Only China supporting Pakistan, rest of the world is with us: PM Modi

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New Delhi | Updated: April 10, 2019 7:14:36 am

Prime Minister Modi touched upon on a multitude of issues such as Article 370, AFSPA, NYAY scheme and Mayawati in the interview.

Modi, Modi interview, modi age, nyay, nyay scheme, modi on nayay scheme, Rahul Gandhi age, NYAY, Congress, bofors, mayawati,Prime Minister Modi also touched upon the issue of AFSPA, Article 370, NYAY and Mayawati in the interview.

PM Modi interview: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that by raking up the Rafale deal, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has attempted to remove the stains of Bofors scam from his father. “His (Gandhi’s) advisors told him that Rafale does not resonate as a political issue. His own people told him to let the issue be. However, he wanted to wash the Bofors stain on his father,” PM Narendra Modi said in his interview with CNN News18.

Slamming Gandhi, the 68-year-old said that the Rafale deal was not an issue that the opposition was concerned with. “One individual kept repeating the same lies and these lies were rejected everywhere, be it Supreme Court or the CAG. Some neutral journalists have also raised the matter of the money trails in Bofors. However, here that individual spoke without any basis. How long could that have lasted?”.

Five years on, the Modi-led NDA government is seeking re-election in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. The BJP came to power with a thumping majority in 2014 after 10 years of Congress-led UPA rule.

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    19:55 (IST)09 Apr 2019
    PM Modi defends Demonetisation

    At the rate, the cash in the economy was growing would have been disastrous for the country. Demonetisation formalized the Indian economy. 3.5 lakh shell companies were identified and de-registered. Today, the rates of properties have come down because black money was reduced. 

    19:47 (IST)09 Apr 2019
    PM Modi hits out at Congress for promising NYAY

    PM to Congress:  What about the NYAY for the Hindus implicated in Samjhauta Express? What about NYAY for the victims of Triple Talaq? What about the farmers of Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh who were promised loan waivers? You promised them justice in just 10 days. 

    19:44 (IST)09 Apr 2019
    Will Congress give NYAY to 1984 victims: PM

    PM Modi: Congress manifesto says Ab Hoga NYAY. It means they accept that in the last 60 years, injustice was done to the people. But can Congress give justice to 1984 victims because they are also demanding NYAY? Bhopal gas victims are also demanding NYAY. Will Congress give them NYAY? Great scientist Nambi Narayan was also implicated and ourt space programme suffered. Will Congress give NYAY to Nambi Narayan? 

    19:34 (IST)09 Apr 2019
    PM Modi on demand of banning Chinese products

    Today's world is not bipolar. In this globalised era, all nations are interdependent and connected. International laws are in place and we are signatories to WTO. 
    Our official stand must align with international rules and India abides by that.
    PM Modi on Articles 370 and 35AArticle 370 has been standing in the way of progress and employment. No one goes there to invest. We can build IIMs but professors are not ready to go there. The problem in Kashmir is largely due to some political families there. The people of Kashmir want freedom from such political families. 

    19:25 (IST)09 Apr 2019
    PM Modi on Jammu and Kashmir 

    The problem of Jammu and Kashmir is old. If this was handled by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, then the issue would have been resolved the way Hyderabad was resolved. But Pt Nehru kept this issue with himself. 

    19:19 (IST)09 Apr 2019
    PM Modi on China

    There was a time when only Russia was with us and the whole world supported Pakistan. But now  only China is supporting Pakistan and rest of the world is with us: PM Modi 

    19:14 (IST)09 Apr 2019
    PM Modi on Imran Khan

    Pakistan has zero credibility in India. What Pakistan says will never be accepted by the common people. But the opposition believes everything that Pakistan says. This is unfortunate. 

    19:10 (IST)09 Apr 2019
    Modi hits out at Congress for promising AFSPA removal

    PM Modi on the Congress manifesto: Theirs is Ghoshna Patra, ours is Sankalp Patra. People should compare BJP and Congress Manifestos. Judge our manifesto based on our track record and theirs with their track records. There is a huge difference in both manifestos. What they have promised is to remove AFSPA that would mean taking away the weapons from the Army. 

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi also attacked the Congress party over its ambitious minimum income guarantee scheme, saying that it was an acceptance of the ‘injustice’ that the party has done in the past several decades. The prime minister also touched upon the issue of AFSPA, Article 370, NYAY and Mayawati in the interview.
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