Himachal Election Result 2017: Full list of winners from all constituencies in assembly elections of Himachal Pradesh and how it changed from 2012

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Himachal election result 2017: The BJP has taken the front seat since the very start of the vote counting. Going by the leads, BJP is inching towards a majority in the state with the Congress trailing behind.

Both Congress and the BJP look confident of their win (Source: ANI)

Himachal election result 2017: The Himachal Pradesh Elections has turned out the way the exit polls had predicted. The BJP has taken the front seat since the very start of the vote counting. Going by the leads, BJP is inching towards a majority in the state with the Congress trailing behind. After Himachal Pradesh went to polls on November 9, 2017, leaders of both Congress and BJP asserted that their respective parties will win the state. As voting ended, the hashtag #Congress10seKam (Congress will get less than 10 seats) started trending on Twitter with BJP claiming that the party will sweep the state elections. Notably, Congress president Rahul Gandhi was in the state for only one day and addressed three rallies. On the other hand, BJP had a star-studded campaign with PM Modi addressing seven rallies and party chief Amit Shah addressing six. Himachal Pradesh recorded a 74 per cent voter turnout in assembly elections, marginally higher than the 73.5 per cent last time, as per the Election Commission. This was the highest voter turnout in four decades. Going by the opinion polls ahead of 2017 Himachal Pradesh elections, the BJP may be the clear front-runner in the upcoming elections in Himachal Pradesh. In 2012, Himachal Pradesh assembly elections, the Congress defeated BJP and won an outright majority by winning 36 of the 68 seats under the leadership of Virbhadra Singh. Notably, Congress’ star campaigner in HP, Virbhadra Singh was accused of being involved in scams and corruption just ahead of the 2012 polls. All the polls were in favor of BJP, back in 2012. However, the Congress amazed everyone with its performance in the polls. The Indian National Congress Party is currently in power in the state with 36 seats. The lone opposition party is the Bharatiya Janata Party with 27 seats.

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Himachal Pradesh Election Results 2017: Constituency-wise full list of winning candidates:

1 Churah Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Hans Raj defeats Congress’ Surender Bhardwaj
2 Bharmour Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Jia Lal defeats Congress’ Thakur Singh Bharmouri
3 Chamba Constituency election result 2017:BJP’s Pawan Nayyar defeats Congress’ Neeraj Nayar
4 Dalhousie Constituency election result 2017:Congress’ Asha Kumari defeats BJP’s D. S. Thakur
5 Bhattiyat Constituency election result 2017: BJP candidate Bikram Singh Jaryal wins Bhattiyat seat in Chamba
6 Nurpur Constituency election result 2017:BJP’s Rakesh Pathania defeats Congress’ Ajay Mahajan
7 Indora Constituency election result 2017:BJP’s Reeta Devi defeats Congress’ Kamal Kishore
8 Fatehpur Constituency election result 2017: Congress’ Sujan Singh Pathania defeats BJP’s Kripal Singh Parmar
9 Jawali Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Arjun Singh wins Jawali
10 Dehra Constituency election result 2017: Independent Candidate Hoshyar Singh wins
11 Jaswan-Pragpur Constituency election result 2017:BJP’s Bikram Singh wins defeating Congress’ Surinder Singh Mankotia
12 Jawalamukhi Constituency election result 2017:BJP’s Ramesh Chand Dhawala wins from the seat.
13 Jaisinghpur Constituency election result 2017:BJP’s Ravinder Kumar wins from the seat defeating Yadvinder Goma
14 Sullah Constituency election result 2017:BJP’s Vipin Singh Parmar defeats Congress’ Jagjiwan Paul
15 Nagrota Constituency election result 2017:BJP’s Arun Kumar defeats G.S.Bali
16 Kangra Constituency election result 2017: Congress’s Pawan Kumar Kajal wins Kangra in Himachal
17 Shahpur Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Sarveen Choudhary wins from the seat
18 Dharamshala Constituency election result 2017: BJP candidate Kishan Kapoor defeats Congress minister Sudhir Sharma in Dharamshala
19 Palampur Constituency election result 2017: Congress’ Ashish Butail defeats BJP’s Indu Goswami
20 Baijnath Constituency election result 2017: BJP candidate Mulkh Raj wins Himachal’s Baijnath
21 Lahaul and Spiti Constituency election result 2017:BJP’s Ram Lal Markanda wins
22 Manali Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Govind Singh Thakur win
23 Kullu Constituency election result 2017: Congress’s Sunder Singh Thakur wins Kullu
24 Banjar Constituency election result 2017: BJP candidate Surinder Shourie wins Himachal’s Banjar
25 Anni Constituency election result 2017: In Anni seat, Kishori Lal of the BJP defeated Paras Ram of Congress by 5,983 votes
26 Karsog Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Hira Lal wins defeating Mansa Ram of Congress
27 Sundernagar Constituency election result 2017:BJP’s Rakesh Kumar defeats Congress’ Sohan Lal
28 Nachan Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Vinod Kumar defeats Congress’ Lal Singh
29 Seraj Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Jai Ram Thakur defeats Congress’ Chet Ram
30 Darang Constituency election result 2017:BJP’s Jawahar Thakur defeats Congress’ Kaul Singh
31 Jogindernagar Constituency election result 2017: Senior BJP leader Gulab Singh Thakur, father of Anurag Thakur, loses to independent candidate Prakash Rana in Himachal’s Joginder Nagar
32 Dharampur Constituency election result 2017: BJP candidate Mahinder Thakur wins Dharampur in Himachal’s Mandi
33 Mandi Constituency election result 2017: Congress candidate Champa Thakur, daughter of Himachal health minister Kaul Singh Thakur, loses in Mandi
34 Balh Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Inder Singh defeats Prakash Chaudhary
35 Sarkaghat Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Inder Singh defeats Pawan Kumar
36 Bhoranj Constituency election result 2017:BJP’s Kamlesh Kumari wins
37 Sujanpur Constituency election result 2017:Congress’ Rajinder Rana defeats Prem Kumar Dhumal
38 Hamirpur Constituency election result 2017: BJP candidate Narender Thakur wins Hamirpur seat in Himachal
39 Barsar Constituency election result 2017: Congress’ Inder Dutt Lakhanpal defeats Baldev Sharma
40 Nadaun Constituency election result 2017: Congress’ Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu defeats BJP’s Vijay
41 Chintpurni Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Balbir Singh defeats Congress’ Kuldip Kumar
42 Gagret Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Rajesh Thakur defeats Congress’ Rakesh
43 Haroli Constituency election result 2017: Congress’ Mukesh Agnihotri defeats BJP’s Ram Kumar
44 Una Constituency election result 2017: Congress’ Satpal Singh Raizada defeats BJP’s Satpal Singh
45 Kutlehar Constituency election result 2017:

46 Jhanduta Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Jeet Ram Katwal defeats Congress’ Beeru Ram
47 Ghumarwin Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Rajinder Garg defeats Rakesh of Congress
48 Bilaspur Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Subhash Thakur defeats Congress’ Bumber
49 Sri Naina Devi ji Constituency election result 2017: Congress’ Ram Lal Thakur defeats Randhir Sharma
50 Arki Constituency election result 2017: Incumbent Himachal chief minister Virbhadra Singh (Congress) wins Arki seat
51 Nalagarh Constituency election result 2017: Congress’ Lakhvinder Singh Rana defeats KL Thakur
52 Doon Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Paramjeet Singh defeats Ram Kumar
53 Solan Constituency election result 2017: Congress minister Dhani Ram Shandil wins Sola in Himachal
54 Kasauli Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Rajiv Saizal defeats Congress’ Vinod Sultanpuri
55 Pachhad Constituency election result 2017: BJP’s Suresh Kumar Kashyap wins Pachhad seat in Himachal
56 Nahan Constituency election result 2017: Former cabinet minister and sitting BJP MLA Rajeev Bindal wins Nahan in Himachal
57 Sri Renukaji Constituency election result 2017: Congress candidate Vinay Kumar wins Renukaji seat defeating Balbir Singh of the BJP.
58 Paonta Sahib Constituency election result 2017: BJP candidate Sukh Ram wins Paonta Sahib seat defeating Kirnesh Jung who won the election as an independent candidate in 2012.
59 Shillai Constituency election result 2017: Congress candidate Harshwardhan Chauhan wins Shillai assembly seat in Himachal Pradesh
60 Chopal Constituency election result 2017:
61 Theog Constituency election result 2017: The CPM has registered a victory in Theog constituency; its candidate Rakesh Singha, won 24,564 votes, beating BJP candidate Rakesh Verma and Congress’ Deepak Rathore.
62 Kasumpti Constituency election result 2017: Congress’ Anirudh Singh defeats Vijay Jyoti
63 Shimla Constituency election result 2017: In Shimla, Suresh Bhardwaj of the BJP defeated independent candidate, Harish Janartha, by 1,903 votes.
64 Shimla Rural Constituency election result 2017: Congress’ Vikramditya Singh, son of Himachal chief minister Virbhadra Singh, wins Shimla rural seat
65 Jubbal-Kotkhai Constituency election result 2017: BJP candidate Narender Bragta wins Jubbal-Kotkhai seat in Himachal Pradesh defeating Congress’ Rohit Thakur.
66 Rampur Constituency election result 2017: Congress candidate Nand Lal wins Rampur seat in Himachal
67 Rohru Constituency election result 2017: Congress’ Mohan Lal Brakta defeats BJP’s Shashi Bhala
68 Kinnaur Constituency election result 2017: Congress’ Jagat Singh Negi defeats BJP’s Tejwant Singh Negi

Himachal Pradesh election 2012: Full list of winners from all constituencies

  Name Reserved for (SC/ST/None)[citation needed] District Electors (2012)[citation needed] Lok Sabha constituency[8][9]
1 Churah SC Chamba 59909 Kangra
2 Bharmour ST Chamba 62584 Mandi
3 Chamba None Chamba 66983 Kangra
4 Dalhousie None Chamba 58803 Kangra
5 Bhattiyat None Chamba 63719 Kangra
6 Nurpur None Kangra 73605 Kangra
7 Indora SC Kangra 73046 Kangra
8 Fatehpur None Kangra 71362 Kangra
9 Jawali None Kangra 80230 Kangra
10 Dehra None Kangra 69138 Hamirpur
11 Jaswan-Pragpur None Kangra 66693 Hamirpur
12 Jawalamukhi None Kangra 63906 Kangra
13 Jaisinghpur SC Kangra 71973 Himachal
14 Sullah None Kangra 87091 Kangra
15 Nagrota None Kangra 73578 Kangra
16 Kangra None Kangra 66763 Kangra
17 Shahpur None Kangra 71430 Kangra
18 Dharamshala None Kangra 62727 Kangra
19 Palampur None Kangra 62593 Kangra
20 Baijnath SC Kangra 73168 Kangra
21 Lahaul and Spiti ST Lahaul and Spiti 22077 Mandi
22 Manali None Kullu 59876 Mandi
23 Kullu None Kullu 72473 Mandi
24 Banjar None Kullu 60076 Mandi
25 Anni SC Kullu 70338 Mandi
26 Karsog SC Mandi 60000 Mandi
27 Sundernagar None Mandi 66482 Mandi
28 Nachan SC Mandi 69782 Mandi
29 Seraj None Mandi 67549 Mandi
30 Darang None Mandi 71977 Mandi
31 Jogindernagar None Mandi 83449 Mandi
32 Dharampur None Mandi 67430 Mandi
33 Mandi None Mandi 63727 Mandi
34 Balh SC Mandi 64741 Mandi
35 Sarkaghat None Mandi 75777 Mandi
36 Bhoranj SC Hamirpur 70601 Hamirpur
37 Sujanpur None Hamirpur 64208 Hamirpur
38 Hamirpur None Hamirpur 65202 Hamirpur
39 Barsar None Hamirpur 74950 Hamirpur
40 Nadaun None Hamirpur 79759 Hamirpur
41 Chintpurni SC Una 70998 Hamirpur
42 Gagret None Una 68803 Hamirpur
43 Haroli None Una 70192 Hamirpur
44 Una None Una 69527 Hamirpur
45 Kutlehar None Una 71008 Hamirpur
46 Jhanduta SC Bilaspur 65435 Hamirpur
47 Ghumarwin None Bilaspur 73614 Hamirpur
48 Bilaspur None Bilaspur 70587 Hamirpur
49 Sri Naina Devi ji None Bilaspur 60521 Hamirpur
50 Arki None Solan 75692 Shimla
51 Nalagarh None Solan 73888 Shimla
52 Doon None Solan 52466 Shimla
53 Solan SC Solan 70764 Shimla
54 Kasauli SC Solan 56296 Shimla
55 Pachhad SC Sirmour 61605 Shimla
56 Nahan None Sirmour 65821 Shimla
57 Sri Renukaji SC Sirmour 57058 Shimla
58 Paonta Sahib None Sirmour 63743 Shimla
59 Shillai None Sirmour 56307 Shimla
60 Chopal None Shimla 64056 Shimla
61 Theog None Shimla 72997 Shimla
62 Kasumpti None Shimla 56991 Shimla
63 Shimla None Shimla 48263 Shimla
64 Shimla Rural None Shimla 66858 Shimla
65 Jubbal-Kotkhai None Shimla 61657 Shimla
66 Rampur SC Shimla 65088 Shimla
67 Rohru SC Shimla 63603 Shimla
68 Kinnaur ST Kinnaur 50076 Mandi

Himachal Pradesh election Exit poll results 2017

India Today-Axis My India

Number of Seats
BJP- 47-55
Congress- 13-20
Other 0-2

Vote Share
BJP- 50 %
Congress- 41 %
Others- 9 %

News 24

Congress- 13
BJP- 55
Others- 0


Congress- 18
BJP- 49
Others- 1

Times Now-VMR 

BJP- 41
Congress- 25
Others- 2

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