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Blogger’s Park: Infusing design with equity

Why we need more women in product development teams
Gender has an impact on decision making processes

Is the convenience driven consumer here to stay

According to Deloitte’s Global State of Consumer Tracker, more than 70% of Indian respondents are considered to be ‘The Convenience seeker’, who are willing to spend more on convenience

Now more than ever, executing a strong loyalty strategy is imperative in order to keep these consumers coming back to you and not a competitor

Why India needs to invest in gaming infrastructure growth

On looking at the promising returns on the Indian gaming industry, in the last fiscal year, venture capital funds invested $438 million in Indian gaming startups since April 2020

Indian mobile gaming market increased at a compound annual growth rate of 21% from 2014 to 2020 and is expected to cross the 41% mark each year post-2020.

Why brands need to focus on experiential marketing while serving India’s elderly

Brands that have adapted their services and communication to align with the evolving lifestyle of this emerging senior segment, have succeeded in creating a loyal customer base

A Successful experiential marketing strategy must promote the brand’s message and values.

Blogger’s Park: Rise to the occasion

Is your brand wasting the Covid crisis?

Businesses should use Covid-19 as an opportunity to cut loss-making lines and focus on the part of the business that survived this crisis

How no-code intelligent automation will accelerate business growth

Low-code and no-code automation solutions fill the gap between skilled business analysts and product designers and the complexities of coding, allowing businesses to build their own end-to-end compreh

With a no-code solution, the business only needs to define a flow, construct a layout and add components via drag and drop.

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 21 to 25 April 2021

Brands that cut through: JdMart, Swiggy, Apis, Shell, Mountain Dew, Sensodyne, TransUnion CIBIL, Hero Vired, CashKaro

Brand campaigns that broke through the clutter.

How sustainable design leads to a sustainable brand

Being a sustainable brand often involves a fundamental rethink about some or all the ways of doing a business

While brands must do more to make sustainability a core business value, customers must also take onus for taking care of the environment by insisting on sustainable solutions

How organisations can create an attractive employer brand

When employers empathize with employees and recognise them for their achievements, employees feel good and consider themselves as valuable members of the company

Employees who feel respected and work in an environment that reflects positivity are more grateful to their employers

Music industry can be the next spot for content creators to explore in 2021

With the evolving consumer behaviour and fundamental shift in the way music is consumed, a significant change is happening in the way music is promoted

Any new music creation needs visibility to work and today, the most effective way to gain visibility for a product or service is through content creators on different platforms.

IPL 2021: The surest bet for marketers in an unpredictable scenario

For marketers seeking to run effective IPL digital campaigns, having an hourly and resource-level granularity insights of the game days can prove to be an ideal marketing hack.

Categories that do well in the morning are education and gaming as they start to see increased activity at 9am.

Blogger’s Park: Damage control

How can brands win back consumers’ trust?

Trust gets built over time with repetition of ‘expected outcomes’, accruing confidence in the relationship

How brands can stay on top of their omnichannel strategy game

Adopting an omnichannel strategy and engaging with customers across various channels will not only increase brand visibility but also improve customer retention and loyalty

While omnichannel strategies undoubtedly pay off in the long run, it is important to devise one that suits your business model the best

Embracing Brands – The acceptance journey in these challenging times

In the current digital times, where it is easy to get distracted with the array of options, building recognition that attracts and a bond that retains the consumer has never been more important

Brands need to realise that there is Bharat that goes far beyond the major metros

How the influencer marketing will face disruptions in 2021

The entire spectrum of influencer marketing is at the cusp of transformation with advertisers on one end, influencers on the other end, and consumers in between the two parties

When consumers view promotional messages without realising the commercial intent of the advertisements, it becomes misleading, resulting in violation of regulations and abuse of consumer trust.

Why are Indian consumers drifting towards audio streaming

A RedSeer report from September last year stated that more than 340 million songs were streamed daily, and podcasts have witnessed a similar trajectory

This consumption of audio content is coming primarily from the millennials and Gen Z.

Blogger’s Park: Do moments matter?

Finding the balance between FOMO and relevance

For brands to ride the wave of a moment, it has to be either relevant, memorable or persuasive

How IPL 2021 can convert challenges into opportunities for brands in the digital space

Ads and performance marketing are the top gainers and will continue to be the best scaling services for all brands

Year on Year the trends of videos as a marketing tool have been growing on exponentially and that is not stopping anytime soon

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 5 to 11 April 2021

Brands that cut through: CRED, Bison Panel, Taj Mahal Tea, Swayam, Indian Premier League, Dream11, 7Up, Astral Foundation, MyTeam11

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight.

Brand versus performance marketing, what’s ideal to jumpstart D2C business growth

Performance marketing can get you short term results, but for long term, effective, sustainable growth and results, move towards a hybrid approach

An intricate understanding of the customer is the prerequisite to providing them with good service and delivering on promises made

How D2C brand can leverage technology solutions to build strong e-commerce operations

D2C is not just about selling directly by removing middlemen, it’s about developing a relationship between a brand and its consumer

A D2C brand must focus on offering a great customer experience that is unique to the brands and finding the right shipping partner plays a key role in it.

Blogger’s Park: The future of OTT viewership

Streaming platforms may now have to create more family-friendly content

Co-viewing is social, emotional and educational, enabling families to bond and spend time together

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 30 March to 4 April 2021

Brands that cut through: UNAIDS, Vatika Naturals, MTV India, Fevicol, Gulf Oil. Disney+ Hotstar, Hindware, Timex, HealthOK.

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

Why businesses need to focus on having robust social media marketing plans

As people shift towards social media for their basic and advanced interests, promotions on these networks have become paramount for attracting audience to a brand

Businesses should use data and analytics to review and assess the performance of their ads


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