Karnataka election results 2018: Full list of constituency wise winners and losers from BJP, Congress, JD(S) in Karnataka assembly elections

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New Delhi | Updated: May 16, 2018 5:48 PM

Final Karnataka election results 2018: The BJP has taken a huge lead in Karnataka, while the Congress is on the backseat even as counting is underway for 222 Assembly seats in Karnataka. 

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Final Karnataka election results 2018: The BJP has taken a huge lead in Karnataka, while the Congress is on the backseat even as counting is underway for 222 Assembly seats in Karnataka. Months-long high-voltage campaigning in Karnataka came to an end when it went to the polls on Saturday for 222 of the 224 assembly seats on May 12. During the campaign, parties tried everything they could to woo the voters in their favour.

Karnataka became a battleground of two National parties-Bhartiya Janta Party and Indian National Congress in which the latter is fighting for its survival in the country, whereas the BJP is trying for a “Congress-mukt Bharat”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi left no stone unturned to woo the voters. He even went on stating wrong facts. It is not just the BJP and Congress, JD(S) also tried to woo voters in any way they could.

JD(S) has created a pre-poll alliance with Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) which makes a prominent third front and can impact the outcome of the elections. Each party attempted to field their candidates shrewdly, according to their winning possibility. But elections are never about the parties, they are about the voters. Those who managed to convince voters will get an upper hand and form the government. Parties have picked up candidates according to their voter base and ability to get votes.

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Karnataka election results 2018: Full list of winners, losers from BJP, Congress, JD(S) from each constituency

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1. Afzalpur Constituency:

INC M Y Patil won by 10594 votes
BJP Malikayya Guttedar loses
JD(S) Raju Gouda Revoor  loses

2. Aland Constituency:

BJP Guttedar Subhash Rukmayya won by 697 votes
INC B R Patil  loses
JD(S) Suryakant K Koralli  loses

3. Anekal Constituency:

INC B Shivanna wins by 8627 votes
BJP A Narayanaswamy  loses

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4. Arabhavi Constituency:

BJP Balachandra Lakshmanarao Jarakiholi wins by 47328 votes
INC Arvind Mahadevrao Dalwai  loses
JD(S) Bhimappa Gundappa Gadad  loses

5. Arkalgud Constituency:

JD(S) A T Ramaswamy wins by 10653 votes
INC Manju A loses
BJP H Yogaramesha loses

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6. Arsikere Constituency:

JD(S) K M Shivalinge Gowda wins by 43689 votes
BJP G Mariswamy loses
INC G B Shashidhara loses

7. Athani Constituency:

INC Mahesh Iranagouda Kumathalli won by 2331 votes
BJP Laxman Sangappa Savadi loses
JD(S) Girish Kedareppa Butali loses

8. Aurad Constituency:

BJP Prabhu Chauhan loses wins by 10592 votes
INC Vijaykumar loses
JD(S) Dhanaji loses

9. BTM Layout Constituency:

INC Ramalinga Reddy wins by 20478 votes
BJP Lallesh Reddy
JD(S) K Devadas

10. Babaleshwar Constituency:

INC Mallanagoud Basanagoud Patil wins by 29715 votes
BJP Vijayakumar Sidramgouda Patil loses

11. Badami Constituency:

INC Siddaramaiah wins by 1696 votes
BJP B Sreeramulu loses
JD(S) Hanamant Mavinamarad loses

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12. Bagalkot Constituency:

BJP Veerabhadrayya (Veeranna) Charantimath wins by 15934 votes
INC Meti Hullappa Yamanappa  loses

13. Bagepalli Constituency:

INC S N Subbareddy(Chinnakayalapalli) wins by  14013 votes
BJP Saikumar P loses
JD(S) Dr C R Manohar loses

14. Bailahongal Constituency:

INC Koujalagi Mahantesh Shivanand leads by  5112 votes
BJP Vishwanath Iranagouda Patil  loses
JD(S) Shankar Bharamappa Madalagi loses

15. Ballari Rural Constituency:

INC B Nagendra wins
BJP Sanna Pakkirappa
JD(S) D Ramesh

16. Bangalore South Constituency:

INC R K Ramesh wins by 28196 votes
BJP M Krishnappa loses
JD(S) R Prabhakar Reddy loses

17. Bangarapet Constituency:

INC S N Narayana Swamy K M wins by 21571 votes
JD(S) M Mallesh Babu loses
BJP Venkatamuniyappa B P loses

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18. Bantval Constituency:

BJP Rajesh Naik U wins by  15971 votes
INC B Ramanatha Rai loses

19. Basavakalyan Constituency:

INC B Narayanrao wins by 17272 votes
BJP Mallikarjun Son Of Sidramappa Khuba  loses
JD(S) P G R Sindhia loses

20. Basavana Bagevadi Constituency:

INC Shivanand Patil wins by 3186 votes
BJP Sangaraj Desai loses
JD(S) Somanagouda(Appugouda) B Patil(Managuli)  loses

21. Basavanagudi Constituency:

BJP Ravisubramanya L A wins by 38009 votes
INC M Boregowda loses
JD(S) K Bagegowda loses

22. Belgaum Dakshin Constituency:

BJP Abhay Patil wins by 58692 votes
INC M D Lakshminarayan (Annayya)  loses
JD(S) Changadev Kugaji @ Mahesh Kugaji loses

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23. Belgaum Rural Constituency:

INC Laxmi R Hebbalkar wins by 51724 votes
BJP Sanjay B Patil loses
JD(S) Patil Shivanagouda S loses

24. Belgaum Uttar Constituency:

BJP Anil S Benake wins by 17264 votes
INC Fairoz Nuruddin Saith loses
JD(S) Ashfaq Ahmed Madaki loses

25. Bellary City Constituency:

BJP G Somasekhara Reddy wins by 16155 votes
INC Anil H Lad loses
JD(S) Mohamad Iqbal Hothur loses

26. Belthangady Constituency:

BJP Harish Poonja wins by 22974 votes
INC K Vasantha Bangera  loses
JD(S) Sumathi S Hegde loses

27. Belur Constituency:

JD(S) K S Lingesh wins by 19690 votes
INC M N Keerthana loses
BJP H K Suresh loses

28. Bhadravathi Constituency:

INC B K Sangameshwara wins by 11567 votes
BJP Praveen Patel G R loses
JD(S) Appaji M J loses

29. Bhalki Constituency:

INC Eshwar Khandre  wins by 21438 votes
BJP D K Sidram loses
JD(S) Khandre Prakash loses

30. Bhatkal Constituency:

BJP Sunil Biliya Naik wins by 5930 votes
INC Mankal Vaidya loses

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31. Bidar Constituency:

INC Rahim Khan wins by 10245 votes
BJP Surayakanth Nagmarpalli loses

32. Bidar South Constituency:

JD(S) Bandeppa wins by 12742 votes
INC Ashok Kheny loses
BJP Dr Shailendra Beldale loses

33. Bijapur City Constituency:

BJP Basanagoud R Patil (Yatnal) wins by 20041 votes
NCP Peerpasha Shamsuddin Gachimal loses
JD(S) Bellubbi Sangappa Kallappa loses

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34. Bilgi Constituency:

BJP Murugesh Rudrappa Niraniwins by 4811 votes
INC Jagadish Timmanagouda Patil loses
JD(S) Sangappa Tippanna Kandagal loses

35. Bommanahalli Constituency:

BJP Sathish Reddy M wins by 47162 votes
INC Sushma Rajagopala Reddy  loses
JD(S) T R Prasad loses

36. Byadgi Constituency:

BJP Ballary Virupakshappa Rudrappa wins by 21271 votes
INC S R Patil loses

37. Byatarayanapura Constituency:

INC Krishna Byregowda wins by 5671 votes
BJP A Ravi loses
JD(S) Chandra T G loses

38. Byndoor Constituency:

BJP B M Sukumar Shetty wins by 24393 votes
INC K Gopala Poojary loses
JD(S) Ravi Shetty loses

39. C.V. Raman Nagar Constituency:

BJP S Raghu wins by 12227 votes
INC R Sampath Raj loses
JD(S) P Ramesh loses

40. Challakere Constituency:

INC T Raghumurthy wins by 13539 votes
BJP K T Kumaraswamy loses
JD(S) Raveesh Kumar loses

41. Chamaraja Constituency:

BJP L Nagendra wins by 14936 votes
INC Vasu loses
JD(S) K S Rangappa loses

42. Chamarajanagar Constituency:

INC C Puttarangashetty wins by 4913 votes
BJP K R Mallikarjunappa loses

43. Chamrajpet Constituency:

INC B Z Zameer Ahmed Khan wins by 33137 votes
BJP M Lakshminarayana loses
JD(S) B K Altaf Khan loses

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44. Chamundeshwari Constituency:

JD(S) G T Devegowda wins by 36042 votes
INC Siddaramaiah loses by 34,000 votes.
BJP S R Gopalrao finishes third.

45. Channagiri Constituency:

BJP K Madalu Virupakshappa wins by 25780 votes
INC Vadnal Rajanna loses
JD(S) D Ramesha loses

46. Channapatna Constituency:

JD(S) H D Kumara Swamy wins by 21530 votes
INC H M Revanna loses
BJP C P Yogeeshwara loses

47. Chickamagalur Constituency:

BJP C T Ravi wins by 26314  votes
INC Shankar B L loses
JD(S) Harisha B H loses

48. Chickpet Constituency:

BJP Uday B Garudachar wins by 7934 votes
INC R V Devraj loses
JD(S) Dr D Hemachandra Sagar loses

49. Chikkaballapur Constituency:

INC Dr K Sudhakar wins
BJP Dr G V Manjunatha
JD(S) K P Bachegowda

50. Chikkanayakana Constituency:

INC Santhosh Jayachandra wins by 30431 votes
BJP J C Madhu Swamy loses
JD(S) C B Sureshbabu loses

51. Chikkodi-Sadalga Constituency:

INC Ganesh Prakash Hukkeri wins by 10569 votes
BJP Annasaheb Shankar Jolle loses

52. Chincholi Constituency:

INC Dr Umesh G Jadhav wins by 19212 votes
BJP Sunil Y Vallyapure loses
JD(S) Sushilabai B Korvi loses

53. Chintamani Constituency:

JD(S) J K Krishna Reddy  wins by 5673 votes
INC Vani Krishnareddy loses
BJP Naa Shankar loses

54. Chitradurga Constituency:

BJP G H Thippareddy leads by 32985 votes
INC H A Shanmukhappa (Hanumali) loses
JD(S) K C Veerendra (Pappy) loses

55. Chittapur Constituency:

INC Priyank Kharge wins by 4393 votes
BJP Valmik Naik loses

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56. Dasarahalli Constituency:

JD(S) R Manjunatha wins by 7314 votes
INC P N Krishnamurthy loses
BJP S Muniraju  loses

57. Davanagere North Constituency:

BJP S A Ravindranath wins by 4071 votes
INC S S Mallikarjun loses
JD(S) Ananda M loses

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58. Davanagere South Constituency:

INC Shamanur Shivashankarappa wins by 15884 votes
BJP Yashavantha Rao Jadhav loses
JD(S) J Amanulla Khan loses

59. Devadurga Constituency:

BJP Shivana Gouda Nayak wins by 21045 votes
INC A Rajashekar Nayak loses
JD(S) Arkera Venkatesh Pujari loses

60. Devanahalli Constituency:

JD(S) Narayanaswamy L N wins by 17010 votes
INC Venkataswamy loses
BJP K Nagesh loses

61. Devar Hippargi Constituency:

BJP Somanagouda B Patil (Sasanur) wins by 90 votes
INC B S Patil (Yalagi) loses
JD(S) Bhimanagouda (Rajugouda) B Patil loses

62. Dharwad Constituency:

BJP Amrut Ayyappa Desai wins by 20340 votes
INC Vinay Kulkarni loses
JD(S) Tirakappa Jamanal loses

63. Doddaballapur Constituency:

INC T Venkataramanaiah wins by 9945 votes
BJP J Narasimhaswamy loses
JD(S) B Munegowda loses

64. Gadag Constituency:

INC Hanamantagouda Krishnagouda Patil wins by 1868 votes
BJP Anil Mensinakai loses

65. Gandhi Nagar Constituency:

INC Dinesh Gundu Rao wins by 10070 votes
BJP A R Sapthagiri Gowda loses
JD(S) V Narayanaswamy loses

66. Gangawati Constituency:

BJP Paranna Eshwarappa Munavalli wins by 7973 votes
INC Iqbal Ansari loses
JD(S) Kariyanna Sangati loses

67. Gauribidanur Constituency:

INC N H Shivashankara Reddy wins by 9168 votes
BJP K Jaipal Reddy loses
JD(S) C R Narasimhamurthy loses

68. Gokak Constituency:

INC Jarkiholi Ramesh Laxmanrao wins by 14280 votes
BJP Ashok Ningayyaswami Pujari loses
JD(S) Kareppa Lakkappa Talawar loses

69. Govindraj Nagar Constituency:

BJP V Somanna wins by 11375 votes
INC Priyakrishna loses
JD(S) A Nagendra Prasad loses

70. Gubbi Constituency:

JD(S) S R Srinivas (Vasu) wins by 9081 votes
INC K Kumar (Balaji Kumar) loses
BJP G N Bettaswamy loses

71. Gulbarga Dakshin Constituency:

BJP Dattatraya C Patil Revoor Appu Gouda wins by 5431  votes
INC Allamprabhu Patil loses
JD(S) Basavaraj Diggavi loses

72. Gulbarga Rural Constituency:

BJP Basawaraj Mattimud wins by 12386 votes
INC Vijaykumar G Ramakrishna loses
JD(S) Revu Naik Belamagi loses

73. Gulbarga Uttar Constituency:

INC Kaneez Fatima wins by 1940 votes
BJP Chandrakant B Patil (Chandu Patil) loses
JD(S) Nasir Hussain Ustad loses

74. Gundlupet Constituency:

BJP C S Niranjan Kumar wins by 16684 votes
INC M C Mohan Kumari Uruf Geetha loses

75. Gurmitkal Constituency:

JD(S) Nagangouda wins by 24480 votes
INC Baburao Chinchansur loses
BJP Sayibanna loses

76. Hadagali Constituency:

INC P T Parameshwara Naik wins by 9178 votes
BJP Chandranaik B loses
JD(S) Kayannanavara Putrappa loses

77. Hagaribommanahalli Constituency:

INC Bheema Naik L B P wins by 7232 votes
BJP K Nemiraja Naik loses
JD(S) S Krushna Naik loses

78. Haliyal Constituency:

INC Deshpande R V wins by 5140 votes
BJP Sunil Hegade loses
JD(S) K R Ramesh loses

79. Hangal Constituency:

BJP C M Udasi wins by 6514 votes
INC Mane Srinivas loses
JD(S) Bommanahalli Babu loses

80. Hanur Constituency:

INC R Narendra wins by 3513 votes
BJP Dr Preethan Nagappa loses
JD(S) Manjunath M R loses

81. Harapanahalli Constituency:

BJP G Karunakara Reddy wins by 9647 votes
INC M P Ravindra loses
JD(S) Arasikere N Kotresh loses

82. Harihar Constituency:

INC S Ramappa wins by 7260 votes
BJP Harish B P loses
JD(S) Shivashankar H S loses

83. Hassan Constituency:

BJP Preetham J Gowda wins by 13006 votes
INC H K Mahesh loses
JD(S) H S Prakash loses

84. Haveri Constituency:

BJP Neharu Olekar wins by 11304 votes
INC Rudrappa Lamani loses
JD(S) Sanjay Dange loses

85. Hebbal Constituency:

INC Suresha B S wins by 18069 votes
BJP Y A Narayanaswamy loses
JD(S) Hanumanthe Gowda loses

86. Heggadadevankote Constituency:

INC Anil Kumar C wins by 22093 votes
BJP Siddaraju loses
JD(S) Chikkanna loses

87. Hirekerur Constituency:

INC Basavanagouda Patil wins by 555 votes
BJP Ujaneshwara Banakar loses
JD(S) Siddappa Gudadappanavar loses

88. Hiriyur Constituency:

BJP K Poornima wins by 12875 votes
INC D Sudhakar loses
JD(S) D Yashodhara loses

89. Holalkere Constituency:

BJP M Chandrappa wins by 38940 votes
INC H Anjaneya loses
JD(S) Srinivasa Gaddige T loses

90. Holenarasipur Constituency:

JD(S) H D Revanna wins by 43832 votes
INC Manjegowda B P loses
BJP M N Raju loses

91. Honnali Constituency:

BJP M P Renukacrya whains by 4233 votes

INC Shanthanagowda D G loses

92. Hosadurga Constituency:

BJP Gulihatti D Shekar wins by 25992 votes
INC B G Govindappa loses
JD(S) Shashikumar loses

93. Hosakote Constituency:

INC N Nagaraju (M T B) wins by 7597  votes
BJP Sharath Kumar Bachegowda loses
JD(S) Krishna Murthy R loses

94. Hubli-Dharwad-Central Constituency:

BJP Jagadish Shettar wins by 25354  votes
INC Mahesh Nalwad loses
JD(S) Mallikarjun Koravi loses

95. Hubli-Dharwad-East Constituency:

INC Prasad Abbayya wins by  21042 votes
BJP Chandrashekar Gokak loses

96. Hubli-Dharwad-West Constituency:

BJP Arvind Bellad wins by 40487  votes
INC Mohammad Ismail Tamatgar loses

97. Hukkeri Constituency:

BJP Umesh Vishwanath Katti wins by 15385  votes
INC Appayyagouda Basagouda Patil loses
JD(S) Mallikarjun Babagoud Patil loses

98. Humnabad Constituency:

INC Rajshekhar wins by  31814 votes
BJP Subhash loses
JD(S) M Naseemoddin Patel loses

99. Hunasuru Constituency:

JD(S) Adaguru H Vishwanath wins by 1575  votes
INC H P Manjunath loses
BJP J S Ramesh Kumar loses

100. Hungund Constituency:

BJP Doddanagouda G Patil wins by 5227  votes
INC Kashappanavar Vijayanand Shivashankrappa loses

101. Indi Constituency:

INC Yashvantharaygouda Vittalagouda Patil wins by 9938  votes
BJP Dayasagar Bapuraya Patil loses
JD(S) B D Patil (Hanjagi) loses

102. Jagalur Constituency:

BJP S V Ramachandra wins by 29221  votes
INC H P Rajesh loses
JD(S) Devendrappa B loses

103. Jamkhandi Constituency:

INC Siddu Bhimappa Nyamgoud wins by 2795  votes
BJP Kulkarni Shrikant Subrao loses
JD(S) Sadashiv Kalal loses

104. Jayanagar Constituency:

INC Sowmya R
BJP B N Vijay Kumar
JD(S) Kalegowda

105. Jevargi Constituency:

INC Ajay Dharam Singh wins by  16056 votes
BJP Doddappagowda S Patil Naribol loses
JD(S) Kedarlingayya Hiremath loses

106. K.R.Pura Constituency:

INC B A Basavaraja wins by  29545 votes
BJP N S Nandiesha Reddy loses
JD(S) D A Gopala loses

107. Kadur Constituency:

BJP K S Prakash wins by 15372  votes
INC K S Anand loses
JD(S) Y S V Datta loses

108. Kagwad Constituency:

INC Shrimant Balasaheb Patil wins by  32924 votes
BJP Bharamagouda Alagouda Kage loses
JD(S) Kallappa Paris Magennavar loses

109. Kalaghatgi Constituency:

BJP Channappa Mallappa Nimbannavar wins by 25997  votes
INC Santosh Shivaji Lad loses
JD(S) Shivanand Rudrappa Ambadagatti loses

110. Kampli Constituency:

INC J N Ganesh wins by  5555 votes
BJP T H Suresh Babu loses
JD(S) K Raghavendra loses

111. Kanakagiri Constituency:

BJP Basavaraj Dadesugur wins by  14225 votes
INC Shivaraj Sangappa Tangadagi loses
JD(S) Manjula Ravikumar loses

112. Kanakapura Constituency:

INC D K Shivakumar  wins by 79909  votes
JD(S) Narayana Gowda loses
BJP Nandini Gowda loses

113. Karkala Constituency election result:

INC Gopala Bhandary loses
BJP V Sunil Kumar wins with a margin of 42,566 votes

114. Karwar Constituency election result:

INC Satish Krishna Sail loses
BJP Roopali Santosh Naik wins with a margin of 14,064 votes
JD(S) Anand Vasant Asnotikar finishes second

115. Kaup Constituency election result:

INC Vinay Kumar Sorake finishes second
BJP Lalaji R Mendon wins with a margin of 11,917 votes
JD(S) M Mansoor Ibrahim loses

116. Khanapur Constituency election result:

INC Dr Anjali Hemant Nimbalkar wins with a margin of 5,133 votes
BJP Vithal Halagekar finishes second
JD(S) Bagwan Nasir Papulsab loses

117. Kittur Constituency election result:

INC Inamdar Danappagouda Basanagouda finishes second
BJP Doddagoudar Mahantesh Basavantaray wins with a margin of 32,862 votes
JD(S) Suresh Shivarudrappa Marihal loses

118. Kolar Constituency election result:

INC Syed Zameer Pasha finishes second
BJP R Venkatachalapathi (Om Shakthi Chalapathi)
JD(S) K Srinivasa Gowda wins with a margin of 44,251 votes

119. Kolar Gold Field Constituency election result:

INC Roopakala M wins with a margin of 40,827 votes
BJP Ashwini S finishes second
JD(S) M Baktavatsalam loses

120. Kollegal Constituency election result:

BSP  N. Mahesh wins with a margin of 19,454 votes
INC  A R Krishna Murthy finishes second
BJP  G N Nanjunda Swamy loses

121. Koppal Constituency election result:

INC K Raghavendra Basavaraj Hitnal wins with a margin of 26,351 votes
BJP Amaresh Sanganna Karadi finishes second
JD(S) K M Syed loses

122. Koratagere Constituency election result:

INC Dr G Parameshwara wins with a margin of 7,619 votes
BJP Y H Huchhaiah loses
JD(S) P R Sudhakar Lal finishes second

123. Krishnaraja Constituency election result:

INC M K Somashekar finishes second
BJP S A Ramadas wins with a margin of 26,347
JD(S) Mallesh K V loses

124. Krishnarajanagara Constituency election result:

INC Ravishankar D finishes second
BJP H G Shwetha loses
JD(S) S R Mahesh wins with a margin of 1,779 votes

125. Krishnarajpet Constituency election result:

INC K B Chandrashekar finishes second
BJP B C Manju loses
JD(S) Narayanagowda wins with a margin of 17,119 votes

126. Kudachi Constituency election result:

INC Amit Shama Ghatage finishes second
BJP P Rajeev wins with a margin of 15,008 votes
JD(S) Aihole Rajendra Annappa loses

127. Kudligi Constituency election result:

INC Raghu Gujjal loses
BJP N Y Gopalakrishna wins with a margin of 10,813 votes
JD(S) N T Bommanna finishes second

128. Kumta Constituency election result:

INC Sharada Mohan Shetty finishes second
BJP Dinakar Keshav Shetty wins with a margin of 32,750 votes
JD(S) Nayak Pradeep Dayanand loses

129. Kundapura Constituency election result:

INC Rakesh Malli finishes second
BJP Halady Srinivas Shetty wins with a margin of 56,405 votes
JD(S) Thekkatte Prakash Shetty loses

130. Kundgol Constituency election result:

INC Channabasappa Sathyappa Shivalli wins with a margin of 634 votes
BJP Siddnagouda Ishwaragouda Chikkanagoudra finishes second
JD(S) Akki Mallikarjuna Sahadevappa loses

131. Kunigal Constituency election result:

INC H D Ranganath wins with a margin of 5,600 votes
BJP D Krishna Kumar finishes second
JD(S) D Nagarajaiah loses

132. Kushtagi Constituency election result:

INC Amaregouda Linganagouda Patil Bayyapur wins with a margin of 18,031 votes
BJP Doddanagouda Hanamagouda Patil finishes second
JD(S) H C Neeravari loses

133. Lingsugur Constituency election result:

INC D S Hoolageri wins with a margin of 4,946 votes
BJP Manappa D Vajjal loses
JD(S) Bandi Siddu finishes second

134. Maddur Constituency election result:

INC G M Madhu finishes second
BJP M Sathisha loses
JD(S) D C Thammanna wins with a margin of 54,030 votes

135. Madhugiri Constituency election result:

INC K N Rajanna finishes second
BJP Ramesh S E loses
JD(S) M V Veerabhadraiah wins with a margin of 18,574 votes

136. Madikeri Constituency election result:

INC K P Chandrakala loses
BJP Appachu Ranjan M P wins with a margin of 16,015 votes
JD(S) B A Jivijaya finishes second

137. Magadi Constituency election result:

INC H C Balakrishna  finishes second
BJP M C Hanumantharaj loses
JD(S) A Manjunath wins with a margin of 51,425 votes

138. Mahadevapura Constituency election result:

INC A C Srinivasa finishes second
BJP Aravind Limbavali wins with a margin of 17,784 votes
JD(S) Sathish K loses

139. Mahalakshmi Layout Constituency election result:

INC Manjunatha H S loses
BJP N L Narendra Babu finishes second
JD(S) K Gopalaiah wins with a margin of 41,100 votes

140. Malavalli Constituency election result:

INC P M Narendraswamy finishes second
BJP B Somashekhar loses
JD(S) Dr K Annadani wins with a margin of 26,760 votes

141. Malleswaram Constituency election result:

INC Kengal Shreepadharenu finishes second
BJP Dr Ashwath Narayan C N wins with a margin of 54,000 votes
JD(S) Madhusudhan N loses

142. Malur Constituency election result:

INC K Y Nanjegowda wins with a margin of 17,915 votes
BJP Es En Krisshnaiah Setty Malur loses
JD(S) K S Manjunatha Gowda finishes second

143. Mandya Constituency election result:

INC P Ravikumar finishes second
BJP N Shivanna loses
JD(S) M Srinivas wins with a margin of 21,608 votes

144. Mangalore Constituency election result:

INC U T Abdul Khader wins with a margin of 19,739 votes
BJP Santhosh Kumar Rai Boliyaru finishes second
JD(S) K Ashraf loses

145. Mangalore City North Constituency election result:

INC B A Mohiuddin Bava finishes second
BJP Dr Bharath Shetty Y wins with a margin of 26,648 votes

146. Mangalore City South Constituency election result:

INC John Richard Lobo finishes second
BJP D Vedavyasa Kamath wins with a margin of 16,075 votes
JD(S) Rathnakara Suvarna loses

147. Manvi Constituency election result:

INC G Hampayya Nayak loses
BJP Sharanappa K Gudadinni loses
JD(S) Raja Venkatappa Nayak wins with a margin of 15,815 votes

148. Maski Constituency election result:

INC Pratapgouda Patil wins with a margin of 213 votes
BJP Basanagowda-Turvihal finishes second
JD(S) Rajasomanath Nayak loses

149. Mayakonda Constituency election result:

INC K S Basavaraj finishes second
BJP N Linganna wins with a margin of 6,458 votes
JD(S) Sheela Naik loses

150. Melukote Constituency election result: 

BJP Sundahalli Somashekara loses
JD(S) C S Puttaraju wins with a margin of 22,224 votes

151. Molakalmuru Constituency election result:

INC B Yogesh Babu finishes second
BJP B Sreeramulu wins with a margin of 42,045 votes
JD(S) Patel G M Thippeswamy (Yattinahattygowdru)

152. Moodabidri Constituency election result:

INC K Abhayachandra finishes second
BJP Umanatha A Kotian wins with a margin of 29,799 votes
JD(S) Jeevan Krishna Shetty loses

153. Muddebihal Constituency election result:

INC Appaji Urf Channabasavaraj Shankararao Nadagouda finishes second
BJP Ameenappa Gouda S Patil (Nadahalli) wins with a margin of 8,633 votes
JD(S) Mangaladevi Biradar loses

154. Mudhol Constituency election result:

INC Bandiwaddar Satish Chinnappa finishes second
BJP Govind Makthappa Karajol wins with a margin of 15,482 votes
JD(S) Shankar N Nayak loses

155. Mudigere Constituency election result:

INC Motamma finishes second
BJP M P Kumaraswamy wins with a margin of 12,512 votes
JD(S) B B Ningaiah loses

156. Mulbagal Constituency election result:

IND H. Nagesh wins with a margin of 6,715 votes
BJP Amaresh loses
JD(S)  Manjunatha finishes second

157. Nagamangala Constituency election result:

INC N Chaluvarayaswamy finishes second
JD(S) Suresh Gowda wins with a margin of 47,667 votes
BJP Dr V Parthasarathi loses

158. Nagthan Constituency election result:

INC Katakadond Vittal Dondiba finishes second
BJP Gopal Govind Karjol loses
JD(S) Devanand Fulasing Chavan wins with a margin of 5,601 votes

159. Nanjangud Constituency election result:

INC Kalale N Keshavamurthy finishes second
BJP Harshavardhan B wins with a margin of 12,479 votes
JD(S) Dayanandamurthy H S loses

160 . Nargund Constituency election result:

INC Basavaraddi Rangaraddi Yavagal finishes second
BJP Chandrakantagouda Channappagouda Patil wins with a margin of 7,979 votes
JD(S) Girimallanagouda Ishwaragouda Patil loses

161. Narasimharaja Constituency election result:

INC Tanveer Sait wins with a margin of 18,127 votes
BJP S Satheesh (Sandesh Swamy) finishes second
JD(S) Abdul Azeez(Abdulla) loses

162. Navalgund Constituency election result :

INC Vinod Kashinath Asuti loses
BJP Shankar Basanagouda Patil Munenakoppa wins with a margin of 20,521 votes
JD(S) Konareddy Ningareddy Hanamareddy finishes second

163. Nelamangala Constituency election result:

INC R Narayanaswamy finishes second
BJP M V Nagaraju loses
JD(S) Dr K Sreenivasamurthy wins with a margin of 24,321 votes

164. Nippani Constituency election result:

INC Kakaso Pandurang Patil finishes second
BJP Jolle Shashikala Annasaheb wins with a margin of 8,506 votes

165. Padmanaba Nagar Constituency election result :

INC M Srinivas loses
BJP R Ashoka wins with a margin of 32,166 votes
JD(S) V K Gopal finishes second

166. Pavagada Constituency election result:

INC Venkataramanappa wins with a margin of 409 votes
BJP G V Balaram loses
JD(S) K M Thimmarayappa finishes second

167. Periyapatna Constituency election result:

INC K Venkatesh finishes second
BJP Manjunatha S loses
JD(S) K Mahadeva wins with a margin of 7,493 votes

168. Pulakeshinagar Constituency election result:

INC R Akhanda Srinivas Murthy wins with a margin of 81,626 votes
BJP Susheela Devaraj loses
JD(S) B Prasanna Kumar finishes second

169. Puttur Constituency election result:

INC Shakunthala T Shetty finishes second
BJP Sanjeeva Matandoor wins with a margin of 19,477 votes
JD(S) I C Kailas Gowda loses

170. Raichur Constituency election result:

INC Syed Yaseen finishes second
BJP Dr Shivaraj Patil wins with a margin of 10,991 votes
JD(S) Mahantesh Patil loses

171. Raichur Rural Constituency election result:

INC Basanagouda Daddal wins with a margin of 9,964 votes
BJP Tipparaju Hawaldar finishes second
JD(S) Ravi Kumar Patil loses

172. Rajaji Nagar Constituency election result:

INC G Padmavathi finishes second
BJP S Suresh Kumar wins with a margin of 9,453 votes
JD(S) H M Krishnamurthy loses

173. Rajarajeshwarinagar Constituency:

INC Munirathna
BJP Muniraju Gowda P M
JD(S) G H Ramachandra

174. Ramanagaram Constituency election result:

INC Iqbal Hussain H A finishes second
BJP Leelavathi loses
JD(S) H D Kumaraswamy wins with a margin of 22,636 votes

175. Ramdurg Constituency election result:

INC   Ashok Mahadevappa Pattan finishes second
BJP   Mahadevappa Shivalingappa Yadawad wins with a margin of 2,875 votes
JD(S) Javeedsab M loses

176. Ranebennur Constituency election result:

KPJP R. Shankar s/o M Ramachandra wins with a margin of 4,338 votes
INC Krishnappa Koliwad S/O Bheemappa Koliwad finishes second
BJP Basavaraj Dr Kelagar loses
JD(S) Shripad Sawkar loses

177. Raybag Constituency election result:

INC Pradeepkumar Ramu Malage finishes second
BJP Aihole Duryodhan Mahalingappa wins with a margin of 16,548 votes

178. Ron Constituency election result:

INC Gurupadagouda Patil finishes second
BJP Kalakappa Bandi wins with a margin of 7,334 votes
JD(S) Ravindranath Jambunath Doddameti loses

179. Sagar Constituency election result:

INC Kagodu Thimmappa finishes second
BJP H Halappa wins with a margin of 8,039 votes
JD(S) M B Girishgowda

180. Sakleshpur Constituency election result:

INC Siddaiah loses
BJP Somashekar Jayaraj finishes second
JD(S) H K Kumaraswamy wins with a margin of 4,942 votes

181. Sandur Constituency election result:

INC E Tukaram wins with a margin of 14,010 votes
BJP D Raghavendra (Manju) finishes second
JD(S) B Vasanth Kumar loses

182. Sarvagnanagar Constituency election result:

INC Kelachandra Joseph George wins with a margin of 53,304 votes
BJP Muni Naga Reddy Alias M N Reddy finishes second
JD(S) Anwar Sharieff loses

183. Saundatti Yellamma Constituency election result:

INC Shri Vishwas Vasant Vaidya loses
BJP Shri Vishwanath Chandrashekhar Mamani wins with a margin of 6,291 votes
JD(S) Doddagouda Fakeeragouda Patil loses

184. Sedam Constituency election result:

INC Dr Sharan Prakash Rudrappa Patil finishes second
BJP Rajkumar Patil wins with a margin of 7,200 votes
JD(S) Sunita Mahantesh Talawar Malkhed loses

185. Shahapur Constituency election result:

INC Sharanabasappa Gouda Darshanapur wins with a margin of 30,974 votes
BJP Guru Patil Sirwal finishes second
JD(S) Ameenraddi Yalagi loses

186. Shanti Nagar Constituency election result:

INC N A Haris wins with a margin of 18,205
BJP K Vasudevamurthy finishes second
JD(S) N R Sridhar Reddy loses

187. Sidlaghatta Constituency election result:

INC V Muniyappa wins
BJP Suresh H
JD(S) B N Ravikumar

188. Shiggaon Constituency election result:

INC Sayed Azeempeer Khadri finishes second
BJP Basavaraj Bommai wins with a margin of 9,265
JD(S) Ashok Bevinamar

189. Shikaripura Constituency election result 2018

INC Goni Malatesha loses
BJP B S Yadiyurappa – CM candidate BS Yeddyurappa wins by 35,397 seats. 
JD(S) H T Balegar loses

190. Shimoga Constituency election result:

INC K B Prasanna Kumar finishes second
BJP K S Eshwarappa wins with a margin of 46,107
JD(S) H N Niranjan loses

191. Shimoga Rural Constituency election result:

INC Sreenivas Kariyanna loses
BJP K B Ashok Naik wins with a margin of 3,777 votes
JD(S) Sharada Puryanaik finishes second

192. Shirahatti Constituency election result:

INC Ramakrishna Shidlingappa Doddamani finish second
BJP Ramappa Sobeppa Lamani wins with a margin of 29,993 votes

193. Shivajinagar Constituency election result:

INC R Roshan Baig wins with a margin of 15,040 votes
BJP Katta Subramanya Naidu finishes second
JD(S) Shaikh Masthan Ali loses

194. Shorapur Constituency election result:

INC Raja Venkatappa Naik finishes second
BJP Narasimhanayak (Rajugouda) wins with a margin of 22,568
JD(S) Raja Krishnappa Nayak loses

195. Shravanabelagola Constituency election result:

INC C S Puttegowda finishes second
BJP Shivananjegowda loses
JD(S) C N Balakrishna wins with a margin of 53,012

196. Shrirangapattana Constituency:

INC A B Ramesha Bandisiddegowda
BJP K S Nanjundegowda
JD(S)  Ravindra Srikantaiah wins

197. Sindgi Constituency:

INC Sali Mallanna Ningappa
BJP Bhusanur Ramesh Balappa
JD(S) Managuli Mallappa Channaveerappa wins

198. Sindhanur Constituency:

INC Badarli Hampangouda
BJP Kolla Sheshagirirao
JD(S) Venkatrao Nadagouda wins

199. Sira Constituency:

INC T B Jayachandra
BJP S R Gowda
JD(S) B Sathyanarayana wins

200. Sirsi Constituency:

INC Bhimanna Naik
BJP Kageri Vishweshwar Hegde wins
JD(S) Shashibhushan Hegde

201. Siruguppa Constituency:

INC B Murali Krishna
BJP M S Somalingappa wins
JD(S) Hosamane B Maruthi

202. Sorab Constituency:

INC Raju M Talluru
BJP S Kumara Bangarappa wins
JD(S) S Madhu Bangarappa

203. Sringeri Constituency:

INC T D Rajegowda wins
BJP D N Jeevaraj
JD(S) H G Venkatesh

204. Srinivasapur Constituency:

INC K R Ramesh Kumar wins
BJP Dr Venu Gopal K N
JD(S) G K Venkatashivareddy

205. Sullia Constituency:

INC Dr B Raghu
BJP Angara S wins

206. T Narasipur Constituency:

INC Dr H C Mahadevappa
BJP S Shankar
JD(S) Ashvin Kumar M wins

207. Tarikere Constituency:

INC S M Nagaraju
BJP D S Suresh wins
JD(S) T H Shivashankarappa

208. Terdal Constituency:

INC Umashree
BJP Siddu Savadi wins
JD(S) Basappa K Konnur

209. Tiptur Constituency:

INC K Shadakshari
BJP B C Nagesh wins
JD(S) Lokeshwara

210. Tirthahalli Constituency:

INC Kimmane Rathnakara
BJP Araga Jnanendra wins
JD(S) R M Manjunatha Gowda

211. Tumkur City Constituency:

INC Dr Rafeeq Ahmed S
BJP G B Jyothi Ganesh wins
JD(S) N Govindaraju

212. Tumkur Rural Constituency:

INC Rayasandra Ravikumar
BJP B Suresh Gowda
JD(S) D C Gowrishankar wins

213. Turuvekere Constituency:

INC Rangappa T Chowdri
BJP Jayaram A S wins
JD(S) M T Krishnappa

214. Udupi Constituency:

INC Pramod Madhwaraj
BJP K Raghupathi Bhat wins
JD(S) Birthi Gangandhar Bhandary

215. Varuna Constituency:

INC Yathindra S wins
BJP Thotadappa Basavaraju
JD(S) Abhishek S Manegar

216. Vijay Nagar Constituency:

INC M Krishnappa wins
BJP H Ravindra
JD(S) Paramashiva N E

217. Vijayanagara Constituency:

INC Anand Singh wins
BJP H R Gaviyappa
JD(S) Deepak Singh

218. Virajpet Constituency:

INC Arun Machaiah C S
BJP K G Bopaiah wins
JD(S) Sanketh Poovaiah M

219. Yadgir Constituency:

INC Dr A B Maalakaraddy
BJP Venkatreddy Mudnal wins
JD(S) A C Kadloor

220. Yelahanka Constituency:

INC M N Gopalakrishna
BJP S R Vishwanath wins
JD(S) A M Hanumanthegowda

221. Yelburga Constituency:

INC Basavaraj Rayareddi
BJP Achar Halappa Basappa wins
JD(S) Veeranagouda Police Patil Ballutagi

222. Yellapur Constituency:

INC Arabail Hebbar Shivaram wins
BJP Andalagi Veerabhadragouda Shivanagouda Patil
JD(S) Naik Ravindra A

223. Yemkanmardi Constituency:

INC Satish L Jarkiholi wins
BJP Astagi Maruti Mallappa
JD(S) Shankar Bharama Gasti

224. Yeshvanthapura Constituency:

INC S T Somashekhar wins
BJP Jaggesh
JD(S) T N Javarayi Gowda

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