Want to stop misuse of your car by driver? Try Kent CamEye

Kent CamEye is a unique plug-and-play device that uses dual cameras to record everything happening inside and outside the car

Want to stop misuse of your car by driver? Try Kent CamEye
There is modern technology available to keep a tab on such drivers and prevent misuse of personal vehicles.

Quite a few people, especially those who have chauffeur-driven cars, have a lingering suspicion at times that their vehicle is being misused by the driver. Instances like rash driving and over-speeding, taking intentional detours for personal work, sleeping in the car with the AC on, ferrying unknown passengers for quick money, etc., do happen. Fears grow multi-fold when women and children are driven by such truants behind the wheel. Thankfully, there is modern technology available to keep a tab on such drivers and prevent misuse of personal vehicles.

Kent RO Systems has introduced a new automotive security device that will ensure the safety of your loved ones and security of your vehicle. Called Kent CamEye, the product is priced at Rs 18,000. Basically, it is an easy DIY (do-it-yourself) installation that takes power from the 12V car socket and does not interfere with the original electric wiring or vehicle’s IBD port. It is powered using USB or cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle rather than being hard-wired to vehicle’s battery, hence ensuring the vehicle manufacture’s warranty. Simply download Kent CamEye app from Play Store or App Store, scan the QR code through the app, mount the vehicle in your vehicle, power up the device and you are ready with this high-tech, yet easy-to-use device.

Kent CamEye is a plug-n-play device that comes with a dual camera setup which uses intelligent video technology to offer live streaming and recording of both, audio and video of the vehicle. All cutting-edge features are under one roof: face recognition, cloud storage, GPS tracking, and AI-based smart alerts, that is, cabin noise and temperature. The device’s user-friendly app allows staying connected with your car, irrespective of your location. The device’s robust battery backup allows 24 hours operation even when vehicle is parked. There is significant internal memory that allows capture and storage of data in case of no mobile connectivity. When connectivity restores, it syncs the data automatically on cloud.

Once activated, the Kent CamEye continuously captures data related to cabin temperature and noise level, GPS position, G Sensor (accelerometer) readings, when the vehicle is moving or parked. Moreover, it allows playback of route travelled along with useful driving statistics. This is a 4G enabled device that uploads real-time data, including recorded video or audio, on a secure cloud server. Recorded video and trip-data can be downloaded anytime on owner’s mobile phone for playback and trip analysis.

At a macro-level, I think the Kent CamEye is a very well-thought-out device for some of the concerns, such as safety of children/family members in chauffeur-driven cars; you’ll receive an alert when the kid / woman family member reaches or exits the location, such as a school. Here again, you’ll get an get an alert on your phone if the car is going above a speed limit. You can call the driver instantly through your app.

Additionally, the Kent CamEye eliminates potential disputes by providing irrefutable evidence in road incidents. You can check recorded videos of past trips to see what had happened.

The best part is when you want to know who all are in the car with him, you can watch the live video of inside the car, and identify all people sitting in the car through face recognition technology. The applications of Kent CamEye can be in taxis, school buses, etc.

Overall, the Kent CamEye is a good car security device that can help you keep and eye on your car, anytime, anywhere.

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First published on: 25-03-2019 at 04:10 IST