Of total IELTS aspirants, 62% considers pronunciation as biggest problem, reveals LeapScholar survey

68% of Indians prefer studying online in the comfort of their homes to going to IELTS physical coaching.

Of total IELTS aspirants, 62% considers pronunciation as biggest problem, reveals LeapScholar survey
Data states that 33% of Indians like to practice listening skills through Hollywood movies and OTT platforms.

Of the total International English Language Testing System (IELTS) aspirants, 62% considers pronunciation their biggest problem, revealed LeapScholar survey on Indians’ English language abilities. According to the report, this implies that Indian students still have difficulty holding fluent conversations in English. The survey suggested that there are several challenges Indians face in their English spoken and listening skills. 60,000 Indians aspiring to take the IELTS were chosen as a sample by the ed-tech start-up, the report said.

As per the survey, the most difficult aspect of reading was concentration for 37% of candidates, followed by understanding for 36%. In the speaking test, 27% perceived they could improve their vocabulary and confidence the most, it said. 

Approximately 68% of Indians prefer to learn IELTS online rather than through physical coaching, the report revealed. “In terms of digitising their entire test preparation and coaching, students cited Covid 19 as a major factor. Since online coaching is convenient, accessible, and flexible, it is expected to continue to be a trend,” it said.

Furthermore the survey revealed that a whopping 56% want to work on improving their listening skills, one of the main elements of IELTS. More than 42% of respondents said they practice sample tests to learn global accents, while 33% said they watch Hollywood movies and TV shows to improve their understanding. 

“The Office, Suits, and other shows provide aspirational platforms for students to improve their English. Even though 71% percent of IELTS aspirants studied English at school, they still had difficulty having impromptu conversations in the language. In addition, 39% of respondents admitted to filling English sentences with regional native languages,”

“With the spike in students aspiring to study abroad, fluency and command over the English language is critical and of utmost importance. In today’s globalised world, English serves as a medium of intra-national and international communication. The insightful findings of the survey throw light on the pulse and dynamics of the entire IELTS preparation journey of an Indian student,”  Vaibhav Singh, co-founder, LeapScholar said.

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