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How businesses are relooking at marketing in the new normal

With the pandemic becoming a part of our life for the long run, marketers are rethinking conventional medium while preparing for the new normal
As per Statista, a whopping 4.57 billion people were using the Internet in April 2020 which is 59% of the world population

What role can a brand play during a global crisis of pandemic nature

Brands have globally volunteered their contributions to either promote the prophylactic actions that can help decelerate the spread of the virus or pulled in their assets to augment the coping mechani

Corporates need to help communities heal, to get as close as one can get, after a pandemic, to business as usual

How Covid-19 has redefined modern marketing

The modern marketing is a constant evolving formula which is backed by bright minds and smart technology

In modern marketing, the toughest part is to interpret the mood of the consumers and to woo them through a perfect strategy.

How virtual events have become an indispensable medium to interact with the audience amidst the lockdown

Virtual is the new playground, and for the near future the only playground accessible to all of us

They say art always finds its audience. One can also say the same for commerce.

Facebook advertising boycott: Will this wind blow towards the east?

The big bulls like Coca Cola, Verizon, Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever, Honda, and other advertisers have boycotted their advertising spends on Facebook

Rahul Tekwani, group brand manager (Planning), Enormous Brands

Unlocking Marketing: The new 4P’s in the post-covid era

Companies will have to reboot business and each business will have to think like a start-up to catch up this year

Sumit Sehgal, chief marketing officer, Sheela Foam Ltd.

Manish Sinha on the rising demand for media services and solutions

For the media industry, the pandemic has created both opportunities and challenges as millions of people remain home-bound

Media services and solution providers can use this time to strengthen their existing connections and build long term trust with their customers

The agency model of the future: How the coronavirus pandemic has forever impacted the way agencies do business

Creative collaboration is what will enable agencies to remain competitive in the long-run

With the increased focus on cost structures, agencies will need to relook at all roles and evaluate their relevance

How brands can cash in on Augmented Reality in a digitally-driven world

Consumers can make a more informed decision by seeing how a particular product will look in their surroundings through AR elements

AR is now an emerging opportunity for businesses to provide followers with an “out-of-the-box” experience

Five simple hacks for brand acceptance in changing times

Building recognition that attracts and a bond that retains the consumer is key

Brand perception is a top-level measuring stick of a product's visual presence, goodwill, and emotional character

How to ensure smart usage of digital marketing during COVID-19

Brands’ messaging should be motivated by a genuine desire to improve their customers’ life in order to be heard

In the quest to kill time, seek information, and calm themselves, more and more people are turning to online content

Why brands must seize the influencer marketing opportunity now

While brands have reduced ad spends, those that are able to sustain during these times are turning to influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has always been a more personal form of marketing; now, it is emerging as the most effective tool

How ad and marketing spends is geared to shift online post covid crisis

Brands are cautiously but progressively starting to confide in marketing again and agencies are seen preparing for ideas and media plans for this new quarter

The post-COVID consumer is indoor and available on online mediums, making a paradigm shift in marketing strategy a must for businesses, big and small

Why digital transformation strategy for education sector needs a continuity plan

The education sector has already been witnessing high growth and adoption in online education technology, with their digital transformation being accelerated by COVID

For greater efficacy in delivering an online learning experience, consistent video performance becomes imperative.

Position of regional cinema in the post-covid world

Viewers have started enjoying regional cinemas as they get value for money by the crisp content delivered by great actors and great scripts

With crisp subtitles and exquisite dubbing, regional cinema has now become more adaptable and more audience-friendly.

How modern retail should respond to Covid-19

Newly introduced industry-standard queuing systems and increased store cleaning regimes can’t be considered as unique selling points

How Mascots can act as a brand booster

Having a mascot is not just an artistic choice but a compelling branding element

Mascots can express a brand's personality through their traits and stories

How independent agencies can make the best of trying times

While empathy holds utmost importance, businesses must also focus on collections and cost-saving to ride safely through uncertainty

Awareness on legal rights is key to building a stronger organisation

Advancement in online gaming trends from lockdown 1.0 to lockdown 5.0

During coronavirus pandemic, every major e-sports portal reported a surge of 80-100% of users

One thing an e-sports organisation needs to ensure is user retention.

How businesses can ensure maximum output during lockdown

From evolution to empathy, key strategies which will help in driving effective output for clients

One of the biggest opportunities emerging from this lockdown is the ability to enhance our knowledge and skill sets.

How health-tech companies can remain relevant in these times

The online fitness business model in India which is still in its nascent stage needs to be developed both in terms of tech and content

Fitness service providers need to adapt, master and monetise virtual classes, and incorporate them into their offerings

How radio is building a human connect in the times of Covid-19

Amidst the lockdown, radio listenership rose significantly due to an emotional connection being established between the RJs and listeners.

Since most platforms struggle with no new content production during this lockdown, the only medium where we can find original content is radio.

Decoding the way ahead for the consumer electronics category from an online commerce perspective

According to Amazon, dishwashers sold 31 times more than pre-Covid-19 levels and robotic vacuums sold 33 times more compared to before the lockdown.

Consumer electronics as a category has always been big on online marketplaces.

How to become Vocal for your Local brand

Branding is an integral part of taking your business from the local level to the global market

Companies must create a unique brand identity and adopt a digital first strategy to connect with consumers


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