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Brands that cut through: Dream11, Microsoft, Fenesta, Celio, Snickers, Classmate, Lloyd, Asian Paints, Zepto, A23 Games, Winkin’ Cow, Pepsi.

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Dream11 | #SabKhelenge

This one promises a lot. It’s a level up from the brand’s past work and smartly builds on the popular ‘Yeh hum kar lete hain’. It connects instantly by featuring the cricketers and actors as themselves and pitting them against each other. The press con setting makes things interesting (without costing a bomb, too). Dream11 hasn’t let us down in the past after a good start so here’s hoping for another enjoyable campaign to add flavour to the men’s IPL.

Microsoft | Empowering Dreams | The Dream Wedding

Technology is only as good as the experiences it enables. In the case of a company like Microsoft, the efficiency it enables with its tools and user friendly features it offers help create seamless work experiences. A step further, all of those can help a business make a client’s dream come true. That’s the story here. And what a story it is.

The lead actors’ performances are all above par – surprising that the young ones managed to match strides with the veteran thespian. Unhurried storytelling, sensitive writing and painstaking production take this from a ‘good piece of content’ to an engaging creative that entertains and delights the viewer. Why else would you spend over eight minutes watching a corporate sell its wares?

Fenesta | #20YearsOfCare | #BeesSaalTumharaKhayaal

The window. The kinds of storytelling possibilities it opens up, whether open or closed, is astounding. Pursuing one such arc of someone waiting by the window, and the transition from a child waiting for her father by the window to him awaiting the grown daughter’s return is this film. Captured delightfully, it manages to deliver the 20-year journey of Fenesta with warmth.

Celio | #DoItYourWay

Now these are the influential creators and personalities that the young are engaged with. Tick. #DoItYourWay is as appealing a call as any to get their antennae up. I went a little out of the way to check. A couple of them would in fact not mind this song as a caller tune. The creation is not just catchy but captures the vibe of the young. The visuals match the energy of the soundtrack. I never did think a personal favourite (confession/disclosure) like Celio would address the youth so clearly so soon – signs that one is growing old, surely! Jokes apart, a clear sign of where the larger market potential is.

Also, some marketers on juries might disagree. But I think keeping Celio in the picture as (not more than) a logo and (obviously) in the apparel on show, works better than something more in our face. RoI seekers looking to extract more bang for every buck have most often missed the woods for the trees.

Snickers | Exam Hunger | Einstein

‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ has come some distance. From international cuts to our own Rekha and MSD versions and now, after a memorable ‘Monster Truck’ last year, arrives Einstein. This one is a winner because it not just builds on the core proposition, but also manages to stay contextually relevant during school exams. Every bit relatable, every bit entertaining, every bit Snickers.

Classmate | Hook Ball Pen | Aapne Kahan Hook Kiya?

A very clear product differentiation presents itself and the brand team does well with ‘Aapne kahan hook kiya?’ The slice of school of a teenager trying to impress his classmate may seem a little too grown up, but who are we kidding? Look at all else they are exposed to, from gum ads to biscuits to toothpaste. The film unmistakably underlines that with this product, you won’t have to forget your pen in future. Was there a better way to say that it writes smoothly? Perhaps. But then maybe that’s just the father of a 10-year-old coming through.

Lloyd AC | Khayal Toh Rakhna Padega Na

LLoyd scores this summer with this simple and sweet spot featuring the adorable couple. They are presented as themselves yet again but perhaps with more telling effect. ‘Khayal toh rakhna padega na’ is a line that all of us will relate to. The subtle introduction of dust even before the couple enjoy the comforts of the Lloyd-cooled room is a nice touch. The couple’s chemistry is priceless.

Asian Paints Tractor Sparc | Budget Mein Fit, Shauk Ki No Limit

Party guests impressed with the _ (bathroom / paint/ fan / lighting) of the house! Haven’t we heard this before? Maybe not specifically the ‘bachat’ angle, so full marks for driving that interestingly. When a broad idea has been done In a hundred different ways, to still keep us hooked is a commendable effort. Great execution makes this an entertaining watch.

Zepto | Pucca Milega

The bizarre has always been the resort of the brave and in advertising, it pays off more often than not when thought through and executed well. Brands that have tasted blood on this front are more likely to keep moving the needle. This will not win Zepto the accolades that its ‘Time mat keecho’ commercials featuring singers did. But they will amuse viewers before quickly delivering the message on unlimited delivery.

A23 Games | #ChaloSaathKhelein

Why is this coming across as a breath of fresh air in the category? It’s not just the responsible ‘Break lena zaroori hai’ message but also the relatability of the ambassador. Or is it just me? The brevity does wonders for the messages to be read loud and clear.

Britannia Winkin’ Cow | Sip The Wow

The use of teenagers seems to be a surefire way to impress those yet to get there. The theme and finish seem good enough to hold the attention of kids even younger. For those in the age group seen on screen, I am not sure but it could well work. I haven’t tested it – not yet. Has very little for parents, but clearly they weren’t the audience. Which kid wants to drink what the parent suggests?

Pepsi | Rise Up Baby | Yash | Tu Tera Kar

Pepsi says, ‘Tu Tera Kar’. Celio said, ‘Do Your Own Thing’. Pepsi has a huge film star and larger than life visualisation. Celio had a number of youngsters with youth appeal. Let us not compare the two beyond that. Because I believe you should only compare work within a category. Is there a dissonance, though? Yes, because the ‘Rise up’ message came through in an energetic song and dance gig with Ranveer Singh not too long ago. And this version of ‘Rise up’… But we may be overthinking this. It has a star who does his job. It has a cinematic visualisation that will keep viewers tuned in. I think that pretty much was the ask of this summer campaign, besides reiterating the ‘Rise up’ call.

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First published on: 27-03-2023 at 09:59 IST
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