAR NIM of BJP has won

7 Gangoh constituency election results 2017: PRADEEP KUMAR of BJP has won

8 Kairana constituency election results 2017: NAHID HASAN of SP has won

9 Thana Bhawan constituency election results 2017: Thana Bhawan of BJP has won

10 Shamli constituency election results 2017: Tejendra Nirwal of BJP has won

11 Budhana constituency election results 2017: Umesh Malik of Bharatiya Janata Party has won

12 Charthawal constituency election results 2017: Vijay Kumar Kashyap of Bharatiya Janata Party has won

13 Purqazi constituency election results 2017: BJP’s Pramod Utwal has won has won

14 Muzaffarnagar constituency election results 2017: KAPIL DEV AGARWAL of BJP has won

15 Khatauli constituency election results 2017: VIKRAM SINGH of BJP has won

16 Meerapur constituency election results 2017: AVTAR SINGH BHADANA of BJP has won

17 Najibabad constituency election results 2017: TASLEEM AHMAD of SP has won

18 Nagina constituency election results 2017: MANOJ KUMAR PARAS  of SP has won

19 Barhapur constituency election results 2017: Sushant Kumar of BJP has won has won

20 Dhampur constituency election results 2017: ASHOK KUMAR RANA of BJP has won

21 Nehtaur constituency election results 2017: BJP candidate Om Kumar has won

22 Bijnor constituency election results 2017: Suchi of Bharatiya Janata Party has won

23 Chandpur constituency election results 2017: Kamlesh Saini of BJP has won

24 Noorpur constituency election results 2017: BJP’s Lokendra Singh has won

25 Kanth constituency election results 2017: RAJESH KUMAR SINGH (CHUNNU) of BJP has won

26 Thakurdwara constituency election results 2017: SP candidate Navab Jan has won

27 Moradabad Rural constituency election results 2017: HAJI IKRAM QURESHI of SP has won

28 Moradabad Nagar constituency election results 2017: RITESH KUMAR GUPTA of BJP has won

29 Kundarki constituency election results 2017: MOHAMMAD RIZWAN of SP has won

30 Bilari constituency election results 2017: Mohd.Faeem of SP has won

31 Chandausi constituency election results 2017: Gulab Devi of Bharatiya Janata Party has won

32 Asmoli constituency election results 2017: SP candidate Pinki Yadav has won

33 Sambhal constituency election results 2017: SP’s Iqbal Mehmood  has won

34 Suar constituency election results 2017: MOHAMMAD ABDULLAH AZAM KHAN of SP has won

35 Chamraua constituency election results 2017: Naseer Ahmad Khan of SP has won

36 Bilaspur constituency election results 2017: Baldev Singh Aulakh of Bharatiya Janata Party has won

37 Rampur constituency election results 2017: MOHAMMAD AZAM KHAN of SP has won

38 Milak constituency election results 2017: RAJBALA of BJP has won

39 Dhanaura constituency election results 2017: Rajeev Kumar of BJP has won

40 Naugawan Sadat constituency election results 2017: CHETAN CHAUHAN of BJP has won

41 Amroha constituency election results 2017: SP candidate Mehboob Ali has won

42 Hasanpur constituency election results 2017: MAHENDRA SINGH KHARGVANSHI of BJP has won

43 Siwalkhas constituency election results 2017: BJP candidate Jitendra Pal Singh (billu) has won

44 Sardhana constituency election results 2017: SANGEET SINGH SOM of BJP has won

45 Hastinapur constituency election results 2017: DINESH KHATIK of BJP has won

46 Kithore constituency election results 2017: SATYAVIR TYAGI of BJP has won

47 Meerut Cantt. constituency election results 2017: SATYA PRAKASH AGARWAL of BJP has won

48 Meerut constituency election results 2017: RAFIQ ANSARI  of SP has won

49 Meerut South constituency election results 2017: DR. SOMENDRA TOMAR of BJP has won

50 Chhaprauli constituency election results 2017: Sahender Singh Ramala of Rashtriya Lok Dal has won

51 Baraut constituency election results 2017: BJP candidate Krishanpal Malik has won

52 Baghpat constituency election results 2017: BJP candidate Yogesh Dhama has won

53 Loni constituency election results 2017: NANDKISHOR of BJP has won

54 Muradnagar constituency election results 2017: AJIT PAL TYAGI of BJP has won

55 Sahibabad constituency election results 2017: SUNIL KUMAR SHARMA of BJP has won

56 Ghaziabad constituency election results 2017: ATUL GARG of BJP has won

57 Modinagar constituency election results 2017: DR. MANJU SHIWACH of BJP has won

58 Dholana constituency election results 2017: AAASLAM CHOUDHARY of BSP has won

59 Hapur constituency election results 2017: VIJAY PAL (AADHTI) of BJP has won

60 Garhmukteshwar constituency election results 2017: KAMAL SINGH MALIK of BJP has won

61 Noida constituency election results 2017: PANKAJ SINGH of BJP has won

62 Dadri constituency election results 2017:  TEJPAL SINGH NAGAR of BJP has won

63 Jewar constituency election results 2017: DHIRENDRA SINGH of BJP has won

64 Sikandrabad constituency election results 2017: BIMLA SINGH SOLANKI of BJP has won

65 Bulandshahr constituency election results 2017: Virendra Singh Sirohi of BJP has won

66 Siana constituency election results 2017:

67 Anupshahr constituency election results 2017: Sanjay of BJP  has won

68 Debai constituency election results 2017: DR. ANITA LODHI RAJPUT of BJP has won

69 Shikarpur constituency election results 2017:  ANIL KUMAR of BJP has won

70 Khurja constituency election results 2017: VIJENDRA SINGH of BJP has won

71 Khair constituency election results 2017: ANOOP of BJP has won

72 Barauli constituency election results 2017: SHRI DALVEER SINGH of BJP has won

73 Atrauli constituency election results 2017: SANDEEP KUMAR SINGH of BJP has won

74 Chharra constituency election results 2017: RAVENDRA PAL SINGH of BJP has won

75 Koil constituency election results 2017: ANIL PARASHAR of BJP has won

76 Aligarh constituency election results 2017: Sanjeev Raja of BJP has won

77 Iglas constituency election results 2017: RAJVEER DILER of BJP  has won

78 Hathras constituency election results 2017: HARI SHANKAR MAHOR of BJP has won

79 Sadabad constituency election results 2017: RAMVEER UPADHYAY of BSP has won

80 Sikandra Rao constituency election results 2017: BIRENDRA SINGH RANA of BJP has won

81 Chhata constituency election results 2017: LAXMI NARAYAN of BJP has won

82 Mant constituency election results 2017: SHYAM SUNDER SHARMA of BSP has won

83 Goverdhan constituency election results 2017: KARINDA SINGH of BJP has won

84 Mathura constituency election results 2017: SHRIKANT SHARMA of BJP  has won

85 Baldev constituency election results 2017: Pooran Prakash of BJP has won

86 Etmadpur constituency election results 2017:RAM PRATAP SINGH of BJP has won

87 Agra Cantonment constituency election results 2017: Dr. Girraj Singh Dharmesh of BJP has won

88 Agra South constituency election results 2017: YOGENDRA UPADHYAYA of BJP has won

89 Agra North constituency election results 2017: JAGAN PRASAD GARG of BJP has won

90 Agra Rural constituency election results 2017: Hemlata Diwakar of BJP has won

91 Fatehpur Sikri constituency election results 2017: CHAU. UDAYBHAN SINGH of BJP has won

92 Kheragarh constituency election results 2017: MAHESH KUMAR GOYAL of BJP has won

93 Fatehabad constituency election results 2017: JITENDRA VERMA of BJP has won

94 Bah constituency election results 2017: Rani Pakshalika Singh of BJP has won

95 Tundla constituency election results 2017: Satya Pal Singh Baghel of BJP has won

96 Jasrana constituency election results 2017: RAMGOPAL PAPPU LODHI of BJP has won

97 Firozabad constituency election results 2017: MANISH ASIJA of BJP has won

98 Shikohabad constituency election results 2017: Mukesh Verma of BJP has won

99 Sirsaganj constituency election results 2017: Hariom Yadav of SP has won

100 Kasganj constituency election results 2017: DEVENDRA SINGH RAJPUT of BJP has won

101 Amanpur constituency election results 2017: Devendra Pratap of BJP has won

102 Patiyali constituency election results 2017: MAMTESH of BJP has won

103 Aliganj constituency election results 2017: Satyapal Singh Rathaur of BJP has won

104 Etah constituency election results 2017: VIPIN KUMAR DAVID of BJP has won

105 Marhara constituency election results 2017: VIRENDRA of BJP has won

106 Jalesar constituency election results 2017: SANJEEV KUMAR DIWAKAR of BJP has won

107 Mainpuri constituency election results 2017: RAJKUMAR ALIAS RAJU YADAV of SP has won

108 Bhongaon constituency election results 2017: Ram Naresh Agnihotri of BJP has won

109 Kishni constituency election results 2017: BRAJESH KUMAR of SP has won

110 Karhal constituency election results 2017: SOBARAN SINGH YADAV of SP has won

111 Gunnaur constituency election results 2017: AJEET KUMAR URF RAJU YADAV of BJP has won

112 Bisauli constituency election results 2017: Kushagra Sagar of BJP has won

113 Sahaswan constituency election results 2017: Omkar Singh of SP has won

114 Bilsi constituency election results 2017: Pt. Radha Krishan Sharma of BJP has won

115 Badaun constituency election results 2017: Mahesh Chandra Gupta of BJP has won

116 Shekhupur constituency election results 2017: DHARMENDRA KUMAR SINGH SHAKYA of BJP has won

117 Dataganj constituency election results 2017: RAJEEV KUMAR SINGH URF BABBU BHAIYA of BJP has won

118 Baheri constituency election results 2017: Chhatra Pal Singh of BJP has won

119 Meerganj constituency election results 2017: DR. D.C. VERMA of BJP has won

120 Bhojipura constituency election results 2017: Bahoran Lal Maurya of BJP has won

121 Nawabganj constituency election results 2017: KESAR SINGH of BJP has won

122 Faridpur constituency election results 2017: DR. SHYAM BIHARI LAL of BJP has won

123 Bithari Chainpur constituency election results 2017: Rajesh Kumar Mishra of BJP has won

124 Bareilly constituency election results 2017: Dr. Arun Kumar of BJP has won

125 Bareilly Cantt. constituency election results 2017: Rajesh Agarwal of BJP has won

126 Aonla constituency election results 2017: Dharam Pal Singh of BJP has won

127 Pilibhit constituency election results 2017: SANJAY SINGH GANGWAR of BJP has won

128 Barkhera constituency election results 2017: Kishan Lal Rajpoot of BJP has won

129 Puranpur constituency election results 2017: Babu Ram Paswan of BJP has won

130 Bisalpur constituency election results 2017: AGYASH RAM SARAN VERMA of BJP has won

131 Katra constituency election results 2017: VEER VIKRAM SINGH PRINCE of BJP has won

132 Jalalabad constituency election results 2017: SHARADVIR SINGH of SP has won

133 Tilhar constituency election results 2017: ROSHAN LAL VERMA of BJP has won

134 Powayan constituency election results 2017: CHETRAM of BJP has won

135 Shahjahanpur constituency election results 2017: SURESH KUMAR KHANNA of BJP has won

136 Dadraul constituency election results 2017: MANVENDRA SINGH of BJP has won

137 Palia constituency election results 2017:  HARVINDER KUMAR SAHANI of BJP has won

138 Nighasan constituency election results 2017: Patel Ramkumar Verma of BJP has won

139 Gola Gokrannath constituency election results 2017: ARVIND GIRI of BJP has won

140 Srinagar constituency election results 2017: Manju Tyagi defeats of BJP has won

141 Dhaurahra constituency election results 2017: AWASTHI BALA PRASAD of BJP has won

142 Lakhimpur constituency election results 2017: YOGESH VERMA of BJP has won

143 Kasta constituency election results 2017: SAURABH SINGH of BJP has won

144 Mohammadi constituency election results 2017: LOKENDRA PRATAP SINGH of BJP has won

145 Maholi constituency election results 2017: SHASHANK TRIVEDI of BJP has won

146 Sitapur constituency election results 2017: RAKESH RATHORE of BJP has won

147 Hargaon constituency election results 2017: SURESH RAHI of BJP has won

148 Laharpur constituency election results 2017: SUNEEL VERMA of BJP has won

149 Biswan constituency election results 2017: MAHENDRA SINGH of BJP has won

150 Sevata constituency election results 2017: GYAN TIWARI of BJP has won

151 Mahmoodabad constituency election results 2017: NARENDRA SINGH VERMA of SP has won

152 Sidhauli constituency election results 2017:  HARGOVIND BHARGAVA of BSP has won

153 Misrikh constituency election results 2017: RAM KRISHNA BHARGAVA of BJP has won

154 Sawaijpur constituency election results 2017: Kunvar Madhvendra Pratap of BJP has won

155 Shahabad constituency election results 2017: RAJANI TIWARI of BJP has won

156 Hardoi constituency election results 2017: NITIN AGARWAL of SP has won

157 Gopamau constituency election results 2017: SHYAM PRAKASH of BJP has won

158 Sandi constituency election results 2017: PRABHASH KUMAR of BJP has won

159 Bilgram Mallanwan constituency election results 2017: ASHISH KUMAR SINGH ASHU of BJP has won

160 Balamau constituency election results 2017: RAM PAL VERMA of BJP has won

161 Sandila constituency election results 2017: RAJ KUMAR AGRAWAL URF RAJIA of BJP has won

162 Bangermau constituency election results 2017: KULDEEP SINGH SENGAR of BJP has won

163 Safipur constituency election results 2017: BAMBA LAL of BJP has won

164 Mohan constituency election results 2017: BRIJESH KUMAR of BJP has won

165 Unnao constituency election results 2017: PANKAJ GUPTA of BJP has won

166 Bhagwant Nagar constituency election results 2017: HRIDAY NARAYAN DIKSHIT of BJP has won

167 Purwa constituency election results 2017: ANIL SINGH of BSP has won

168 Malihabad constituency election results 2017: JAI DEVI of BJP has won

169 Bakshi Kaa Talab constituency election results 2017: AVINASH TRIVEDI of BJP has won

170 Sarojini Nagar constituency election results 2017: SWATI SINGH of BJP has won

171 Lucknow West constituency election results 2017: SURESH KUMAR SHRIVASTAV of BJP has won

172 Lucknow North constituency election results 2017: DR.NEERAJ BORA of BJP has won

173 Lucknow East constituency election results 2017: ASHUTOSH TANDAN “GOPAL JI” of BJP has won

174 Lucknow Central constituency election results 2017: BRIJESH PATHAK of BJP has won

175 Lucknow Cantt constituency election results 2017: DR. REETA JOSHI of BJP has won

176 Mohanlalganj constituency election results 2017: AMBRISH SINGH PUSHKAR of SP won

177 Bachhrawan constituency election results 2017: RAM NARESH RAWAT of BJP has won

178 Tiloi constituency election results 2017: MAYANKESHWAR SHARAN SINGH of BJP has won

179 Harchandpur constituency election results 2017: RAKESH SINGH of INC has won

180 Rae Bareli constituency election results 2017: ADITI SINGH of INC has won

181 Salon constituency election results 2017: DAL BAHADUR of BJP has won

182 Sareni constituency election results 2017: DHIRENDRA BAHADUR SINGH of BJP has won

183 Unchahar constituency election results 2017: MANOJ KUMAR PANDEY of SP has won

184 Jagdishpur constituency election results 2017: SURESH KUMAR of BJP has won

185 Gauriganj constituency election results 2017: RAKESH PRATAP SINGH of SP has won

186 Amethi constituency election results 2017: GARIMA SINGH of BJP has won

187 Isauli constituency election results 2017: ABRAR AHMAD of SP has won

188 Sultanpur constituency election results 2017: SURYA BHAN SINGH of BJP has won

189 Sadar constituency election results 2017: SITARAM of BJP has won

190 Lambhua constituency election results 2017: DEOMANI DWIVEDI of BJP has won

191 Kadipur constituency election results 2017: RAJESH GAUTAM of BJP has won

192 Kaimganj constituency election results 2017: AMAR SINGH of BJP has won

193 Amritpur constituency election results 2017: SUSHIL KUMAR SHAKYA of BJP has won

194 Farrukhabad constituency election results 2017: MEJOR SUNIL DUTT DWIVEDI of BJP has won

195 Bhojpur constituency election results 2017:NAGENDRA SINGH RATHORE of BJP has won

196 Chhibramau constituency election results 2017: ARCHANA PANDEY of BJP has won

197 Tirwa constituency election results 2017: KAILASH SINGH RAJPUT of BJP has won

198 Kannauj constituency election results 2017: ANIL KUMAR DOHARE of SP has won

199 Jaswantnagar constituency election results 2017: SHIVPAL SINGH YADAV of SP has won

200 Etawah constituency election results 2017: SARITA BHADAURIYA of BJP has won

201 Bharthana constituency election results 2017: SAVITRI KATHERIA of BJP has won

202 Bidhuna constituency election results 2017: Vinay Shakya of BJP has won

203 Dibiyapur constituency election results 2017: LAKHAN SINGH of BJP has won

204 Auraiya constituency election results 2017: Ramesh Chandra of BJP has won

205 Rasulabad constituency election results 2017: NIRMALA SANKHWAR of BJP has won

206 Akbarpur Raniya constituency election results 2017: Pratibha Shukla of BJP has won

207 Sikandra constituency election results 2017: MATHURA PRASAD PAL of BJP has won

208 Bhognipur constituency election results 2017: Vinod Kumar Katiyar of BJP has won

209 Bilhaur constituency election results 2017: Bhagwati Prasad Sagar of BJP has won

210 Bithoor constituency election results 2017: Abhijeet Singh Sanga of BJP has won

211 Kalyanpur constituency election results 2017: NILIMA KATIYAR of BJP has won

212 Govind Nagar constituency election results 2017: SATYA DEV PACHAURI of BJP has won

213 Sishamau constituency election results 2017: Hazi Irfan Solanki of SP has won

214 Arya Nagar constituency election results 2017: Amitabh Bajpai of SP has won

215 Kidwai Nagar constituency election results 2017: MAHESH CHANDRA of BJP has won

216 Kanpur Cantt. constituency election results 2017: SOHIL AKHTAR ANSARI of INC has won

217 Maharajpur constituency election results 2017: SATISH MAHANA of BJP has won

218 Ghatampur constituency election results 2017: KAMAL RANI of BJP has won

219 Madhogarh constituency election results 2017: MOOLCHANDRA SINGH of BJP has won

220 Kalpi constituency election results 2017: KU. NARENDRA PAL SINGH of BJP has won

221 Orai constituency election results 2017: GAURI SHANKAR of BJP has won

222 Babina constituency election results 2017: Rajeev Singh “Parichha” of BJP has won

223 Jhansi Nagar constituency election results 2017: RAVI SHARMA of BJP has won

224 Mauranipur constituency election results 2017: BIHARILAL ARYA of BJP has won

225 Garautha constituency election results 2017: JAWAHAR LAL RAJPOOT of BJP has won

226 Lalitpur constituency election results 2017: RAMRATAN KUSHWAHA of BJP has won

227 Mehroni constituency election results 2017: MANOHAR LAL of BJP has won

228 Hamirpur constituency election results 2017: ASHOK KUMAR SINGH CHANDEL of BJP has won

229 Rath constituency election results 2017: Manisha Anuragi of BJP has won

230 Mahoba constituency election results 2017:  RAKESH KUMAR GOSWAMI of BJP has won

231 Charkhari constituency election results 2017: Brijbhushan Rajpoot alias Guddu Bhaiya of BJP has won

232 Tindwari constituency election results 2017: BRAJESH KUMAR PRAJAPATI of BJP has won

233 Baberu constituency election results 2017: Chandrapal Kushwaha of BJP has won

234 Naraini constituency election results 2017: RAJ KARAN KABIR of BJP has won

235 Banda constituency election results 2017: Prakash Dwivedi of BJP has won

236 Chitrakoot constituency election results 2017: Chandrika Prasad Upadhyay of BJP has won

237 Manikpur constituency election results 2017: RK Singh Patel of BJP has won

238 Jahanabad constituency election results 2017: JAI KUMAR SINGH JAIKI of Apna Dal (Soneylal) has won

239 Bindki constituency election results 2017: Karan Singh Patel of BJP has won

240 Fatehpur constituency election results 2017:  VIKRAM SINGH of BJP has won

241 Ayah Shah constituency election results 2017: Vikas Gupta of BJP has won

242 Husainganj constituency election results 2017:  RANVENDRA PRATAP SINGH URF DHUNNI BHAIYA of BJP has won

243 Khaga constituency election results 2017: KRISHNA PASWAN of BJP has won

244 Rampur Khas constituency election results 2017: ARADHANA MISHRA ‘MONA’ of INC has won

245 Babaganj constituency election results 2017:  Vinod Kumar (Independent) has won

246 Kunda constituency election results 2017: RAGHURAJ PRATAP SINGH (Independent) has won

247 Bishwavnathganj constituency election results 2017:

248 Pratapgarh constituency election results 2017: SANGAM LAL GUPTA of Apna Dal (Soneylal) has won

249 Patti constituency election results 2017: RAM SINGH of SP has won

250 Raniganj constituency election results 2017: ABHAY KUMAR ALIAS DHIRAJ OJHA of BJP has won

251 Sirathu constituency election results 2017: SHEETLA PRASAD of BJP has won

252 Manjhanpur constituency election results 2017:  LAL BAHADUR of BJP has won

253 Chail constituency election results 2017: Sanjay Kumar of BJP has won

254 Phaphamau constituency election results 2017: VIKRAMAJEET of BJP has won

255 Soraon constituency election results 2017: AMUNA PRASAD of Apna Dal (Soneylal) has won

256 Phulpur constituency election results 2017: Praveen Kumar Singh of BJP has won

257 Pratappur constituency election results 2017: MOHD MUJTABA SIDDQUI of BSP has won

258 Handia constituency election results 2017: HAKIM LAL of BSP has won

259 Meja constituency election results 2017: NEELAM KARWARIYA of BJP has won

260 Karachhana constituency election results 2017:  UJJWAL RAMAN SINGH of SP has won

261 Allahabad West constituency election results 2017: Sidharth Nath Singh of BJP has won

262 Allahabad North constituency election results 2017: Harshvardhan Bajpai of BJP has won

263 Allahabad South constituency election results 2017: Nand Gopal Gupta Nandi of BJP has won

264 Bara constituency election results 2017: Ajai Kumar of BJP has won

265 Koraon constituency election results 2017: Rajmani of BJP has won

266 Kursi constituency election results 2017: SAKENDRA PRATAP VERMA of BJP has won

267 Ramnagar constituency election results 2017: Sharad Kumar Awasthi of BJP has won

268 Barabanki constituency election results 2017: Dharmraj Singh Yadav alias Suresh Yadav of SP has won

269 Zaidpur constituency election results 2017: UPENDRA SINGH of BJP has won

270 Dariyabad constituency election results 2017: SATISH CHANDRA SHARMA of BJP has won

271 Rudauli constituency election results 2017: RAM CHANDRA YADAV of BJP has won

272 Haidergarh constituency election results 2017: Baijnath Rawat of BJP has won

273 Milkipur constituency election results 2017: GORAKH NATH of BJP has won

274 Bikapur constituency election results 2017: SHOBHA SINGH CHAUHAN of BJP has won

275 Ayodhya constituency election results 2017: VED PRAKASH GUPTA of BJP has won

276 Goshainganj constituency election results 2017: INDRA PRATAP ALIAS KHABBU TIWARI of BJP has won

277 Katehari constituency election results 2017: LAL JI VERMA of BSP has won

278 Tanda constituency election results 2017: AZEEMUL HAQ PAHALWAN of SP has won

279 Alapur constituency election results 2017: ANEETA of BJP has won

280 Jalalpur constituency election results 2017: RITESH PANDEY of BSP has won

281 Akbarpur constituency election results 2017: RAM ACHAL RAJBHAR of BSP has won

282 Balha constituency election results 2017: AKSHAYVARALAL of BJP has won

283 Nanpara constituency election results 2017: MADHURI VERMA of BJP has won

284 Matera constituency election results 2017: YASAR SHAH of SP has won

285 Mahasi constituency election results 2017: SURESHWAR SINGH of BJP has won

286 Bahraich constituency election results 2017: ANUPMA JAISWAL of BJP has won

287 Payagpur constituency election results 2017: SUBHASH TRIPATHI of BJP has won

288 Kaiserganj constituency election results 2017:  MUKUT BIHARI of BJP has won

289 Bhinga constituency election results 2017: MOHAMMAD ASLAM of BSP has won

290 Shrawasti constituency election results 2017: MOHD. RAMZAN of SP has won

291 Tulsipur constituency election results 2017: KAILASH NATH SHUKLA of BJP has won

292 Gainsari constituency election results 2017: SHAILESH KUMAR SINGH of BJP has won

293 Utraula constituency election results 2017: RAM PRATAP ALIAS SHASHIKANT VERMA of BJP has won

294 Balrampur constituency election results 2017: PALTURAM of BJP has won

295 Mehnaun constituency election results 2017: VINAY KUMAR of BJP has won

296 Gonda constituency election results 2017: PRATEEK BHUSHAN SINGH of BJP has won

297 Katra Bazar constituency election results 2017: BAWAN SINGH of BJP has won

298 Colonelganj constituency election results 2017:  AJAY PRATAP SINGH of BJP has won

299 Tarabganj constituency election results 2017: PREM NARAYAN PANDEY of BJP has won

300 Mankapur constituency election results 2017: RAMAPATI SHASTRI of BJP has won

301 Gaura constituency election results 2017: Prabhat Kumar Verma of BJP has won

302 Shohratgarh constituency election results 2017: AMAR SINGH CHAUDHARY of Apna Dal (Soneylal) has won

303 Kapilvastu constituency election results 2017: SHYAM DHANI of BJP has won

304 Bansi constituency election results 2017: JAI PRATAP SINGH of BJP has won

305 Itwa constituency election results 2017: DR. SATISH CHANDRA DWIVEDI of BJP has won

306 Domariaganj constituency election results 2017: RAGHVENDRA PRATAP SINGH of BJP has won

307 Harraiya constituency election results 2017: AJAY KUMAR SINGH ”AJAY SINGH” of BJP has won

308 Kaptanganj constituency election results 2017: CHANDRA PRAKASH ALIAS CA CHANDRA PRAKASH SHUKL of BJP has won

309 Rudhauli constituency election results 2017: Sanjay Pratap Jaiswal of BJP has won

310 Basti Sadar constituency election results 2017: Dayaram Chaudhary of BJP has won

311 Mahadewa constituency election results 2017: Ravi Kumar Sonkar of BJP has won

312 Menhdawal constituency election results 2017: RAKESH SINGH BAGHEL of BJP has won

313 Khalilabad constituency election results 2017: MASHHOOR ALAM CHOUDHARY of BSP has won

314 Dhanghata constituency election results 2017: SHRI RAM CHAUHAN of BJP has won

315 Pharenda constituency election results 2017: BAJRANG BAHADUR SINGH of BJP has won

316 Nautanwa constituency election results 2017: AMAN MANI TRIPATHI (Independent) has won

317 Siswa constituency election results 2017: Premsagar Patel of BJP has won

318 Maharajganj constituency election results 2017: JAIMANGAL of BJP has won

319 Paniyara constituency election results 2017: GYANENDRA of BJP has won

320 Caimpiyarganj constituency election results 2017: Fateh Bahadur of BJP has won

321 Pipraich constituency election results 2017: MAHENDRA PAL SINGH of BJP has won

322 Gorakhpur Urban constituency election results 2017: DR. RADHA MOHAN DAS AGRAWAL of BJP has won

323 Gorakhpur Rural constituency election results 2017: BIPIN SINGH of BJP has won

324 Sahajanwa constituency election results 2017: SHEETAL PANDEY of BJP has won

325 Khajani constituency election results 2017: SANT PRASAD of BJP has won

326 Chauri Chaura constituency election results 2017: Sangeeta Yadav of BJP has won

327 Bansgaon constituency election results 2017: Vimlesh Paswan of BJP has won

328 Chillupar constituency election results 2017: VINAY SHANKAR TIWARI of BSP has won

329 Khadda constituency election results 2017: JATASHANKER TRIPATHI of BJP has won

330 Padrauna constituency election results 2017: SWAMI PRASAD MAURYA of BJP has won

331 Tamkuhi Raj constituency election results 2017: AJAY KUMAR LALLU of INC has won

332 Fazilnagar constituency election results 2017: GANGA of BJP has won

333 Kushinagar constituency election results 2017: RAJNIKANT MANI TRIPATHI of BJP has won

334 Hata constituency election results 2017: PAWAN KUMAR of BJP has won

335 Ramkola constituency election results 2017: RAMANAND BAUDH of Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party has won

336 Rudrapur constituency election results 2017: JAI PRAKASH NISHAD of BJP has won

337 Deoria constituency election results 2017: JANMEJAI SINGH of BJP has won

338 Pathardeva constituency election results 2017: SURYA PRATAP SHAHI of BJP has won

339 Rampur Karkhana constituency election results 2017: KAMLESH SHUKLA of BJP has won

340 Bhatpar Rani constituency election results 2017: Ashutosh of SP has won

341 Salempur constituency election results 2017: KALI PRASAD of BJP has won

342 Barhaj constituency election results 2017: Suresh Tiwari of BJP has won

343 Atrauliya constituency election results 2017: Dr. Sangram Yadav of SP has won

344 Gopalpur constituency election results 2017: NAFEES AHMAD of SP has won

345 Sagri constituency election results 2017: BANDANA SINGH of BSP has won

346 Mubarakpur constituency election results 2017: AKHILESH YADAV of SP has won

347 Azamgarh constituency election results 2017: Durga Prasad of SP has won

348 Nizamabad constituency election results 2017: ALAMBADI of SP has won

349 Phoolpur Pawai constituency election results 2017: ARUN KUMAR YADAV of BJP has won

350 Didarganj constituency election results 2017: SUKHDEV RAJBHAR of BSP has won

351 Lalganj constituency election results 2017: AZAD ARI MARDAN of BSP has won

352 Mehnagar constituency election results 2017: KALPNATH PASWAN of SP has won

353 Madhuban constituency election results 2017: DARA SINGH CHAUHAN of BJP has won

354 Ghosi constituency election results 2017: FAGU CHAUHAN of BJP has won

355 Muhammadabad Gohna constituency election results 2017: SHRIRAM SONKAR of BJP has won

356 Mau constituency election results 2017: MUKHTAR ANSHARI of BSP has won

357 Belthara Road constituency election results 2017: Dhananjay Kannoujia of BJP has won

358 Rasara constituency election results 2017: UMA SHANKER SINGH of BSP has won

359 Sikanderpur constituency election results 2017: SANJAY YADAV of BJP has won

360 Phephana constituency election results 2017: UPENDRA TIWARI of BJP has won

361 Ballia Nagar constituency election results 2017: Anand of BJP has won

362 Bansdih constituency election results 2017: Ram Govind Chaudheri of SP has won

363 Bairia constituency election results 2017: Surendra of BJP has won

364 Badlapur constituency election results 2017: Ramesh Chandra Mishra of BJP has won

365 Shahganj constituency election results 2017: SHAILENDRA YADAV LALAI of SP has won

366 Jaunpur constituency election results 2017: NADEEM JAVED of INC has won

367 Malhani constituency election results 2017: PARASNATH YADAV of SP has won

368 Mungra Badshahpur constituency election results 2017: SUSHMA PATEL of BSP has won

369 Machhlishahr constituency election results 2017: JAGDISH SONKAR of SP has won

370 Mariyahu constituency election results 2017: LEENA TIWARI of Apna Dal (Soneylal)

371 Zafrabad constituency election results 2017: Dr. Harendra Prasad Singh of BJP has won

372 Kerakat constituency election results 2017: DINESH CHAUDHARY of BJP has won

373 Jakhanian constituency election results 2017: TRIVENI RAM of Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party has won

374 Saidpur constituency election results 2017: SUBHASH PASSI of SP has won

375 Ghazipur constituency election results 2017: SANGEETA of BJP has won

376 Jangipur constituency election results 2017: MANISH CHANDRA PANDEY of BSP has won

377 Zahoorabad constituency election results 2017: OM PRAKASH RAJBHAR of Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party has won

378 Mohammadabad constituency election results 2017: ALKA RAI of BJP has won

379 Zamania constituency election results 2017: SUNITA of BJP has won

380 Mughalsarai constituency election results 2017: SADHANA SINGH of BJP has won

381 Sakaldiha constituency election results 2017: PRABHUNARAYAN YADAV of SP has won

382 Saiyadraja constituency election results 2017: SUSHIL SINGH of BJP has won

383 Chakia constituency election results 2017: Sharada Prasad of BJP has won

384 Pindra constituency election results 2017: AVADHESH SINGH of BJP has won

385 Ajagara constituency election results 2017: Kailash Nath Sonkar of Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party has won

386 Shivpur constituency election results 2017: Anil Rajbhar of BJP has won

387 Rohaniya constituency election results 2017: SURENDRA NARAYAN SINGH of BJP has won

388 Varanasi North constituency election results 2017: RAVINDRA JAISWAL of BJP has won

389 Varanasi South constituency election results 2017: DR. NEELKANTH TIWARI of BJP has won

390 Varanasi Cantt. constituency election results 2017: SAURABH SRIVASTAVA of BJP has won

391 Sevapuri constituency election results 2017: NEEL RATAN SINGH PATEL “NEELU” of Apna Dal (Soneylal)

392 Bhadohi constituency election results 2017: RAVINDRA NATH TRIPATHI of BJP has won

393 Gyanpur constituency election results 2017: VIJAY MISHRA of Nirbal Indian Shoshit Hamara Aam Dal has won

394 Aurai constituency election results 2017: DINANATH BHASKAR of BJP has won

395 Chhanbey constituency election results 2017: RAHUL PRAKASH of Apna Dal (Soneylal)

396 Mirzapur constituency election results 2017: RATNAKAR MISHR of BJP has won

397 Majhawan constituency election results 2017: SHUCHISMITA MAURYA of BJP has won

398 Chunar constituency election results 2017: ANURAG SINGH of BJP has won

399 Marihan constituency election results 2017: RAMA SHANKAR SINGH of BJP has won

400 Ghorawal constituency election results 2017: ANIL KUMAR MAURYA of BJP has won

401 Robertsganj constituency election results 2017: BHUPESH CHAUBEY of BJP has won

402 Obra constituency election results 2017: SANJIV KUMAR of BJP has won

403 Duddhi constituency election results 2017: Har Iram of Apna Dal (Soneylal) has won

Exit polls 2017: Uttar Pradesh (Total seats 402)
In Uttar Pradesh the BJP under PM Narendra Modi and party President Amit Shah is expected to get a whopping majority according to most exit polls. As per predictions, the India Today poll said that the BJP will win anything between 251-279, SP+ will win 88-112, BSP will win 28-42 and others, 6-16. The ABP poll says BJP will win 164-176 seats, while SP+ will win 156-169, and BSP will win 60-72, and others 2-6 seats. News24 exit poll shows BJP will win 285 (+/-18), SP+ is going to win 88 (+/-15), BSP 27 (+/-12), and others 3 (+/-2). India TV poll says BJP will win 155-167, SP+ will win 135-147, BSP will win 81-93.

However, increased popularity of BJP was noticeable towards the end of the elections in eastern part of the state. Prime Minister Narendra Modi staked his entire political capital in the state as the saffron party sought votes in his name. What surprised many was the fact that PM Modi chose to spend crucial three days in his parliamentary constituency Varanasi, where he participated in several rallies and road shows. While many critics and opponents claimed the PM was in Varanasi because the BJP was jittery, the saffron party projected it as the sign of confidence.

Towards the end of the polls, a few observers claimed a BJP win but then there were also some who predicted a doom for the saffron party, and the surge of Akhilesh Yadav-led Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance.

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