From ambition to achievement: Building the right resume

One that paints your career vision clearly.

Having a clear vision of your career aspirations is crucial.
Having a clear vision of your career aspirations is crucial.

It’s that time of the year when after graduating you would start applying for jobs, and an interviewer will likely ask: “Were do you see yourself in five years?”

But before that, he would have gone through your resume, and judged something about you.

That’s why it’s important to build the right resume.

Paint a clear vision

Having a clear vision of your career aspirations is crucial. To stand out, a recruiter must be able to understand the reasoning behind each choice that your resume represents.

Skills or degrees

The days when recruiters simply looked for degrees on a resume are long gone. Today, talent trumps degrees, so it’s crucial to have a meaningful list of skills. Also ensure that your resume has a storyline. For example, if you are an aspiring marketer, then your CV should show a stage finish or at least participation in, say, HUL LIME or any competition organised by an FMCG. An engineer who aspires to work at FAANG should have participated in the 100 days coding sprint. Your CV should show when the seed of your aspiration was planted and how you nurtured it through the years. Just an MBA or a BTech in CS/IT just won’t make the cut.

Networking on multiple axis

No wall ever built has been for the good, irrespective of its intent at the time. I would suggest that you break the ones around your campus and interact with your peers and seniors from different campuses, and also seek guidance from anyone who is willing to share their two cents. Even to this day, I reach out to my peers, even seniors, and past colleagues when Unstop faces a challenge or rather an opportunity.

The magic of mentorship

Step over role models, this is the era of mentors. The tricky bylanes of today’s competitive world can be navigated with much ease if one has a mentor who is present and involved. I attribute my success to my mentors who have played a vital role. I understand first-hand the role a mentor can play and that was my motivation behind launching Unstop Mentorships. I wanted every student to enjoy the privileges that I did. Your mentor will help guide you on what to do and most importantly on what not to do to stand out from the crowd. They will be the strongest pillar in your life or hype gang as your generation likes to put it.

Above all, do this!

Remember, when things don’t work, you should. This may sound like a quote one reads on a t-shirt, but this is something that I abide by.

I firmly believe that putting these 5 practical tips into practice can help you pass the 6-second test of recruiters and get noticed. Building an unstoppable resume is essential to showcase your skills and experiences in a clear and succinct way. The sooner you realize the importance of crafting an effective resume that highlights your unique value proposition and sets you apart from the competition, the better.

The author is founder and CEO, Unstop, the talent engagement platform

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First published on: 22-05-2023 at 09:04 IST