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How positive reinforcements make a bigger impact

Let us take a moment to applaud the spirit of entrepreneurship that not only lets us strive but thrive and transform the ecosystem
Even senior professionals who took comfort in job security are daring to step out and set up businesses.

The evolving need for a localised strategy to reach customers in the moments that matter

A report by ThinkwithGoogle states that 61% of customers lose trust in a brand if the information provided is incorrect

How the creator economy boomed in 2021

Much of the growth in the creator economy is underpinned by the shift in media consumption

YouTube has always done its utmost to capitalise on creators and retain them.

What are the top trends poised to dominate the D2C arena for next five years

According to a recent industry report, India has an estimated over 800 D2C brands, a part of the market poised to be valued over USD 100 Billion by 2025

While the D2C business model has been around for a while, it has become more prominent and witnessed a sudden increase due to its advantages in the quest to reach directly to customers.

Blogger’s Park: Getting future ready

Digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2022

Data is the pivot around which digital marketing today revolves.

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 22 To 30 November 2021

Brands that cut through: Tanishq, Godrej Properties, Battlegrounds Mobile, Magicpin, MFine, Center fresh, Olx Autos, Goibibo, Good Vibes, Casio, MakeMyTrip, Stonex, Flipkart, Skore.

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week

What are the expectations for online retail in 2022

Online penetration of retail is expected to reach 10.7% by 2024 compared with 4.7% in 2019

A customer trusts the online platform, giving all the personal details so that data should be considered valuable

How to build a brand that displays human qualities

Humanising a business is more than just a marketing fad and is going to give your business a far deeper engagement and connection with your customers

A brand that displays a fair share of human qualities builds a better dialogue and relationship with its customers.

How radio advertising can help brands find untapped audiences

Advertising on radio has three distinct advantages: its flexibility, its value for money, and most surprisingly, its capacity for targeting

Why brands need to jump on the NFTs bandwagon

While much of the buzz around NFTs have been around digital artwork, the past couple of years has seen this model expand beyond just creative jpegs

Marketing is all about riding the current trends and banking on the creativity to harness enough excitement around a brand.

Work That Speaks | Top 10 Ads Video Countdown October 2021

View the best brand campaigns from the month. Featuring: Tata Cliq, Swiggy, Unacademy, Dream11, Amazon, PhonePe, Instagram Reels, Havells, Star Sports, Upstox, Groww

Brand campaigns from October 2021 that deserve to be in the spotlight.

How marketers can boost their earnings during the Black Friday sale 2021

In order to put your hands in the right direction, it is advisable to take a closer look at all your marketing channels

Data shows Millennials spent the most money on Black Friday deals

Blogger’s Park: Making advertising count

Designing ads that ensure relevance and revenue

It is essential to understand that creating a better ad experience is not independent of the actual content of the ads.

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 15 To 21 November 2021

Brands that cut through: Mankind Pharma, Raymond, Vi, Policybazaar, Paisabazaar, Old Spice, Manyavar, Surf Excel, Kerala Tourism.

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

How marketers have changed their gears this festive season

Consumer sentiment has been improving in recent months, and it is expected to continue to rise during the upcoming pivotal seasons

How SMS marketing continues to evolve via AI

In the present digitally-driven world, SMS marketing has proven efficiency in reaching out to customers

As e-commerce businesses are growing at an impressive rate, SMS marketers look for the most innovative ways of customer acquisition at a reduced cost.

Why do data and insights need the human-to-human approach

Participants in on-the-ground data understanding and analysis projects often have a high response rate

How marketing and festivals complement each other

Modern day ‘festivals’ like Oktoberfest, La Tomatina, Valentines Day have been lapped on and leveraged, coined, created and established by modern-day marketers

Festivals and marketing can’t do much without each other and nor can the economy and our well-being.

Blogger’s Park: How D2C is changing the game

Decoding the rise of direct-to-consumer players and its impact on legacy brands

Customer reviews and ratings powered by easy returns/ refunds have reduced the cost of making a mistake, and are allowing Indians to experiment without fear.

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 9 To 14 November 2021

Brands that cut through: Byju’s, Facebook, Havell’s, Vauld, CoinSwitch, Campus, Noise, H&M, Dr.Fixit, Joy, APL Apollo, Hajmola.

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

How to convey a brand message using a rebirth storyline

The story a company tells about its brand is critical and has to be credible. Hence, rebirth is the best way to communicate internal transformation of a company

If you read about the downfalls of the leading brands, one of the common reasons would be a culture of blame and fear.

How Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework has impacted marketers

As per a report by Flurry Analytics, only 13% of global iOS users have allowed apps to track them, signaling a shift in most of the consumers’ mindsets towards privacy

Apple’s ATT rollout had a significant impact on advertisers.

The significance of video AI in the advertising and marketing sector

Secondary monitoring is considered revenue generation monitoring which provides inferences from various activities happening in stores

How India is taking over the gig economy on a global stage

As per a BCG report, the gig economy has the potential to serve up to 90 million jobs, add up to 1.25% to India’s GDP



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