Cardiac Care Special

The Stent Saga

Overuse and over pricing of stents in cardiac care procedures has been a hot topic for discussion lately. An analysis delving into the factors driving these issues and measures to mitigate them By Rae

‘It will be a boon to people in rural India who don’t have access to basic medical care’

In a bid to provide reliable healthcare delivery in remote areas at low cost, faculty from IIT Hyderabad has recently proposed a two-tier, telecardiology framework, where ECG records can be transmitte

Recipient list (for heart transplants) is ever increasing while donor numbers are dwindling

Recently, Fortis Hospital, Mulund conducted two successful heart transplants following concentrated and speedy coordination between airport authorities, hospitals, government officials and traffic con

Government has to make certain rules and specify the steps to simplify donation

Heart transplants in India face many challenges. Right from finding a donor to arranging the logistics for the transplant, these roadblocks have taken many lives. However, in the past few years, exper

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