IIT JEE Tips: How to prepare for JEE Main?

The most practical strategy to deal with the colossal conundrum that is JEE Main is to divide one’s preparation strategy into certain carefully drafted stages that prove fruitful in augmenting productivity and retention.

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By Swaati Jain,

Hard work is unequivocally the key to success, but it bears sweeter fruit when immersed in the everyday preparation for an endeavor. JEE Main, typically perceived as the biggest can of worms ever faced by Indian students in their lifetime, is a gamble of preparation as well. Those who manage to fit in a considerable chunk of innovative study within a limited time frame tend to attain brownie points in this gamble, signs of which can be seen exhibited throughout their life. 

The most practical strategy to deal with the colossal conundrum that is JEE Main is to divide one’s preparation strategy into certain carefully drafted stages that prove fruitful in augmenting productivity and retention. Laced with mock tests, practice exams, and help books, categorizing one’s study plan always brings about appreciable results. Students can take help from a few critical strategies and tips that need to be inculcated in a preparation routine for desirable results. 

Know The Syllabus Weightage 

A hardworking student is one who tackles every single study portion with the same determination as the rest. A smart working student, in contrast, recognizes the syllabus weightage and manages the preparation time accordingly. NTA already provides insight into the syllabus students are required to study from, and thus preparation step 1 should entail segregating the topics into class 11 and class 12, respectively, to allow common preparation for both the entrance and board examinations. 

Another crucial strategy is segregating the concepts into three categories: easy, hard, very hard, and devoting maximum time to the very hard ones until they become easy enough to shift them to the easy section. Students can also divide the topic into another dimension: know and do not know. By gradually shifting the do not knows to the know section, a student can prepare thoroughly for this life-altering exam. 

Know The Examination Pattern and Suggested Preparation Books 

A close analysis of the examination pattern reveals numerous study techniques. Knowing the exam syllabus is directly associated with exam preparation: knowing which concepts carry high weightage allows one to study them in the way expected to appear in the exam. This strategy does not give, in any way, students an easy license to skip whichever topic they deem fit. Assorting topics does not entail skipping the less important ones but is instead a practical method of gradual and significant-first learning that allows immaculate retention. 

Students typically make the calamitous mistake of choosing unworthy and non-professional preparation books brimming with conceptual errors and blunders. These blunders inevitably show up in students’ examination books, leading to a depressing loss of marks. 

Learn By Writing 

Numerous studies have shown that the most productive way of learning for students in their adolescent years is to jot down significant points and study while making notes. This strategy is consequential in two ways. Firstly, it allows an extended retention rate as students are likely to remember what they wrote for longer as compared to what they only learned. Secondly, making easily decipherable notes while studying allows convenient revision, which proves immensely beneficial when students are left with a mere two or three days to revise the entire elephant-like course. Analytic revision is crucial if a student intends on cracking JEE Main, and there is no other alternative to it. 

Know That There Are Worthy Options 

Contrary to popular belief, JEE Main preparation is not just cramming theoretical concepts and filling registers after registers in practice. It is about making sure a student is healthy and mentally fit enough to study, as health always comes first. One significant portion of JEE Main preparation is also eating healthy and appropriately, exercising frequently, and allowing oneself breaks for recharging. One other imperative aspect is knowing that JEE Main is not the end of the world and that hard work never goes down the drain. There is so much to come, and being willing to face all those challenges with an unaltered spirit is what makes an individual truly prepared. 

Following the strategies mentioned above is guaranteed to bring about a considerable metamorphosis in a student’s study schedule and preparation routine. 

Happy studying!

(The author is Editor-In-Chief & Editorial Director, Oswaal Books. Views expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of the

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