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Brands that cut through: Myntra, Mountain Dew, Thums Up, Vivo, Amazon, Coke Zero, Bata, Jovees Herbal, Skoda, IIFL Finance, Country Delight.

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Myntra | Star Wala Look | Extraordinary Everyday

The flipped roles of the star and the commoner friend in each of the films works wonders. Underlines that you can be the superstar that even the stars go gaga about. Smartly written with a lot of cinematic touches like the slo-mo entry that keep you entertained if not engrossed. Wonderful use of celebrities.

Mountain Dew | Sky Is Not The Limit | #DarrKeAageJeetHai

Action movies have started feeding us impossible sequences, making films like this seem perfectly normal. Whether it is mainstream cinema or Mountain Dew, the challenge is to raise the bar on the adrenaline rush. Safe to say that the brand has managed to do that in the sky with these spots. Apt choice of well-established brand ambassador helps.

Thums Up | Soft Drink Nahin, Toofan (2023)

Keeping with action, this seems like a sequel to the star’s Pathaan act for Thums Up from last year that established ‘Soft Drink Nahin, Toofan’ with spectacular impact. Obviously, it worked. Hence this edition, with a shorter-haired SRK playing himself on a shooting set. The line ‘Baitke toh soft drink hi peete hain’ is a slick ploy to establish the ‘non-soft drink’ brand a.k.a. toofan, Thums Up. Should get viewers all charged up.

Vivo Y100 | It’s My Style

Sara Ali Khan and her young team are cut out for this. A colourful, vibrant, youthful film that is so full of life, set to a catchy tune, should get the attention of the young. In a category where differentiation is critical on both product and promotion, this effort at a clear positioning on the basis of looks (and colour changing / customisation? Not sure) should help. This is a piece of communication that would qualify as quality entertainment and will get willingly consumed for that reason.

Amazon India | Aaj Kya Khareeda

Amazon is out to sell itself as the destination for every need and everyday needs, from utilities to groceries to anything else one may need at home. Nicely articulated as ‘Aaj kya khareeda’, the simple plots set in middle class homes featuring normal people and slices of their life spell out the message clearly. They are more than watchable, too.

Amazon India | Selfiee | Movie Tickets

What better way to promote the movie ticket booking option than to ride on a new release? Should movie ticketing sites start getting worried?

Coke Zero | Great taste? Really?

How do you visually portray someone getting lost in the taste of something? That’s the attempt here and a pretty good one at that. The star delivers with poise and the soundtrack takes the film to another plane. As the protagonist loses himself in Coke Zero, the music transports you to another world. Really well made.

Bata India | Sneaker Studio | Live Limitless

Sneakers seem to be a rapidly growing market. Bata is chasing youngsters with 300 styles, nine brands and a ‘Live Limitless’ promise. Where some brands have gone funky, Bata has hit the getaway route – in style. What we get is a peppy, uplifting soundtrack, eye-pleasing scenery, a portrait of adventure in the arms of nature, high-energy youngsters and a whole lot of sneakers. The rest are so good that you don’t mind the sneakers.

Jovees Herbal | Glow Naturally

A spoof of shoot lighting that makes skin glow, that has been done right! Leading from there, the brand spotlights the product that promises a natural glow. Simple idea, well executed.

Skoda Kushaq | India’s Safest Family Car

A family getaway. Why? To showcase what is billed (and rated I am sure) as India’s safest family car. A cute family and beautiful visuals make for a pleasant watch. The lady at the wheel was thoughtful of the makers. The father and child falling asleep in the backseat, was winsome.

IIFL Finance | Seedhi Baat

The promise of ‘No hidden charges’ makes one wonder about the sorry state of the category. The entire film rides on the fine print players hide behind and lack of trust in the space. Any brand promising to be different may not be taken at face value, but will at least be seen as acknowledging the trust issue. It remains to be seen if the brand here can live up to its promise of ‘Seedhi Baat’. Nevertheless, it has announced its stance with a fair amount of fizz.

Country Delight

What a beautiful thought. Just for that, this deserves a place here. This is so true of mothers (or even fathers) and children – sometimes the latter realise the sacrifices too late. In this case, that is not the case. As cinematic as it may be, it is rooted in truth. And the brand rides on that truth to pitch itself as the best there is.

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First published on: 25-02-2023 at 13:24 IST
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