Modi rally in Akhnoor: Congress, NC and PDP responsible for problems in Jammu and Kashmir, says PM

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Updated: March 28, 2019 9:09:46 pm

PM Modi Rally in Akhnoor: Prime Minister Modi claimed the speeches of Congress leaders receive applause in Pakistan.

Modi Meerut Rally Live, PM Modi Rally in MeerutMeerut rally: PM Modi slams BSP-SP alliance in Uttar Pradesh

Modi speech in Akhnoor: The Congress is blinded by its “anti Modi approach” and has stopped thinking in the nation’s interest, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Akhnoor, Jammu and Kashmir, on Thursday, raising issues of national security and terrorism and questioning the party’s statements following the Balakot strike.

Addressing a rally on the outskirts of Jammu, his first in the state after elections were announced, Modi claimed the speeches of Congress leaders receive applause in Pakistan. He said he was surprised at the Congress’ reaction to his government’s endeavour to teach a lesson to the enemies of the country.

“What has happened to the Congress party….the anti-Modi approached adopted by them has blinded them to the extent that they have stopped thinking in the interest of the nation,” Modi told the gathering.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, PM Modi kicked off the Lok Sabha election 2019 campaign from Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut, just like he did ahead of the 2014 general elections. Positioning his government as strong and decisive, PM Modi said that under the rule of the National Democratic Alliance government, India had shown the resolve to keep its boundaries secure and strike terror where it hurts.

Invoking the surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Air Force at terror camps in Pakistan, the Prime Minister said that the fight in 2019 was between the heroes of India and the heroes of Pakistan.

In a sharp counter to the Opposition for questioning the IAF strikes, the PM said that leaders of the Congress and other parties were racing against time to gain more popularity in Pakistan. Comaparing the UPA rule under Congress against the five years of the NDA, PM Modi said that his government has shown the resolve to strike terror and fulfil the long standing demands of the armed forces.

On the other hand, the Congress government, the PM alleged, shielded terror backers and joined hands with the corrupt. The PM took potshots at the minimum income guarantee scheme announced by Congress president Rahul Gandhi and referred to the Congress as a master of slogans.

Referring to the UPA as a “Mahamilavati Sarkar”, PM Modi mocked the Congress for questioning the Jan Dhan Yojana while failing to open bank accounts themselves.

Asserting that the Congress and other Opposition parties are incapable of keeping the nation secure, Modi said that the government’s actions had brought the Opposition to tears. “Does the country need heroes of India or heroes of Pakistan?” PM Modi asked.

He also took potshots at the SP-BSP alliance of Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati in Uttar Pradesh and said that the same leader who spent decades trying to bring the father-son duo of Akhilesh and Mulayam to book had joined hands with them.

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18:17 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Modi hate has blinded Congress, says PM

Modi hate has blinded Congress, party's speeches get applause in Pakistan: PM said at his Akhnoor rally.

Congress has stopped thinking in nation's interest, Modi added.

18:09 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Modi says Congress, NC and PDP responsible for problems in J&K today

Adressing a rally in Akhnoor, PM Modi on Thursday said that Congress, NC and PDP were responsible for the problems in Jammu and Kashmir. "It is because of them that Kashmiri Pandits faced so much trouble. Sadly, national security is not a priority for them, they only care about power," he said.

18:07 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Is this the same Congress that fought for India's independence: Modi

What is beyond comprehension is Congress' attitude. Is it the same Congress that Sardar Patel was a part of? Is it the same Congress that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was a part of, and fought for India's independence?

18:04 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Whole country is talking in one voice, Congress in another: PM Modi

Whole country is talking in one voice and these Congress people are talking in a different voice. Do you accept this language of Congress? Of PDP? of NC? Pakistan applauds their language, says PM Modi in Akhnoor.

14:56 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Modi slams Congress over its promise of eradicating poverty

Modi said that the Congress is repeating its four deades old slogan of eradicating poverty from the country. "This is the proof of Congress' lies, fake promises made to the people of country," he said.

14:54 (IST)28 Mar 2019
40 lakh homes constructed under PM Aawas scheme in Uttarakhand: Modi

Prime Minister said that 40 lakh homes have been constructed in Uttarakhand under PM Aawas Yojana. Modi reiterated that by 2022 every family will have have their own roof.

14:50 (IST)28 Mar 2019
People will never forgive opposition leaders: PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi said that opposition leaders are competing against each other to become a hero in Pakistan. He said that to accomplish their desire of becoming a hero in Pakistan, they are speaking against the country and the people will never forgive them.

14:47 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Congress ignored demands of defence forces: Modi

PM Narendra Modi said that defence forces were demanding equipment like bulletproof jackets but they (Congress governments) were least bothered about the country's security. He said that his government fulfiled all the demands of the defence forces including the four decades old OROP.

14:45 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Congress delayed Rafale deal: PM Modi

PM Modi also slammed the Congress for delaying the defence deals. He said that the Vajpayee government had started the process to procure fighter jets but the Congress delayed the process because of personal interest. He said that very soon Rafale jets will arrive in India which will gove a boost to the country's Air Force.

14:44 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Your chowkidar not afraid of anyone: Modi in Uttarakhand

The opposition is saying Modi should not talk about strike. 'My critics have been saying that Modi should not talk about national security, Modi should not talk about air strikes. Let me make this very clear to everyone - your chowkidar is not afraid of anyone.,' he said.

14:41 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Modi on surgical strike, IAF air strike

PM Modi asked that crowd whether the opposition was right in questioning the surgical strike and air strike in Balakot. He attacked the opposition for seeking proof of strikes. "Was it right to question our jawans? Was it right to abuse our jawans after Balakot air strike?" he asked.

14:39 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Modi's refers Uttarakhand as 'sainik dham'

Modi said that devbhomi Uttarakhand has Char Dhams, today I add a fifth one - Sainik Dham. Every second house in this state is of an Army jawan.

14:37 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Attempts being made to hurt the morale of defence forces: Modi

PM Modi said that attempts are being made by the opposition parties to hurt the morale of defence forces.

14:34 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Modi invokes vajpayee in Rudrapur

Prime Minister remembers Atal Bihati Vajpayee at the start of his speech in Rudrapur. He said that the state has moved ahead on the path development under BJP government.

14:31 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Modi begins his speech in Rudrapur

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is surrently addressing an election rally in Rudrapur of Uttarakhand. Modi had earlier addressed the people in Rudrapur via mobile phone and launched several developmental schemes.

14:05 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Akhilesh Yadav reacts to PM Modi's 'sharab' jibe

Akhilesh Yadav has responded to PM Narendra Modi's 'sharab' jibe at the electoral pact between BSP-SP and RLD in Uttar Pradesh.

13:21 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Modi's 'sharab' jibe at BSP-SP-RLD pact in UP

PM Narendra Modi said that Samajwadi Party, RLD BSP mean 'sharab'. Sapa, RLD, Baspa, this 'sharab' will destroy you.

13:02 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Modi says fight between decisive govt and indecisive past

Addressing the rally, Modi said that the contest is between a a decisive government and an indecisive past. He said that on the one side there is a strong 'chowkidar', on the other, a line of tainted people.

13:00 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Need public support to make Uttar Pradesh a 'Uttam Pradesh': Modi

Modi told the crowd that when you will press the 'lotus' button, your will diretly vote for me. He also sought the people blessings to fight against blackmoney, terrorism. Modi said that he need public support to make Uttar Pradesh "Uttam Pradesh".

12:54 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Remove Congress, eradicate poverty, PM Modi asks Meerut people

PM Modi said that Congress has alway given slogans to erdicate poor. He said that when he was a kid, he heard about Indira ji's garibi hatao slogans. "The Congress betrayed the poor," he said. Modi said that poor have taken a resolve to remove the Congress. He said that poverty will be eradicated once the Congress is wiped out.

12:52 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Congress against farmers, says Modi

Modi said that the Congress has a long history of betraying the farmers. Modi said that he was privileged to inaugurate Sir Chhotu Ram's statue in Rohtak.

12:51 (IST)28 Mar 2019
PM Modi's jibe at Mayawati, Akhilesh

Modi said that Mayawati never sent a letter to him seeking his government's help to serve the people. He also said that Akhilesh Yadav never called him and sought his support to distribute LPG connections in Uttar Pradesh when he was the Chief Minister.

12:47 (IST)28 Mar 2019
PM Modi speaks on sugarcane farmers' dues

Modi said that the SP government had left the sugarcane farmers in a poor state . But after Yogi government took over, all dues were cleared. 20 years dues of sugarcane farmers' have been cleared. He also assured that all other dues of the sugarcane famrers will be cleared. "Yogiji will ensure this, I assure you," he said.

12:45 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Opposition preventing Muslim women from exercising franchise: Modi

Prime Minister Modi also charged the opposition that they are preventing Muslim women from exercising their franchise. He also appealed to the people to come out in large numbers on April 11 to participate in the election.

12:43 (IST)28 Mar 2019
PM rakes up triple talaq issue

The goondaraj, Modi said, was rampant in Uttar Pradesh. He also said that opposition is opposing triple talaq arguing triple talaq prevents a woman from getting killed.

12:42 (IST)28 Mar 2019
'UP ko looto, baari-baari' is their mantra: PM Modi

Modi said that UP saw 'do ladke' (Akhilesh and Rahul alliance) during the Assembly polls. Now bua-bhatija are together. Their slogan was 'UP ko looto, baari-baari'.

12:40 (IST)28 Mar 2019
PM Modi attacks SP-BSP alliance

Attacking BSP-SP alliance, he said that the party that wanted to send leaders of another party has joined the ranks now. He said that Mayawati worked for two decades to send the leaders of another party to jail but now they are contesting election in an agreement.

12:39 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Sabka sath, sabka vikas not acceptable to opposition: Modi

PM Modi said that 'sabka sath, sabka vikas' is not acceptable to the opposition. He said that they feel safe and secure when there is a weak government. They are worried because this chowkidar is working honestly.

12:36 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Modi slams opposition for remarks on A-SAT

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today reacted to Congress president Rahul Gandhi's jibe at him on Wednesday when he sought to draw a connection between the announcement of the successful A-SAT test to the World Theatre Day. In a jibe at Rahul, the PM said, "I do not know whether to laugh or to cry at those who thought I was speaking of a theatre set when I spoke of A-SAT." When the nation is getting prepared to guard itself even in space, those questioning me are getting troubled, the PM added.

12:34 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Heroes of India vs heroes of Pakistan: PM attacks opposition for questioning IAF strike

PM Modi launched a scathing attack on opposition for seeking evidence of the IAF's operation in Pakistan following Pulwama terror attack. "Heroes of India vs heroes of Pakistan," he said.

12:29 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Modi slams opposition for questioning defence forces

Modi also slammed the opposition for questioning the surgical strike and air strike by armed forces. He said that 'all these mahamilavati are competing against eah other to become more popular in Pakistan.'

12:26 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Our daughters are now feeling safe: Modi

After Yogi Adityanath took over in UP, there is a sense of fear among the goons. Our daughters are now feeling safe. 'Your chowkidar has made provision of capital punishment (in rape cases),' he said.

12:24 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Modi on terrorism

There were blasts in Delhi during previous government's regime but all these have stopped now. The previous government was shielding terrorists, he said, adding that the country is now in the safe hands.

12:22 (IST)28 Mar 2019
PM Modi asks people vote BJP to power again

Modi asked the crowd to vote in favour of the BJP once again. Meerut and 7 other Lok Sabha seats in western UP will go to polls in the first phase on April 11.

12:21 (IST)28 Mar 2019
PM Modi says chowkidar's govt made 10% reservationfor possible for general category

Modi said that people feel proud that we have made reservation possible for the general category people. "10% reservation became a reality because this government made it possible," he said.

12:19 (IST)28 Mar 2019
PM Modi addresses rally in Meerut

Prime Minister Modi noted that his government distributed LPG connections to over 7 crore families. Also, all villages were electrified under his government only.

12:18 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Modi's jibe at Congress' Nyay scheme

Prime Minister also counted the decisions taken by his government for the poor. Without taking name of Congress' Nyay scheme, he said that the one who couldn't open bank accounts of poor, can't deposit money.

12:16 (IST)28 Mar 2019
PM Modi says 'this chowkidar' made surgical strike possible

PM Modi invokes surgical strike conducted by Indian Army to say this chowkidar made it possible. Also, he said that this chowkidar fulfiled the promise of OROP to defence officials.

12:14 (IST)28 Mar 2019
Our vision is to make India strong and secure: Modi

Prime Minister Modi said that his vision is to make India strong and secure. This is his first public meeting post-announcement of Lok Sabha schedule.

12:13 (IST)28 Mar 2019
PM Modi slams dynast politics

PM Modi said that while one side there is one powerful chowkidar, the another side is full of leaders who are only serving their own interest. He also took a jibe at the dynast politics of the opposition parties.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers wear masks of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.On Friday, PM Modi will visit Odisha where he will address a rally in Koraput town. The same day, he will hold a public meeting in Telangana's Mahboob Nagar and Andhra Pradesh's Kurnool. The Prime Minister is expected to address at least 160 rallies in the next 40 days. In the first phase, a total of 91 seats spread across 20 states will go to polls. Among other prominent leaders whose fate would be decided on April 11 include Union ministers Nitin Gadkari, VK Singh, former Uttarakhand CMs Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, Harish Rawat, former Bihar CM Jitan Ram Manjhi, former PM HD Deve Gowda (Tumkur seat) and Hema Malini (Mathura seat).