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How 5G will give an impetus to mobile marketing in India

This technology is single-handedly going to eradicate annoyance with ads.

Vishal Singh on how marketing and advertising industries will be affected by 5G
Vishal Singh on how marketing and advertising industries will be affected by 5G

By Vishal Singh

Back to the future & how! It’s safe to say that the 5G rollout in India is going to be a significant catalyst to the advertising industry and will truly empower the Digital India vision. According to a report released by Deloitte, India’s digital economy is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2025 because of growing smartphone usage, with fast and affordable internet, it’s going to be a match made in heaven! Let’s visit some of the sectors it’s going to affect hugely.

Improved ad experiences

Mobile advertising has thus far suffered from lag times and latency that have impacted the split-second load of both a page’s contents and intended ads. Simply put, latency is the gap of time taken between your command and when it’s delivered. With 5G we’re talking about a latency of less than one millisecond, probably lesser than the blink of an eye! This technology is single-handedly going to eradicate annoyance with ads.

Hyper-personalisation over personalisation

We’re not talking about personalisation; we’re talking about hyper-personalisation! This will come alive by the improvement in data collection due to 5G. It takes a considerable amount of time to know your customer with the limitations in resources, data-tracking or loading multiple analytics reports. With 5G, internet providers can now leverage all of it. For the same, brands are more likely to innovate ads to use this technology.

All hail video advertising

Another arena that 5G is going to ace is video advertising. Video is already the most consumed form of media now and with 5G and the magic of low latency, the features are only going to revamp for the better. This means better content & much richer experiences. As per CISCO, video traffic will account for 82 percent of all web traffic. Further, as per Video Marketing Statistics 2022, 84% of consumers say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. 5G allows the advertisers to cater to the huge challenge by decreasing the buffering time and keeping the viewer watching the full content without skipping. This is proven; while sharing the most exciting part about 5G, 57% of the consumers were excited about the higher definition content it will offer and 54% were excited about consistent and better-quality video streaming, as per Verizon Media.

This also paves the way for advertisers and marketers to leverage more vernacular video concepts as the demand for regional content consumption goes up in India. This need combines not only the personalisation feature but also the rise in the scope of video advertising offered by 5G.

Additionally, CDP (consumer-data-platforms) along with Marketing Automation platforms will also inspire the way communication is delivered which will pave the way to a competent media delivery and affect overall digital experiences.


Buckle up for the most immersive AR/VR experience of all time. With the high-speed internet being offered by 5G, advertisers are gearing up to amplify this technology. Further, this is also going to impact the mobile gaming market. With India already pioneering the mobile-first approach, 5G will further this advancement by offering a better overall experience. This is also a caution to the media agencies and brands to watch out for the redesigning and revamping their video creative strategy to accommodate the rapidly changing demand in the market with the increasing craze of metaverse! They will need to be very agile and nimble to keep up with the exponentially changing customer expectations and AdTech advancements due to 5G domination.

IoT way of things

The Internet-of-things is no longer a foreign term and may facilitate the next big revolution – The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The scope it carries is so monumental that the surface of this technology is just being scratched currently. 5G offers to become a nexus between the various embedded sensors across devices – across industries such as automation, surveillance, and production processes such that it will transform the journeys of the brands. However, the brands must adapt and invest in the manufacturing of 5G-equipped devices.

Many industries that still operate offline will have an increased scope of being converted online. The smart cities will get smarter, and so will our cars, our packages, our shopping, treatment, and dining experiences etc. IoT is truly giving birth to a new generation of technology, and we should gear ourselves to take a step into the future.

In a nutshell

5G is going to change the ball game of the industry and pretty much have mobiles at the core of any digital experience. With a mobile-first marketing approach already, India is already on its path to experiencing the full potential of 5G. Not just in viewing experiences but in invigorating and transforming the AdTech and commerce industry as we speak. The gaming industry, shopping, food, entertainment, treatment and many other daily services are all set to experience the IoT way of things and 5G is the revolution from where it all changes.

The author is the India general manager (GM) and global marketing head at MOCA Technology

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First published on: 18-12-2022 at 10:45 IST