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Ashish Sinha of Epsilon on marketing trends in 2020

From artificial intelligence to video marketing, voice, among others, will be some of the important areas
It is estimated that by 2021, nine out of 10 new internet users in the country would be an Indian language speaker, more comfortable with interacting in an Indian language News

From slow demand to rising discount, how 2020 will pan out for retailers

Devangshu Dutta talks about how 2020 could see retailers get inventive to drive footfall and sales

In many minds, 2019 may be the ‘Year of the Recession’, plagued by discounting; but that demand slowdown has been brewing for some time now News

How to drive and retain customer loyalty

From customer experience to data-driven engagement, brands need to up their game to retain the loyalty of their customers

Top 5 trends in customer loyalty space News

Marketing trends to look out for in 2020

A marketer's guideline to reach and interact with today's savvy consumers by Tom Libretto, CMO, Pegasystems

Tom Libretto, CMO, Pegasystems News

How e-commerce sites need to keep elevating customer experience

With online shopping platform gaining stronghold for its convenience, it’s imperative for e-commerce sites to provide an accessible experience to its customers

Improving CX can increase a retailer’s profitability by five times. News

Almitra Karnik of Clevertap on how demand for online video is expected to surge in 2020

In India, 75% of internet users rely heavily on short video formats that are powered by apps like Bigo, Like and TikTok, according to CIO

The increasing demand for online videos will spark innovation in the coming year News

Why user experience (UX) is important to branding

In a competitive corporate environment, a product or service needs to be exceptional and holistically presented, while at the same time the overall experience of the brand must be gratifying and enjoy

Premankan Seal, chief design officer, Canvs News

The Future of Online Luxury Retail is here – Are we happy to accept it?

With consumers shifting to online platform from offline to shop, luxury brands face a challenge as exclusivity, rarity and customer experience comes to an end

Debraj Sengupta, chief marketing officer, Victorinox News

Dharika Merchant on how brands have married analytics with influencer marketing

Various influencer marketing KPIs (key performance indicators) serve as essential indicators of success, depending on the overall campaign strategy

The digital convenience makes it easier for consumers to participate in the brands’ online activities News

A marketers guide to navigate through the slowdown

Ramakant Khandelwal enlists how the company’s survival actions may be damaging its brand

Brand Wagon News

How retailers are using brand currencies to drive transaction and loyalty

Brand currencies such as loyalty points or e-gift vouchers can be considered as an advance sale or a pre-sale, without the customer even being in the brand’s catchment area

Brand currency is any brand-owned purchasing instrument that can be used only to shop for products from that brand. Any person in possession of brand currency is also obliged to use it for making a purchase within a set time frame. News


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