Rising career horizons in civil engineering and need of world class education

Civil Engineers today have to work hand in hand with Mechanical, Electronics and IT Engineers with the primary knowledge and information about these sectors.

In Civil Engineering one has numerous business opportunities with affordable investment options.
In Civil Engineering one has numerous business opportunities with affordable investment options.

By Manoj Anaokar

According to recent survey outcomes the rate of unemployment is swiftly declining. The similar trend is observed in the second largest employing sector in the country, the construction industry, which provides about 60 million job opportunities. It has been predicted that by the end of this year, the construction industry with nine percent share in the nation’s economy will be the largest sector providing employment and it will provide 76 million direct or indirect employment opportunities. Because, the construction industry and especially the infrastructure sector of the industry has now been open for Foreign Direct Investment. This has paved a path for the global infra leaders and multinational companies which we observe currently in many multimodal corridors, metro projects and tunnel projects as consultants and contractors. About Rs two crore have been allocated in the union budget this year for expanding the national highway network over the country and 25,000 km of new road projects have been planned this year. Due to the focus of the Government on these key growth engines, the career in Civil Engineering will be more lucrative and successful.

Myths and truths about Civil Engineering:

The biggest and most principal misconception about Civil Engineering in students and their parents is that, a Civil Engineer is a person who needs to stand on site enduring the bash of sun, wind and rain with very low and unworthy emoluments. Also, civil engineering being a traditional branch of engineering is not tech-savy and the work therefore, is not challenging but a boredom. However, this is simply a myth. Then what’s the truth? Let’s see what it is.

Now, with the entry of multinationals in the various projects not only from these employers you get good pay-packages but even to stand in the tough competitions with them the local players in construction industry are also forced to offer similar packages to retain skilled and experienced engineers. One can be a structural or a geotechnical consultant seating in an airconditioned office offering creative and challenging designs for the structures to stand in the adverse climatic and loading conditions maintaining balance between safety and economy. Civil Engineers today have to work hand in hand with Mechanical, Electronics and IT Engineers with the primary knowledge and information about these sectors. Therefore, for tapping these bright career opportunities, it is most essential to take admission in an excellent educational institution providing world class education with industry ready curriculum.

Employment Opportunities in Civil Engineering:

Apart from traditional job opportunities of site engineers there are several other respectable and monetarily rewarding employment opportunities. You can be a Transportation Engineer and provide the solutions over traffic jams and plan for new routes serving as better logistic solutions stimulating economic growth. You can be an Environmental Engineer and resolve the issues in the water, waste-water and solid waste management or you can provide ‘Environment Impact Assessment Report’ before starting any new project. You can be a Project Manger controlling the project activities thereby completing the projects in stipulated time. All these are office jobs with moderate visits to sites, if necessary, and you earn a lot of respect and good monitory compensations. Even though in the beginning of your career you may draw 5 to 6 lacs per annum, however, with your experience and efficiency you can get the annual pay-packages up to 15 to 18 lacs.  

Business Opportunities in Civil Engineering:

In other engineering sectors like heavy industry and IT sector either you require to invest very huge capital investment for starting a business or you need to sustain in a tough competition with multinationals. However, in Civil Engineering you have numerous business opportunities with affordable investment options. To name a few, for safe foundation designs of high rise and multi-storeyed buildings as well as infrastructure projects there is a huge demand of soil testing laboratories. You can start this business with an investment of 15-20 lac rupees for equipment. Similarly, you can start water and waste-water testing laboratories. You can also start a construction chemical agency or start manufacturing the building components like concrete blocks used for wall construction or concrete jalis, readymade door and window frames, or paver blocks for footpaths. You can also act as a valuer who decides the value of property while offering loans by financial institutions or in court matters.

Need of Excellent Educational Institutions offering World Class Education:

If you want to open the treasure of best career and employment opportunities, you need to ensure that you are taking admission to the reputed, excellent educational institutions with good track record probably accredited nationally or internationally. Also ensure that, the curriculum taught in the institute should be equivalent to the leading national and international universities and the degree program offered should be acceptable worldwide in order grab the best worldwide employment opportunities in the multinationals.

Ultimately, today’s era is of tough competition and to survive in it you need to prove how you are different from others for receiving the fat pay-packages and perks and reaching new heights in your professional career. That can be achieved not only through hard work but requires a foundation of good and quality education.

The author is assistant professor, civil engineering department, Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering (MPSTME), NMIMS Mumbai.

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First published on: 28-05-2022 at 09:34 IST
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