All Party Meet on India-China Border Issue Highlights: Parties back Govt, PM Modi assures no intrusion at LAC

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Updated: June 20, 2020 12:04:50 am

India-China border dispute All party Meet Highlights: The All Party Meeting called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has concluded. Leaders of 20 political parties participated in the meeting.

india china border news, india china news, india china war 2020India China LIVE: Indian Army has said that none of its personnel involved in the clash is missing. (Reuters photo)

India-China border dispute All party Meet Highlights: The All Party Meeting called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has concluded. Addressing leaders of all political parties, PM Modi assured that the Indian forces were capable of securing the country’s borders. He highlighted that the entire country was hurt and angry by actions of China at the LAC in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred. He also assured that no intrusion on Indian territory has taken place along the LAC and no Indian Army’s post has been captured by China.

Leaders of 20 political parties participated in the meeting. After the most violent clashes in decades between the Indian Army and Chinese PLA in Eastern Ladakh’s Galwan Valley on Monday night, PM Modi had called the all-party meeting today. The meeting started at 5 PM today. The all-party meet had representation from major political parties from across India. PM Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also briefed parties about Galwan Valley and the current situation at India-China LAC. Several small parties like RJD, AAP, AIMIM were not invited.

According to reports, the deadly brawl in eastern Ladakh’s Galwan Valley took place after Chinese PLA soldiers and Indian Army soldiers clashed after Indian patrol party was attacked by PLA soldiers. India has rejected China’s claims as ‘exaggerated’ in talks between the two foreign ministers after Galwan clash. Indian Army has said that none of its personnel involved in the clash is missing.

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India China Galwan Valley Faceoff |All Party meeting Highlights


    23:06 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    US Chamber of Commerce: US-India corridor very much focused on developments at China-India border

    US Chamber of Commerce says US-India corridor is very much focused this week on grave developments on the China-India border. While strong behind-the-scenes diplomacy seems poised to resolve and deescalate tensions, we are saddened by the loss of life resulting from the conflict. The clashes have pushed bilateral relations to a new low, and prompted pledges from New Delhi to pare back economic ties with China and strengthen strategic relationships with the US and other partners.

    "We're excited to announce that our 2020 India Ideas Summit will be held virtually this year, making our conversations with senior business and government leaders more accessible than ever," says US Chamber of Commerce

    23:04 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    India China clash: IPL governing coucil to review sponsorship deals

    Taking note of the border skirmish that resulted in the martyrdom of our brave jawans, the IPL Governing Council has convened a meeting next week to review IPL’s various sponsorship deals, says Indian Premier League (IPL)

    21:57 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Part Meeting enriched by views of leaders, says Amit Shah

    Home Minister Amit Shah tweets that the all-party meeting today was enriched by the views of various esteemed leaders. "It was a manifestation of PM Narendra Modi’s commitment to take all political stakeholders along, when it comes to key matters involving India’s strategic interests."

    "Attended the all party meet chaired by PM @narendramodi. Meeting had an unequivocal message - India is one when it comes to national security. All parties are proud of our armed forces, their valour and have full faith in them to defend our sovereignty and territorial integrity," Shah tweeted.

    21:30 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meeting Updates: PM Modi says patrolling capacity at LAC has increased

    All Party Meeting Live: PM Modi said that India wants peace and friendship, but upholding sovereignty is foremost. PM Modi highlighted that the government his government has given primacy to development of border area infrastructure to make India's borders more secure. Provision has also been made for fighter planes, modern helicopters, missile defence systems and other such needs of our forces. Through the recently developed infrastructure, patrolling capacity at LAC has also increased, he said, adding that through this, 'we are better informed about the developments at LAC and consequently are able to monitor and respond better. The movement of those which used to take place without any disruption earlier is now checked by our jawans, which at times leads to build up of tension. He noted that through better infrastructure, supply of material and essentials to jawans in the difficult terrain has become comparatively easier.'
    21:21 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    PM Modi says entire country hurt and angry at Chinese actions

    PM Modi said that the entire country is hurt and angry at the steps taken by China at LAC. He assured the leaders in the All Party Meeting that our armed forces are leaving no stone unturned to protect the country. Be it deployment, action or counteraction, through land, sea or air, our forces are taking the necessary steps to protect the country. He emphasized that the country today has such capability that no one can even dare look towards an inch of our land.

    PM also said that today, Indian forces are capable of moving together across sectors. While on the one hand, the army has been given the freedom to take necessary steps, India has also conveyed its position clearly to China through diplomatic means.

    21:15 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meet Live: Indian Forces fully capable of securing out borders

    All Party Meet Live: PM Modi assured all political parties that Indian forces are fully capable of securing our borders. We have given them freedom for taking necessary actions

    21:12 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    PM Modi says sovereignty is of paramount importance for India

    All-Party Meet Live: PM Modi assured the martyrs' family that the entire country is with them. He said you have listened to what has happened in eastern Ladakh. There has been no incursion there not any of our posts has been taken. Our 20 soldiers were martyred. But whoever dared against Bharat Mata, were taught a lesson. Certainly, the entire country is angry over what China has done at the border. Our defence forces are taking adequate actions. Today we have the capability that no one can look at even 1-inch of our land.

    Our forces are doing what they have to do to protect the country, PM Modi said.

    21:01 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meeting: PM Modi said those who dared Bharat Mata, taught a lesson

    All Party Meeting: PM Modi said that in the past few years, to protect our borders, we have given importance to infrastructure development to protect our borders. The requirements of our armed forces, be it fighter planes, advanced helicopters, missile defence systems, that too is being given importance.

    The prime minister said that in the past few years, to protect our borders, we have given importance to infrastructure development to protect our borders. The requirements of our armed forces, be it fighter planes, advanced helicopters, missile defence systems, that too is being given importance. Till now, those who were never questioned or stopped, now our jawans stop them and warn them at multiple sectors.

    Neither have they intruded into our border, nor has any post been taken over by them (China). Twenty of our jawans were martyred, but those who dared Bharat Mata, they were taught a lesson.

    20:59 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meeting updates: PM Modi rules out intrusion into Indian territory

    PM Modi assured in the All party Meeting today that neither anyone has intruded into our territory nor took over any post. The Prime Minister said that Indian forces are doing what they have to do to protect country, whether it is deployment, action or counter-action.

    20:37 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meeting Updates: There was no intelligence failure, says Rajnath Singh

    Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said in the All Party Meeting today that there was no intelligence failure in the India-China Border Faceoff. In the meeting, opposition leaders had raised the question of intelligence failure.

    20:33 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    China reacts to boycott calls

    Amid calls for boycotting Chinese goods across India, PTI reports that China today reacted guardedly to such calls. The clamour for boycotting of Chinese products and investments in India has grown following the brutal attack on Indian soldiers at the Galwan Valley. China said it values its relations with New Delhi and both countries are in talks to ease the situation. The boycott calls and the growing anti-India sentiment is causing a sense of disquiet in China, especially among its telecom companies like Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo etc which made a big dent in the Indian market, the second-largest in the world after China in mobile phones.

    China is the biggest beneficiary of the bilateral trade with India, with about USD 60 billion balance of trade in its favour in about USD 92.68 total trade in 2019. Asked about growing calls in India to boycott Chinese products and investments, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the responsibility for the crisis lies with India. "I would like to reiterate that regarding the serious situation in the Galwan valley, the right and wrong is very clear and the responsibility entirely lies with the Indian side," he said.

    20:25 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meet: Akali Dal, YSRCP back PM Modi

    Akali Dal's Sukhbir Singh Badal said this is not the right time to question the handling of the situation. India is with the PM. Let’s give the message to China that we are with the PM.

    Jagan Mohan Reddy of YSRCP said that thanks to PM, India’s reputation has risen globally. He has built key strategic partnerships across the world. You are our strength, Prime Minister. India has gained the envy of many. They (China) are trying to destabilise India. (ANI)

    20:23 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    Telangana CM announces Rs 5 crore for Col. Santosh Babu's family

    Telangana Chief Minster KC Rao announces that Col Santosh Babu's family will get Rs 5 crore, a residential plot and Group 1 job to his wife. The Telangana state government has also announced Rs 10 lakh each to the other 19 soldiers who were martyred in GalwanValley, says Telangana CMO

    20:04 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party meeting: SP demands 300% duty Chinese goods, Sena backs PM

    All Party Meeting Live Updates: Samajwadi Party's Ram Gopal Yadav said, 'Nation is one. 'Neeyat' of Pakistan and China is not good. India will not be China’s dumping ground. Impose 300 per cent duty on Chinese goods.'.

    Shiv Sena's Uddhav Thackeray said India wants peace but that doesn’t mean we are weak. 'China’s nature is betrayal. India is 'Mazboot' not 'Majboor'. Our government has the ability to - 'Aankhien Nikalkar Haath Me de dena'...We are all one. This is the feeling. We are with you, PM. We are with our forces and their families.' (ANI)

    19:51 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meeting: BJD backs PM

    BJD 's Pinaki Misra said at the All Party meeting that Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik's appeal to all parties is not to indulge in a blame game at this point. We must be in lockstep with the Government, the entire country needs to talk in one voice. "Sarkar ko jawab dena padega, strong action will have to be initiated (against China). Whatever that action may be, the BJD will fully support the Government," Mishra was quoting as saying by ANI.

    19:44 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meeting: What Nitish Kumar said

    JDU chief and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said there was nationwide anger against China. There should be no differences among us. We are together. Parties should not show any disunity that can be explored by other nations. China’s stand on India is known. India wanted to give respect to China. But what did China do in 1962. On Chinese products, Kumar said Goods from China flooding Indian markets have major problems. They're plastic heavy, aren't eco-friendly and they harm the environment. Electronic waste associated with them is high. Chinese products don’t even last long. It 's our duty to be one and support the Centre. (ANI)

    19:28 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meet Updates: Mamata Banerjee says don't let China enter telecom, railway, aviation

    All Party Meet Live Updates: TMC leader Mamata Banerjee said at the meeting to not let China enter telecom, railway and aviation sectors in India. "We will face some problems but we won’t allow the Chinese to enter," ANI quoted Banerjee as saying as per sources. Banerjee also said China is not a democracy. They are a dictatorship. They can do what they feel. "We, on the other hand, have to work together. India will win, China will lose. Speak with unity. Think with unity. Work with unity. We are solidly with the Government."

    19:12 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meet Updates: Conrad Sangma said infra work on borders must go on

    All party meeting with PM over India-China border issues: NPP's Conrad Sangma said, "Infrastructure work along the border should not stop. China sponsored activities in Myanmar and Bangladesh is worrying. PM has been working on North East infrastructure and it must go on."

    19:10 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meet Live: Sonia Gandhi says the nation needs assurance, brief opposition regularly

    At the All Party Meeting with PM, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said, 'Nation needs assurance that status quo ante restored. What is the current status of Mountain strike corps? Opposition parties should be briefed regularly.' (ANI quotes source).

    According to PTI, Gandhi said that the country wants assurance from the government that status quo ante will be restored along LAC and China will revert to original position. The Congress president said, "We failed to use all avenues of talks to ease LAC tension, lost valuable time, and the result was loss of 20 lives." She also asked whether there was a failure of intelligence. 

    19:03 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meet: Sikkim Krantikari Morcha backs Modi

    All party meeting with PM over India-China border issues Live Updates: Sikkim Krantikari Morcha chief and Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang backed PM Modi. He said said during the meeting that "we have full faith in the PM. In the past too, when it comes to national security, PM has taken landmark decisions", ANI reports sources as saying.

    19:02 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meet Live: Sharad Pawar reacts on whether soldiers carried arms or not

    All-party meeting with PM over India-China border issues: NCP Chief and Former Defence Minister Sharad Pawar said that issues of whether soldiers carried arms or not are decided by international agreements and we need to respect such sensitive matters, ANI reports sources as saying.

    18:20 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meet Live: PM Modi, other leaders pay tribute to Galwan Valley martyrs

    All Party Meet Live: PM Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, FM Sitharaman, EAM and leaders of different political parties, who are present in the all-party meeting via video-conferencing, pay tribute to soldiers who lost their lives in Galwan Valley clash.

    17:50 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meeting underway

    The all-party meeting called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the situation along the India-China border is underway. In the virtual meeting, PM Modi and leaders of most of the major parties are expected to share their views through a video conference. The meeting comes after 20 India Army personnel, including a colonel, died in a violent clash with Chinese troops in Galwan valley in Ladakh. Presidents of various political parties, including the BJP, Congress, TMC, AIADMK, DMK, TRS, JD(U), BJD, LJP, BSP, SP, Shiv Sena and NCP among others, are taking part in this virtual meeting.Earlier, Opposition parties, including the Congress, had urged the government to be transparent about the situation on the border and slammed its handling of the issue.

    17:12 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Pary Meeting begins

    The All Part Meet has begun. PM Modi is chairing the meet. The meeting is expected to lead to a political consensus on the India-China issue.

    16:35 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meet: AAP not invited for all-party meeting

    The AAP has not been invited to an all-party meeting called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the border conflict with China, two senior party leaders claimed on Friday. AAP leader Sanjay Singh said the party has a government in Delhi and in Punjab, it is the main opposition party, but still the BJP does not want its opinion on such an important matter. "The BJP government at the Centre should take everyone along on a serious issue like national security. It is unfortunate for democracy that a three-time chief minister has not called for suggestions on an important subject," Singh told reporters. (PTI)

    16:32 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    HD Deve Gowda calls for toning down "nationalist rhetoric" over Indo- China border face-off

    Former prime minister H D Deve Gowda on Friday pitched for toning down "nationalist rhetoric" and cautioned government against encouraging calls for economic boycott of Chinese products in the backdrop of the death of 20 Indian soldiers in the Gwalwan Valley face-off. He also said a detailed presentation should be made by a senior serving military officer and diplomat on the ground situation for opposition leaders at the all-party meeting on the border situation for a "meaningful" exchange of views. Welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiative in convening the virtual meet Friday evening, the JD(S) patriarch also urged his colleagues in the opposition not to use "intemperate" language. (PTI)

    16:31 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    China says it hasn't detained any Indian soldiers

    China on Friday said that 'presently', it has not detained any Indian soldiers, amidst reports that the Chinese military took some Indian troops captive after a deadly clash in the Galwan Valley on June 15. The brief statement of the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian came a day after the Indian Army said that all Indian soldiers involved in the clashes with the Chinese army at the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh on Monday night have been accounted for. "As far as I know, China presently has not detained any Indian personnel," Zhao told a media briefing here while answering questions on the tense standoff between the Indian and Chinese troops at the Galwan Valley. (PTI)

    16:22 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    All Party Meet on Galwan Valley Faceoff: RJD leaders protest at Parliament

    Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leaders including Manoj Jha and Misa Bharti staged a protest near Gandhi Statue in Parliament. Manoj Jha said, "We are upset because we have not been invited to the all-party meeting called by PM Modi over Galwan Valley Face Off."

    16:15 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    AIMIM not invited to All Party Meet

    All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) MP Asaduddin Owaisi has written to PM Modi, saying, "it is disappointing that my party was not invited to today's "All Party Meeting" on China border issue which was to be chaired by you."

    16:01 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    India China LIVE: Increased fighter jet activity in Ladakh!
    15:57 (IST)19 Jun 2020
    India China Live: All party meet at 5 PM

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for an all-party meet at 5:00 PM today to brief the various political party presidents about the ongoing tensions between India and China following the violent clashes between Indian Army and Chinese PLA earlier this week.

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