Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews 9 To 16 January 2023 | The Financial Express

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews 9 To 16 January 2023

Brands that cut through: Mahindra, Vaseline, Amazon Prime, Mankind Pharma, Ashok Leyland, Mohey, Piramal, Asian Paints, Bisleri, Blue Tribe, Cashfree, Kotex, Ampere, Maruti Suzuki, udChalo.

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Mahindra Group | Message from Citizens of the Future | #TogetherWeRise 

Message from Citizens of the Future | #TogetherWeRise | Mahindra Group

This is a reflection of what is happening around us. There is more than one Greta Thunberg in the world. As we speak, more and more of them are becoming aware that they need to hold people in  power and business accountable – for their future and the future of the planet. The ‘poem’ ticks all the boxes that matter from sustainability to inclusivity and more, with social responsibility at the core. Told delightfully through the point of view of the kids, this one rings true memorably. Mahindra rises some more with this spot.

Vaseline | Dilli Waali Sardi  

Vaseline rides the cold wave that is sweeping Delhi as this is written (for a second time, I am told). If this is not great moment marketing, what is? Fabulous execution of an idea that is rooted in context, for a product that is made for Dilli Waali Sardi. The brand celebrates the ones that brave the cold and helps them to. In effect, Vaseline owns sardi with this music video. Off the top shelf, makes the brand top of mind.

Amazon Prime Video | Fake ‘Farzi’ Trailer

What a coup. Riding on the show’s name and theme, the tongue-in-cheek ‘Farzi’ trailer certainly piqued interest. And the real deal (actual trailer) proves that this is a show that promises to be worth this hype and more. Smart work, smartly done. 

Mankind Pharma | #BeTheSupport 

This isn’t the first time Mankind Pharma is addressing the issue of infertility and societal expectations around parenthood. #SheIsCompleteInHerself from last year set the bar quite high and this attempt is different and manages to come close. The pain of the couple and the pressure inflicted on them by society is relatable. The family standing by them and guarding them from society is refreshing.   

Ashok Leyland | Koi Manzil Door Nahin

What a thought. The food grains on the trucks are not just that – they are the savings of a farmer, the progress of a shopkeeper, the care of a mother and so on. The theme has been brought to life with finesse, simplicity and positive strokes. Several campaigns in the category have been odes to drivers; this one shifts the needle to what they carry and what that means to all of us. While promising to take them safe to wherever they need to go. Because no destination is too far. Leyland scores with this one in a category where we have seen Tata and Mahindra deliver some memorable advertising.   

Mohey | #DulhanWaliFeeling

Playful, young, yet real. That sort of begins to describe this refreshing film in a category that Manyavar and Mohey have owned, barring the rare Raymond entry. And to think that they have done it in so many ways. This is possibly the most playful of the lot. Yet it underlines and stays true to the #DulhanWaliFeeling premise.

Piramal Finance | Kaagaz Se Zyaada, Neeyat Dekhte Hain

A huge statement has been made here and in a manner that strikes the right chords. It makes you feel for the protagonists. The film is a balm that should offer some comfort to those in the segment portrayed, those struggling to secure a home loan. While there is warmth, emotion and a soothing promise from the brand that offers a ray of hope, one wonders how this would translate on ground. That said, no brand in its senses would make this statement without the ability to make it come good.    

Asian Paints Ultima Protek | Contractor vs Magician | #LaminationWalaExteriorPaint

Entertainment of the lighter kind that is amusing to watch, fuelled by star power, acting and other filmmaking talent. The ‘lamination’ thought is solid and timeless, and one that allows for such executions.     

Bisleri | Bisleri Apne APP Aayega 

The aap-app reference sounds tired, but the cat plot and swift execution make this an entertaining watch. Bisleri’s app hopefully works well enough to justify this piece of communication. That said, speaking as a consumer, one wonders if people will trust the app as much as they trust the water brand. 

Blue Tribe | You Can’t Tell The Difference, But The Planet Can 

The latest spot awakened us to two earlier films that underlined that ‘You Can’t Tell The Difference, But The Planet Can’. The plant-based food brand has not just used the celebrities right but also the right celebrities. Besides which, it has stuck to its core idea even while exploring different creative iterations. If the first two spots underlined that ‘You can’t tell the difference’, the more recent work finishes the sentence by visually underlining that ‘The planet can’.  

Cashfree Payments | Out Of The World Growth 

Whacky? Silly? Maybe, but it got your attention and mine and entertained us while pitching the solution. A little verbose? Again, maybe, but you really don’t think too much when an idea is rooted in ‘Aloo ka parantha on Mars’. You just smile.   

Kotex | #ChooseItAll 

There is a lot more thought here than is obvious to the non-user’s eye. Real pain points and compromises rooted in the category are highlighted, I am told, leading to relatability. And the solution that urges consumers to #ChooseItAll sans compromise presents itself. Without much fanfare, gets the message across, with a touch of flair to appeal to the young.   

Ampere Primus | Har Gully Electric 

Just what was needed to resonate with the young, who the brand is obviously trying to woo. Catchy, with all the catch words like ‘electric’ and ‘green’ highlighted. Rappers in multiple languages and the picturisation add variety and sizzle to what’s on show.    

Maruti Suzuki Driving School | Seekhoge Best Toh Sab Impressed 

There is a priceless insight here. Dads and their views on your driving / riding is a universally relevant thought, though generalisation is tough on some of them. It doesn’t help that it is often they who teach one to handle a set of wheels. Riding on this is Maruti Suzuki Driving School, impressing with a smooth cruise to the message destination.   

udChalo | From Protecting Our Nation To Building Our Nation | Salaam Veteran

It makes perfect sense for a platform that promises services for people in the services (armed forces) and their dependents, to salute noble work that armed forces veterans undertake. The brand has been consistently putting out content, one gathers, that celebrates the armed forces. This time around, it showcases some of the work being done by veterans in the service of society and hence the nation, long after they have exited their official roles. Shorter videos and crisper edits may help the campaign travel further.     

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First published on: 17-01-2023 at 09:45 IST