Better when personalised: Ed-tech growth has resulted in enhanced learning outcomes

Valuing $ 85 Billion in 2021, the global EdTech market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15% between 2022-28.

Better when personalised: Ed-tech growth has resulted in enhanced learning outcomes
The K-12 segment has seen a significant increase in the usage of ed-tech in recent years.

By Nachiket Bhatia

Technology is transforming the workspace for all industries. As far as the education industry is concerned, the potential that technology can reap is still being unearthed. Today the highly competitive environment and the urgency of time requires revocation of the old teaching techniques. These one way delivery techniques lacked while catering to different paced learners. It is now required of education to foster and integrate creativity, collaborative learning and critical thinking, the must-haves of the 21st century. And technology will have a primary role in making this shift possible.

Education technology emerged as a solution for unprecedented changes that occurred in education during the pandemic. It provided for uninterrupted education during that time and now it is looking forward to proliferating and advancing the levels of education. By introducing personalised learning, the ed-tech industry anticipates fostering skills through the incorporation of data insights to enhance the core competencies of the learners. Personalised learning is not a plan but rather a method of thinking about teaching and learning that has the potential to revolutionise classrooms and strengthen the future workforce. This intended shift from teacher-centred to student-centric education will add a positive outlook to classroom teaching. 

The K-12 segment has seen a significant increase in the usage of ed-tech in recent years, but more is to be bolstered from its implementation in higher education. Valuing $ 85 Billion in 2021, the global EdTech market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15% between 2022-28. It is likely to value $ 230 Billion by 2028. This period will observe heightened use of AI and AR technologies with game-based learning, hybrid models, and app-based learning driving investments in the industry. The Indian ed-tech industry alone, will grow at a CAGR of 39.77% between 2020-25. Rising demand for non-academic courses from tier II and III cities and the desire for personalization in the ed-tech areas are driving this expansion.

The advancement of education technology has aided both instructors and students. Where teachers are benefited from a more elaborated range of resources to impart education at the same time students have the benefit of learning at their own pace. Today’s technology has compelled education to become more adaptable, inventive, engaging, and collaborative.

Why personalised learning is tantamount to enhanced learning

Personalised learning allows for a seamless integration of technology into learning experiences while engaging in real-world activities that promote content learning. It connects the learner’s current collection of information, experiences, and abilities with previous learning and crucial future knowledge by providing appropriate assistance. The engagement provided by personalised learning does not weary the quicker learners, overwhelm the slow learners, or leave the inventive learners uninspired. Its advantages include:

  • Freedom to decide on a learning approach that suits one’s learning abilities and retention rate. Ed-techs also offer self-assessment to determine one’s weaknesses and strengths for better learning. 
  • Helps in exploring new ways of learning through presentations and research while keeping the learners more active and engaged. 
  • It improves dedication and motivation to learn. The intrinsic motivation encourages the students and inculcates a sense of achievement within them. 
  • It is easier and more effective with better eventual outcomes because of dynamic lesson plans for learners. 
  • It provides a better one-to-one relationship between educator and learner. This kind of relationship also enhances the communication skills, cognitive skills and consequently academic performance of the learners.
  • It paves way for design thinking and project-based learning.
  • Additionally, working in a technological setting allows the students to learn digital operations such as the use of collaboration software like google slides.
  • It prepares the students for a career of their choice.

The rote learning model is gradually fading away from the present education system. The innovative tailor-made instructional designs and academic support strategies are replacing uniform learning plans. While at the same time they are also creating fun, engaging and healthy classroom atmospheres. These improved outcomes, as a result of technology combined with personalised learning, are projected to propel the ed-tech business forward.


The differences in learning pace can never be met by standardising the time, way and concept of learning. Standardising education will eventually turn education into a breeding ground for ever-widening learning disparities. Students in the 21st-century classroom carry their own experiences and viewpoints of what has transpired in society to the classroom and should not be viewed as passive recipients of knowledge. 

A critical part will be played by ed-techs in providing tailored learning by assisting educators in building and delivering personalised learning experiences for each student. Tailored learning will take care of both underperforming students as well as overperforming students. Placing students and their learning needs at the centre of every educational initiative will eventually lead them to flourish later down the line and help the world achieve equitable quality education with lifelong learning opportunities.

The author is CEO, Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute and E-Gurukul. Views expressed are personal.

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