Blockchain based student data retrieval and privacy system

It is estimated that the world’s largest student data record is being maintained with the application of Oracle Blockchains

Reportedly, the challenge which Blockchain3.0 has overcome was “Inter-portability of student data"
Reportedly, the challenge which Blockchain3.0 has overcome was “Inter-portability of student data"

By Ravindhar Vadapalli

Student Data Privacy by chaining the student data with in a Blockchain has become vital for university administration in order to develop a complete “student life cycle” management. As per the data provided by the Blockchain Council and Risk Annals Research Corporation in a recent survey it is found out that top universities across the globe trust Blockchain version 3.0 as the best available technology when it comes to Student Data Privacy, Student Data Security and subsequent whole life repository for the future generations. 

The top 5 US universities, ranked subject-wise and stored on blockchain-based Digi Lockers, include MIT for Engineering and Pure Science, Harvard for Management, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Law. Yale and Rhode Island School of Design lead in Fine Arts and Agriculture. Other notable universities on the list are Stanford, UC Berkeley, UPenn-Wharton, Princeton, UChicago, and Columbia. Blockchain-based Digi Lockers ensure secure and transparent storage of student data, improving accessibility and reliability of educational records.

Blockchain though comes with lots of advantages and benefits such as immutability, P2P Peer-to-Peer layered multi-Administration, it carries with it a “self-attached” organic risk profile more specifically, when it comes to student data on Blockchain.

The risk profile of the Blockchain Performance consists of two broad categories viz. Real Time Student Data Retrieval Risk (RTSDRR) and Performance Risk Associated with the Data Penetration within the Block. For mitigation of such risks prudent Blockchain combination has to be scrupulously followed.

Given the above background when we talk about student data, we are looking at millions of student records at a larger scale. It is estimated that the world’s largest student data record is being maintained with the tangent application of Oracle Blockchains by Israel Government with over 2 million student records appended regularly. The technological combination of Blockchain of Things (BCoT) Blockchain of things which combines Blockchain (+) Cloud Computing (+ )Internet of Things (IoT) is now made possible very easily at a lowest capital outlay of Just Rs. 5/- per student record.

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) for student data privacy along with real time record retrieval is being provided with the high precision-oriented performance of BCoT. Today Students can 100% rely on“ Blockchain Based Digi Lockers (BBDL) ” where with their Biometrics their historical connected and chained academic data from School Records to University Degrees can be retrieved from the inter-portedBlock Chain which is Blockchain 3.0.

Student Data Interpretability: The major Challenge which Blockchain 3.0 has overcome was “Inter-portability of Student Data “as schools and universities are spread across different technology platforms and their consumers are largely on an entirely opposite or altogether different technology platform(s). This is One of the major revolutions in blockchain based student data retrieval system. 

Multi Point Biometric Auto Reading Repository (MPBARR) :Blockchain based MPBARR is gaining momentum as the student would subsequently know,  with his bio-metrics who has used his data at different times and multiple incidents. The privacy breach would be alarmed to the student by MPBARR.

In Conclusion Blockchain 3.0 with powerful BCoT combination along with Inter-portability ensures adequate security and speed of retrievalto the student records.

The author is professor of blockchain, KL Deemed to be University

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First published on: 20-05-2023 at 14:45 IST