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Shubhi Agarwal, co-founder and COO, Locobuzz, talks to BrandWagon Online about her weekends, favourite vacation destination and more

Agarwal is an avid reader and loves to carry her Kindle along wherever she goes.
Agarwal is an avid reader and loves to carry her Kindle along wherever she goes.

Weekends are all about down time. After a week full of work to meet deadlines, everybody needs a breather to relax and recuperate. From watching a favourite web-series to planning a vacation, weekends are designated as family and me time. Shubhi Agarwal, co-founder and COO, Locobuzz, talks to BrandWagon Online about her weekends, favourite vacation destination and more. (Edited Excerpts)

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What is the one thing you like to do when not working?

I’m a very creative person. I find myself drawn to a variety of activities outside of work. I have a deep appreciation for literature and enjoy reading both fiction and nonfiction books to broaden my knowledge and perspectives. In addition, I find great joy in expressing my creativity through various crafts and spending quality time with children. Cooking and baking are also passions of mine, as I find the process of creating something from scratch to be incredibly fulfilling. I believe that pursuing these interests outside of work helps me maintain a healthy work-life balance and provides a refreshed perspective to my professional endeavours.

How do you spend your weekends?

I typically use the first half of my weekend to focus on work-related tasks. I take this time to think and strategize about the upcoming week so that I can arrive at a mutually agreed plan on what needs to be done in the next week, which helps us to be more productive throughout the week. Aside from work, I also prioritize my fitness routine during the weekend.

Additionally, I try to set aside some time for reading and personal development. This could be listening to podcasts or reading books that can have a positive impact on my business or personal life. I believe in sharing this knowledge with my team and family members as required.

While work is important, I also recognize the value of spending time with loved ones. I make it a point to catch up with friends and family to strengthen our relationships and enjoy some leisurely activities. Overall, I try to balance work, fitness, personal development, and social time during my weekends to ensure that I am fully recharged and ready for the week ahead.

What are your favourite gadgets?

I don’t have a particular favourite gadget, but if I had to choose one, I would pick my Kindle because I’m an avid reader and it allows me to carry multiple books with me wherever I go. Having an entire library at my fingertips is incredibly convenient. Additionally, my iWatch helps me monitor my fitness goals and ensures that I meet my daily health activities, but I find the notifications distracting, so I’ve turned off all non-essential alerts to stay focused on my work.

Given an option to choose another career, what would it be?

I would have been a mixed-media artist. I have a deep passion for creating and love to experiment with different mediums and techniques. Being able to express myself through art would bring me immense joy and fulfilment. However, I am grateful for the career path I have chosen and the opportunities it has provided me.

Which is your favourite vacation spot?

I don’t have a singular favourite vacation spot as there are many places that I enjoy visiting. Personally, I love places with beautiful beaches, good food, and the company of my family. These places can range from Goa in India to Thailand, Greece, Indonesia or anywhere else that offers a good beach experience.

A TV show, movie, and an ad campaign that you highly recommend watching.

I highly recommend watching HUL’s ad campaign that educates people about the value of water. The campaign features a shower set up in a village, where people turn on the shower and start drinking the water, highlighting the disparity between the abundance of water in urban areas versus the scarcity in rural areas where people walk miles to get drinking water.

This message is humbling and reminds us of how privileged we are as urban Indians and the importance of being mindful, grateful, and cognizant of the fact that so many people in our own country lack the basic things we take for granted. As urban Indians, we often live wasteful lives filled with excess clothes, devices, food, and more, without realizing how privileged we are. It’s important to recognize that these things are not entitlements but privileges and luxuries, and we should share them with those less fortunate who lack access to the same resources.

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First published on: 21-05-2023 at 16:05 IST