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Opinion: Games, Glory and Gold – One Team, One Reward

Respecting the real motivation that moves athletes, should India offer every member of its contingent an equal cash reward for every medal won, rather than disproportionately rewarding medal winners?
Several state governments have already announced cash rewards worth crores for medal winners from their soil

What can the marketing fraternity expect in the coming months

As we advance, the biggest change in the industry will not be in media investments but in product propositions and customer service

62.3% of marketers say that marketing has become more crucial during Covid-19

How brands are staying ahead of the curve

With COVID accelerating brands to go digital, it has created so much clutter online that most formats of digital have now become standard

How to convey a brand message using rags to riches storyline

When there are too many choices, people don't buy products, they buy brands that provoke the right emotions

Blogger’s Park: Virtual reset

‘Phygital interactions’ could become the norm post pandemic

As with all new technologies, some industries will be impacted more than others.v

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 15 To 20 July 2021

Brands that cut through: ICICI Bank, Sony, Tanishq, Kirloskar, MPL, IDFC Mutual Fund, BSA Ladybird, Bharat Petroleum

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

Why advertising agencies need to go beyond creativity

Agencies need to layer creativity with new-age learnings through deep data analysis, market understanding and collaborate where necessary

While most holding companies were rushing to add digital capabilities, it could hardly compare with the tremendous advantages possessed by the tech and large consulting firms, especially when it comes to deep data prowess.

How e-commerce has adapted to the new normal

Research states that 86% of Indians adopted online shopping during the pandemic, which has accelerated the adoption of e-commerce across consumers of all age categories

With the increase in online shopping, the e-commerce sector has reimagined the customer experience by focusing on providing a mall-like in-store experience.

How usage of videos can increase website conversion rate

Showcasing videos on landing pages can spike conversion rates upto 80%

Intriguing product videos guide customers in making purchases due to an impressive presentation of the key selling factors

How technology is redefining digital advertising

In the age of cut-throat competition among brands and social media flooding with information, technology is the potent tool to implement an out-of-the-box strategy to stand out from the clutter

Digital advertising scores over conventional advertising forms by tracking and measuring the ROI from campaigns with great precision in real-time

Blogger’s Park: Setting the stage for anime

Why India needs to make significant bets on Japanese animation

The animation industry, in particular, has seen steady growth over the past few years, with IP works growing even faster

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 7 To 14 July 2021

Brands that cut through: Lenovo, Skype India, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Flite, Urban Company, Meesho, ITC Store, Gas-O-Fast, Bewakoof.com, Tata Wiron, Battlegrounds Mobile India, Hamdard India

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

Work That Speaks | Top 10 Ads Video Countdown June 2021

View the best brand campaigns from the month. Featuring: P&G, The Pink Foundry, Health OK, ACKO, Rin, Pathkind Labs, Amazon, Cadbury, Flipkart

Brand campaigns from June 2021 that deserve to be in the spotlight.

How a brand can evolve and innovate to protect its brand value and legacy

In a world where customer expectations are evolving rapidly, digitisation, efficiency, and sustainability are championing the continuous growth of brands across industries

Creating a strong value proposition for customers is the first step to success for a brand

How digital marketing agencies help businesses get noticed

Digital marketing agencies help a company position thier business in the relevant market, driving ROI for their marketing campaigns and saves resources

Digital marketing agency will enhance a company's ROI and save spends and resources on hiring an in-house team.

How omnichannel marketing has become the new norm

With changing times, consumer behavior has changed so to offer an impeccable user experience, brands need to rely on omni-channel marketing

Despite the growing need of omni-channel marketing, most brands have failed to formulate an effective strategy.

Blogger’s Park: Class act

A look at brand campaigns that made a mark during the pandemic

A few brands, through their campaigns or initiatives, have stood out in this period in terms of being authentic, relevant, smart and compassionate

How brands can create meaningful customer experiences with hyper personalisation

Brands should focus on marketing strategies driven by data, technology, analytics, and AI to gain insights and capture audiences in real time

Top global brands, such as Spotify, Starbucks, and Cadbury, have adopted predictive personalisation approaches using powerful model-based data inputs

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 30 June To 6 July 2021

Brands that cut through: Society Tea, Tide, Britannia Good Day, Quaker, Vicks, Redmi, Flipkart, Streax, Yamaha

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

How e-commerce players can create a seamless user experience

The e-commerce industry will grow 84 percent to $ 111Billion by 2024 due to the gains from demand caused because of the impact of the pandemic

As per research by McKinsey & Company, 15% of online buyers sign up for one or more subscription services

Why social media automation is the need of the hour for consumer brands

As per reports, 79% of consumers expect brands to respond to their queries on social media within a day

The number of active social media users grew by 13.2 % in 2020

How covid helped the retail sector evolve technologically

The technological advancements in the retail industry have brought a new world of possibilities for medium to large-scale businesses

Since the start of the pandemic, numerous retailers have aced their technological know-how in their business capacities to drive customer engagement and guarantee business progression.

Is influencer marketing questionable during the pandemic

Brands face ethical dilemma as the pandemic magnifies the field of influencer marketing

The field of influencer marketing is here to say, opening some major opportunities for brands that correctly harness this tool.

Blogger’s Park: When the stars don’t align

Using celebrities to endorse brands is like riding a tiger

The best a brand can do to safeguard its interests — that too, only to an extent — is to enter into as comprehensive a contract as possible


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