Karnataka election results 2018 full list of winners: Here’re all winning candidates from each constituency

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Bengaluru | Updated: May 16, 2018 2:19 PM

Final Karnataka election results 2018: Counting is underway in the state.  Until now, the BJP has taken a huge lead but is still apparently a few seats away from the magic number 113 in the 224 Karnataka Assembly.

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Karnataka Assembly Election results 2018: Bharatiya Janata Party emerged as the single largest party but fell short of touching the magic number 113 needed to form the government in the state. While BJP won 104 seats, Congress got 78 seats and JD(S) could manage to win only 38 seats. Since no party got the clear majority, the war is begun to form the government by reaching the magic number somehow. While Congress and JD(S) are ready to form an alliance government, BJP is also claiming that it has got the required number of seats. This has created a confusion whether who will form the government. Both sides are now waiting for an invitation from the governor to form the government. Polling in the state took place on May 12. Results of the Assembly elections were announced on May 15.

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Karnataka election result 2018 full list of winners

Afzalpur constituency election result: M Y Patil of Congress defeats M Guttedar of BJP by 10594 votes.

Aland constituency election result: G Subhash Rukmayya of BJP beats BR Patil of Congress by 697 votes.

Anekal constituency election result: B Shivanna of Congress wins by 8627 votes.

Arabhavi constituency election result: Balachandra Laxmanrao Jarakiholi of BJP wins by 47328 votes.

Arkalgud constituency election result: A T Ramaswamy of JD(S) wins by 10653 votes.

Arsikere constituency election result: KM Shivalinge Gowda of JD (S) wins by 43689 votes.

Athani constituency election result 2018: Mahesh Iranagouda Kumathalli of Congress wins by 2331 votes.

Aurad constituency election result: Prabhu Chauhan of BJP wins by 10,592 votes.

BTM Layout constituency election result: Ramalingareddy of Congress leads by 20478 votes.

Babaleshwar constituency election result: MB Patil of Congress wins by 29715 votes.

Badami constituency election result: CM Siddaramaiah beats BJP’s B Sreeramulu by 1696 votes.

Bagalkot constituency election result: Veerabhadrayya (Veeranna) Charantimath of BJP wins by 15934 votes.

Bagepalli constituency election result: S N Subbareddy of Congress wins.

Bailhongal constituency election result: SN Subbareddy of Congress wins.

Bangalore South constituency election result: M Krishnappa of BJP leads by 20162 votes.

Bangarapet constituency election result: S N Narayanaswamy KM of Congress wins.

Bantval constituency election result: Rajesh Naik U of BJP wins.

Basavakalyan constituency election result: Shivanand Patil of Congress wins.

Basavana Bagevadi constituency election result: Shivanand Patil of Congress wins.

Basavanagudi constituency election result: Ravisubramanya LA of BJP wins.

Belgaum Dakshin constituency election result: Abhay Patil of BJP wins.

Belgaum Rural constituency election result: laxmi R Hebbalkar of Congress wins.

Belgaum Uttar constituency election result: Ail S Benake leads.

Bellary constituency election result: B Nagendra of Congress wins.

Bellary City constituency election result: G Somasekhara Reddy of BJP wins.

Belthangady constituency election result: Harish Poonja of BJP wins.

Belur constituency election result: K S Lingesha of JD(S) wins.

Bhadravati constituency election result: BK Sangameshwara of Congress wins.

Bhalki constituency election result: Eshwar Khandre of Congress wins.

Bhatkal constituency election result: Sunil Biliya Naik of BJP wins.

Bidar constituency election result: Rahim Khan of Congress wins.

Bidar South constituency election result: Bandeppa of JD(S) wins.

Bijapur City constituency election result: Basanagoud R Patil of BJP wins.

Bilgi constituency election result: Murugesh Rudrappa Nirani of BJP wins.

Bommanahalli constituency election result: Satish M Reddy of BJP wins.

Byadgi constituency election result: Ballary Virupakshappa Rudrappa of BJP wins.

Byatarayanapura constituency election result: Krishna Byregowda of Congress wins.

Byndoor constituency election result: B M Sukumar Shetty of BJP wins.

C.V. Raman Nagar constituency election result: S Raghu of BJP wins.

Challakere constituency election result: T Raghumurthy of Congress wins.

Chamaraja constituency election result: L Nagendra of BJP wins.

Chamarajanagar constituency election result: C Puttarangashetty of Congress wins.

Chamrajpet constituency election result: B Z Zameer Ahmed Khan of Congress wins.

Chamundeshwari constituency election result: G T Devegowds of JD(S) wins.

Channagiri constituency election result: K Madalu Viupakshappa of BJP wins.

Channapatna constituency election result: H D Kumaraswamy of JD(S) wins.

Chickpet constituency election result: Uday B Garudachar of BJP wins.

Chikkaballapur constituency election result: Dr K Sudhakar of Congress wins.

Chikkodi-Sadalga constituency election result: Ganesh Prakash Hukkeri of Congress wins.

Chikmagalur constituency election result: C T Ravi of BJP wins.

Chiknayakanhalli constituency election result: J C Madhu Swamy of BJP wins.

Chincholi constituency election result: Dr Umesh G Jadhav of Congress wins.

Chintamani constituency election result: JK Krishna Reddy of JD(S) wins.

Chitradurga constituency election result: GH Thippareddy of BJP wins.

Chittapur constituency election result: Priyank Kharge of Congress wins.

Dasarahalli constituency election result: R Manjunatha of JD(S) wins.

Davanagere North constituency election result: SA Ravindranath of BJP wins.

Davanagere South constituency election result: Shamanur Shivashankarappa of BJP wins.

Devadurga constituency election result: Shivana Gouda Nayak of BJP wins.

Devanahalli constituency election result: Narayanaswamy LN of JD(S) wins.

Devar Hippargi constituency election result: Somanagouda B Patil of BJP wins by 90 votes.

Dharwad constituency election result: Amrut Ayappa Desai of BJP wins.

Doddaballapur constituency election result: T Venkararamanaiah of Congress wins.

Gadag constituency election result: Hanmantagouda Krishnagouda of Congress wins.

Gandhi Nagar constituency election result: Dinesh Rao Gundu of Congress wins by 1868 votes.

Gangawati constituency election result: Paranna Eshwarappa of BJP wins.

Gauribidanur constituency election result: NH Shivashankara Reddy of Congress wins.

Gokak constituency election result: Jarikholi Ramesh Laxmanrao of Congress wins.

Govindraj Nagar constituency election result: V Somana of BJP wins.

Gubbi constituency election result: S R Srinivas of JD(S) wins.

Gulbarga Dakshin constituency election result: Dattatraya C Patil of BJP wins 

Gulbarga Rural constituency election result: Basawaraj Mattimud of BJP wins

Gulbarga Uttar constituency election result: Kaneez Fatima of Congress wins

Gundlupet constituency election result: C S Niranjan Kumar of BJP wins

Gurmitkal constituency election result: Nagangouda of JD(S) wins

Hadagalli constituency election result: P T Parameshwara Naik of Congress wins

Hagaribommanahalli constituency election result: Bheema Naik L.B.P of Congress wins

Haliyal constituency election result: Deshpande R V of Congress wins

Hangal constituency election result: C M Udasi of BJP wins

Hanur constituency election result: R Narendra of Congress wins

Harapanahalli constituency election result: G Karunakara Reddy of BJP wins

Harihar constituency election result: S Ramappa of Congress wins

Hassan constituency election result: Preetham J Gowda of BJP wins

Haveri constituency election result: Neharu Olekar of BJP wins

Hebbal constituency election result: Suresha BS of Congress wins

Heggadadevankote constituency election result: Anil Kumar C of Congress wins

Hirekerur constituency election result: Basavanagouda Patil of Congress wins

Hiriyur constituency election result: K Poornima of BJP wins

Holalkere constituency election result: M Chandrappa of BJP wins

Holenarasipur constituency election result:  H D Revanna  of JD(S) wins

Honnali constituency election result: M P Renukacharya of BJP wins

Hosadurga constituency election result: Gulihatti D Shekar of  BJP wins

Hosakote constituency election result:  N Nagaraju (M T B) of Congress wins

Hubli-Dharwad Central constituency election result: Jagadish Shettar of BJP wins

Hubli-Dharwad- West  constituency election result: Arvind Bellad of BJP wins

Hubli-Dharwad-East constituency election result:  Abbayya Prasad of Congress wins

Hukkeri constituency election result: Umesh Vishwanath Katti of BJP wins

Humnabad constituency election result: Rajshekhar of Congress wins

Hunasuru constituency election result: Adaguru H Vishwanath of JD(S) wins

Hungund  constituency election result: Doddanagouda G Patil of BJP wins

Indi constituency election result: Yashvantharaygouda Vittalagouda Patil of Congress wins

Jagalur constituency election result: S V Ramachandra of BJP wins

Jamkhandi constituency election result: Siddu Bhimappa Nyamgoud of Congress wins

Jevargi constituency election result: Ajay Dharam Singh of Congress wins

K.R.Pura constituency election result: B A Basavaraja of Congress wins

Kadur constituency election result: K S Prakash of BJP wins

Kagwad  constituency election result: Shrimant Balasaheb Patil of Congress wins

Kalghatgi constituency election result: CM Nimbannavar of BJP wins

Kampli constituency election result: J N Ganesh of Congress wins

Kanakagiri constituency election result: Basavaraj Dadesugur of BJP wins

Kanakapura constituency election result: D K Shivakumar of  Congress wins

Kapu constituency election result: Lalaji R Mendon of BJP wins

Karkal constituency election result: V Sunil Kumar of BJP wins

Karwar constituency election result: Roopali Santosh Naik of BJP wins

Khanapur constituency election result: Dr Anjali Hemant Nimbalkar of Congress wins

Kittur constituency election result: Doddagoudar Mahantesh Basavantaray of BJP wins

Kolar constituency election result: K Srinivasa Gowda of JD(S) wins

Kolar gold field constituency election result: Roopakala M of Congress wins

Kollegal constituency election result: N. Mahesh of BSP wins

Koppal constituency election result: K Raghavendra Basavaraj Hitnal of Congress wins

Koratagere constituency election result:  G Parameshwara of Congress wins

Krishnaraja  constituency election result: S A Ramadas of BJP wins

Krishnarajanagara  constituency election result: S R Mahesh of JD(S) wins

Krishnarajapete  constituency election result: Narayanagowda of JD(S) wins

Kudachi constituency election result:  P Rajeev of BJP wins

Kudligi constituency election result:  N Y Gopalakrishna of BJP wins

Kumta constituency election result:  Dinakar Keshav Shetty  of BJP wins

Kundapura constituency election result: Halady Srinivas Shetty of BJP wins

Kundgol constituency election result: Channabasappa Sathyappa Shivalli of Congress wins

Kunigal constituency election result: H D Ranganath of Congress wins

Kushtagi constituency election result:  Amaregouda Linganagouda Patil Bayyapur of Congress wins

Lingsugur constituency election result:  D S Hoolageri of Congress wins

Maddur constituency election result: D C Thammanna of JD(S) wins

Madhugiri constituency election result: M V Veerabhadraiah of JD(S) wins

Madikeri constituency election result: Appachu Ranjan M P of BJP wins

Magadi constituency election result: A Manjunath of JD(S) wins

Mahadevapura constituency election result: Aravind Limbavali  of BJP wins

Mahalakshmi Layout constituency election result: K Gopalaiah of JD(S) wins

Malavalli constituency election result: Dr K Annadani of JD(S) wins

Malleshwaram constituency election result: Dr Ashwath Narayan C N  of BJP wins

Malur constituency election result: K Y Nanjegowda of Congress wins

Mandya constituency election result: M Srinivas of JD(S) wins

Mangalore constituency election result: U T Abdul Khader of  Congress wins

Mangalore City North constituency election result: Dr Bharath Shetty Y  of BJP wins

Mangalore City South constituency election result:  D Vedavyasa Kamath of BJP wins

Manvi constituency election result: Raja Venkatappa Nayak  of JD(S) wins

Maski constituency election result: Pratapgouda Patil of Congress wins

Mayakonda constituency election result: N Linganna of BJP wins

Melukote constituency election result:  C S Puttaraju of JD(S) wins

Molakalmuru constituency election result: B Sreeramulu of BJP wins

Moodabidri constituency election result: Umanatha A Kotian of BJP wins

Muddebihal constituency election result: Ameenappa Gouda S Patil  of BJP wins

Mudhol constituency election result: Govind Makthappa Karajo of BJP wins

Mudigere constituency election result: M P Kumaraswamy of BJP wins

Mulbagal constituency election result: H. Nagesh wins

Nagamangala constituency election result: Suresh Gowda of JD(S) wins

Nagthan constituency election result:  Devanand Fulasing Chavan of JD(S) wins

Nanjangud constituency election result: Harshavardhan B of BJP wins

Narasimharaja constituency election result:  Tanveer Sait of Congress wins

Nargund constituency election result: Chandrakantagouda Channappagouda Patil of BJP wins

Navalgund constituency election result: Shankar Basanagouda Patil Munenakoppa of BJP wins

Nelamangala constituency election result:  Dr K Sreenivasamurthy of JD(S) wins

Nippani constituency election result: Jolle Shashikala Annasaheb of BJP wins

Padmanaba Nagar constituency election result: R Ashoka of BJP wins

Pavagada constituency election result: Venkataramanappa of Congress wins

Periyapatna constituency election result: K Mahadeva of JD(S) wins

Pulakeshinagar constituency election result: R Akhanda Srinivas Murthy of Congress wins

Puttur constituency election result: Sanjeeva Matandoor of BJP wins

Raichur  constituency election result: Dr Shivaraj Patil of BJP wins

Raichur Rural  constituency election result: Basanagouda Daddal of Congress wins

Rajaji Nagar constituency election result:  S Suresh Kumar of BJP wins

Ramanagaram constituency election result: H D Kumaraswamy of JD(S) wins

Ramdurg constituency election result: Mahadevappa Shivalingappa Yadawad of BJP wins

Ranibennur constituency election result: R Shankar S/O M Ramachandra of KPJP wins

Raybag constituency election result: Aihole Duryodhan Mahalingappa of BJP wins

Ron  constituency election result: Kalakappa Bandi of BJP wins

Sagar constituency election result: H Halappa of BJP wins

Sakleshpur constituency election result: H K Kumaraswamy  of JD(S) wins

Sandur constituency election result: E Tukaram of Congress wins

Sarvagnanagar constituency election result: K J George of Congress wins

Saundatti yellamma constituency election result: Vishwanath Chandrashekhar Mamani of BJP wins

Sedam constituency election result: Rajkumar Patil  of BJP wins

Shahapur constituency election result: Sharanabasappa Gouda Darshanapur of Congress wins

Shanti Nagar constituency election result: N A Haris  of Congress wins

Shiggaon constituency election result: Basavaraj Bommai of BJP wins

Shikaripura constituency election result:  B S Yadiyurappa of BJP wins 

Shimoga constituency election result: K S Eshwarappa of BJP wins

Shimoga Rural  constituency election result: K B Ashok Naik of BJP wins

Shirahatti constituency election result: Ramappa Sobeppa Lamani of BJP wins

Shivajinagar constituency election result:  R Roshan Baig of Congress wins

Shorapur constituency election result: Narasimhanayak (Rajugouda) of BJP wins

Shravanabelagola constituency election result: C N Balakrishna of JD(S) wins

Shrirangapattana constituency election result: Ravindra Shrikantaiah of JD(S) wins

Sidlaghatta constituency election result: V. Muniyappa of Congress wins

Sindgi constituency election result: Managuli Mallappa Channaveerappa  of JD(S) wins

Sindhanur constituency election result: Venkatrao Nadagouda of JD(S) wins

Sira constituency election result: B Sathyanarayana of JD(S) wins

Sirsi constituency election result: Kageri Vishweshwar Hegde of BJP wins

Siruguppa constituency election result: M.S. Somalingappa of BJP wins

Sorab constituency election result: S Kumara Bangarappa of BJP wins

Sringeri constituency election result: T D Rajegowda of Congress wins

Srinivaspur constituency election result:  K R Ramesh Kumar of Congress wins

Sullia constituency election result:  Angara S of BJP wins

T.Narasipur constituency election result: Ashvin Kumar M of JD(S) wins

Tarikere constituency election result: D S Suresh of BJP wins

Terdal constituency election result: Siddu Savadi of BJP wins

Tiptur constituency election result:  B C Nagesh of BJP wins

Tirthahalli constituency election result: Araga Jnanendra of BJP wins

Tumkur City constituency election result: G B Jyothi Ganesh of BJP wins

Tumkur Rural constituency election result: D C Gowrishankar of JD(S) wins

Turuvekere constituency election result: Jayaram A S of BJP wins

Udupi  constituency election result: K Raghupathi Bhat of BJP wins

Varuna constituency election result: Yathindra S of Congress wins

Vijay Nagar constituency election result: M Krishnappa of Congress wins

Vijayanagara constituency election result: Anand Singh of Congress wins

Virajpet constituency election result: K G Bopaiah of BJP wins

Yadgir constituency election result: Venkatreddy Mudnal of BJP wins

Yelahanka  constituency election result: S.R. Vishwanath  of BJP wins

Yelburga constituency election result:  Achar Halappa Basappa of BJP wins

Yellapur constituency election result: Arabail Hebbar Shivaram of Congress wins

Yemkanmardi constituency election result: Satish L Jarkiholi of Congress wins

Yeshvanthapura constituency election result: S T Somashekhar of Congress wins


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