The upcoming scenario of NFT based jobs in India

The demand for NFTs is expected to contribute towards the Indian employment sector

By Harsh Bharwani

NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are in much demand and in discussion these days. With the lightning rise of NFT sales across the globe, job and business opportunities are on the boom for different types of professions. These professions include developers working for gaming and NFT transactions for different businesses, players with monetizing skills, and many more.

The jobs like NFT designers, developers, artists, creators, social media experts, etc. are on rising these days. Many companies are willing to enter the Metaverse – virtual world and they need NFTs to develop communities and make the consumers follow them online. This will enhance their sales and reach a large audience and also help in generating quality leads.

For this purpose, multiple positions are opening for different profiles so that companies can enter this market. NFTs provide authenticity and digital ownership certificate for the digital products that consumer buys. However, the use of NFTs is changing the way of business and buying behavior of consumers online.

Some business leaders recently spoke to the media regarding NFTs and said that this is just the beginning. There is more to see in the hiring space of the NFTs market as NFTs enter the mainstream business.  Non-fungible tokens are mostly useful for artists, athletes, companies, real estate businesses, etc. India is a hub for many talents and for blockchain development and NFTs, it is a growing area. Many global companies are hiring techies and NFT enthusiasts with relevant skills and offering good salary packages.

Upcoming Opportunities

The growth rate of NFTs as per the trading volumes raised around 11 Billion $ in the year 2021 as per the DappRadar platform. These are just quarterly results. This also raised the incentives which showed steep growth in the talent. Moreover, the recent pandemic raised the online activities where many people are involved in different activities. Due to the growth in the Blockchain market and digital products, we can see a good increase in the NFT-related jobs in the coming years.

Currently, the NFT job market has only hundreds of opportunities and it needs to develop with awareness of NFT usage and its value. The rise in NFT transactions and the users will automatically create more opportunities in this sector undoubtedly. Some of the possible positions in the NFT field include- NFT Analyst, NFT Creators, Blockchain Developer, Community Manager, NFT strategist, etc.

Latest opportunities for professionals to learn NFTs?

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens have caught the attention of many people starting from the extensive internet users to giant business entities. There are many opportunities for experienced professionals as well as fresher in this tech field. All the need to do is to get acquainted with the NFT skills, their uses, and working strategy.

But before learning NFTs, it is more important to know about the Blockchain technology that runs behind NFTs. In the blockchain, you can come to know about smart contracts, NFT basics, distributed ledgers, protocols behind the NFTs, mining and minting cryptos/NFTs, NFT marketplaces, etc.

Further, you will learn about blockchain wallets, transactions, NFT projects, communities, industry, security, NFT applications, and much more. Therefore, if you learn blockchain, then it will cover all the aspects of NFTs. Blockchain enthusiasts, artists, and other professionals can easily learn these tools and techniques to become experts.

There are different courses available to learn NFTs and blockchain in the market today both online and offline. So, interested professionals and students can start learning even from scratch. But if you learn from the industry experts then it will be highly beneficial to gain expert skills for building a bright digital future.

The author is CEO and MD, Jetking Infotrain

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