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Brands that cut through: Kerala Tourism, Bharat Matrimony, BharatPe, Burger King, Kopiko, Scaler,, Rupa, Air Asia, Redmi, Milton, Ather, Astral, Luminous, Stayfree, Olx.

Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Kerala Tourism | Make Up For Lost Time, Pack Up For Kerala

Pack up for Kerala - Family

How time flies. And you realise that a lot of water has flown under the bridge when you take a moment to pause. These films capture that moment, in the context of a father whose daughter is finishing school, a group of youngsters who haven’t seen each other in years, and a couple bingeing on OTT and losing out on life. Rather than spell out why we need to head to Kerala, the campaign tells us to pause and just take off – in other words, make up for lost time. ‘Pack up for Kerala’ is a wonderful addition to the brand’s impressive folio built over the years. As always, a breath of fresh air.

Bharat Matrimony | #BeChoosy

‘There are lakhs of verified profiles on the platform, so you can afford to be choosy.’ That message alone would not have had the impact this does, because this delves into a bitter societal truth. When girls express their preferences with respect to matrimony, they are branded as being too choosy. They are asked to give up their careers and move to where their husbands-to-be are based. Sad, but real. Fusing that truth (thanks to the interesting gender flip) with the choices available on Bharat Matrimony has been achieved seamlessly. It perhaps helped that the brand has always been a champion of ‘equal marriages’.

BharatPe | Hai Yakeen Inke Sapno Pe, Hai Yakeen BharatPe

Stoking small traders’ dreams is BharatPe. The payments app aligns with their ambitions in this film with an evocative narration and matching BGM. It’s extremely well made and that makes a huge difference to a spot of this kind. The name BharatPe fits itself nicely at the culmination of the script.       

Burger King | #EkDumPachaas

Smart idea, impressively made into film. ‘50’ gets its punchy mention towards the end but the story keeps us there for when it arrives. The star who gets conned into endorsing the brand (in the films), is every bit convincing.     

Kopiko | Coffee-licious

The playful exchange between the young stars continues, but with a bit of tic tac toe between them, things seem a lot more engaging. It helps that the toffees are the coins used in the game.

Scaler | Beware of Techies Without Skills 

Arguably, this is a slight drop from the spectacular hijack drama that brought the brand into the limelight. But it’s still top-drawer, without a doubt. Taking the humour route works for the brand yet again, this time literally with clowns. Drives home the perils of hiring techies without skills who can land you where you don’t want to be; urges viewers to hire tech talent from Scaler. | Anupam Ki Shaadi 

A milestone moment in the brand’s life is marked by this film that chronicles its journey, through the POV of the founder. The treatment is light and laced with humour. Yet that doesn’t take away from the poignant stations along the way. The point where a couple united via the platform drop by to thank the founder and how that eggs the team to go on, is priceless. Could the film have been shorter? Perhaps. Are we complaining? Hell, no!

Rupa Frontline | Yeh Style Ka Mamla Hai (2022)

A chess game. How very unlike the category and how very unlike the endorser. Just as that thought creeps in, you have the action. It’s way over the top but will get noticed for that very reason. 

Air Asia | #JoinTheFamily 

Make the most of NeuPass. And redeem rewards from all the members of the Neu family. Just like the protagonists receive warmth and love from all those around them. Warmly told and hence, very watchable films.   

Redmi10 | #KhaliKaChoice

One of these is a product demo, which works because it is a giant hulk of a man whose strength tests the sturdiness of the phone. But the other spot is just as good, where the star’s attire, shoes and phone are the stars of the shoot, while he’s made to wait in his pyjamas. Makes you smile.

Milton Leaklock Tiffins | #KuchNayaSochteHain

Kids will be kids, so what you need is products that just let them be. Milton is pitching one such leak-proof product here and parents will truly relate to this.  

Ather | Our Batteries Are Cool 

When the entire country is shaken and stirred about EVs going up in flames, here’s a small reassurance from Ather. Speaks volumes of the brand’s confidence in its batteries. Also underlines that these are not imported but designed here. Smart choice of protagonist.

Astral Pipes | #DadhoSutho

The brief was probably to address the problem that while people spend lavishly on the interiors/decor of their house, elements like pipes are probably not top of mind for home owners. Lest they be left to the contractors, the brand is shining the spotlight on how inferior pipes could play spoilsport and wreck the most lavish of homes. While the use of Sindhi (in place of Hindi) is interesting, the film works just as well in Tamil.     

Luminous | Confusion Nahi, Solution

‘Solar Hai Lagana Toh Luminous Ko Bulana’ is a clear message, well articulated. It’s spelt out by the actor and the cricketer after a couple of characters establish the confusion in consumers’ minds about the hassles involved in going solar. Problem? Solution.

Stayfree | #ItsJustAPeriod

Speaks to fathers, urges them to have conversations with their daughters, on periods. Because after all, it’s just about telling young women who start menstruating that it’s just a period. If mothers can have that conversation, why not fathers? That seems to be the premise coming out of this ‘social experiment’. The taboo is real. For that reason, these conversations do need to happen.

Olx Autos | The Best Price For Your Car – Any Car

The Bollywood mega action film director continues to be impressed by rates offered by Olx for used cars – even the ones lined up to be blown up. Joshi is perfect for the part, even as the director plays himself. 

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