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Brands that cut through: Navyasa, Licious, Savlon, Tanishq, Zepto, ABP News, HDFC Life, UpGrad, Unacademy, P&G Shiksha.

Brand campaigns from May 2022 that deserve to be in the spotlight
Brand campaigns from May 2022 that deserve to be in the spotlight

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

One tends to be a little biased towards brands that are actually doing something on the ground to create positive social impact. To be sure, P&G Shiksha is not NGO work. It’s the case of a corporate brand empowering ordinary consumers to do their bit in creating change, for good. The chosen cause is education for the underprivileged. Everytime you choose a P&G brand, you’re doing your bit. The cause is served, you get to play a part and the brands benefit. Now, this message has been told quite impactfully in the past. How does one go further? 

The story of a young woman who benefited from the initiative and is now a teacher herself is winsome. As I wrote in the weekly reviews, this storyline had to come in somewhere. I am perhaps a little biased in placing this campaign at the top of the heap, too. At a personal level, it reminds me of the story of a young girl who grew up in a home in Dharavi for abandoned girls. She studied, became a nurse. Working at a hospital, she also helped out at the home. More on that story here.

There is understandably a lot of Mother’s Day work in the mix. Unacademy’s ‘Meri Pehli Academy’ will challenge you not to get emotional. HDFC Life’s ‘Naa Ki Takat’ is a reminder. Tanishq’s ‘Interview’ is a wake-up call society needs. Licious urges us to make food the excuse to catch up with moms – on occasion, on category. 

Savlon takes a humorous foodgasm route to prompt hand-washing. The thought is deep in the original ‘finger-licking good’, ‘eat by hand’ country and makes you wonder why someone didn’t think of it before. 

upGrad delights again, this time with a gripping ‘Help Kiran Before Helping Yourself’ plot. Navyasa offers a breath of fresh air spiked with poetry and poise. Zepto sings its way into consumers’ minds with humour. 


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