Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 30 Aug to 6 Sept 2022 | The Financial Express

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 30 Aug to 6 Sept 2022

Brands that cut through: Scaler, Navneet, Maybelline, Byju’s, Lux Venus, Damensch, Amazon, Kia Sonet, Amul, Filo, Vicks

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 30 Aug to 6 Sept 2022
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy 

Scaler |  Love Problems? Solve Real-Life Problems With Data

Love Problems? Solve Real-Life Problems with Data | SCALER - Data Science Machine Learning

Scaler is making it a habit of going for epic. It succeeds again. A clear thought stems from the core product that is a course on data. What can data do? It can help solve problems. And therefore problems and the love for them takes the spotlight. And how! The brand stands out yet again with the outlandish creative route with execution that does justice.

Navneet Education | #TrForTeacher 

Why didn’t someone think of this before? Surely, every teacher needs recognition and respect, because what they are doing is shaping the future professionals, leaders and humans of the world. Smartly packaged in a live experiment format. The moment of truth hits hard.    

Maybelline | Brave Together 

The brand’s global mental health initiative makes its presence felt in India with this spot featuring ace shuttler PV Sindhu. She opens the difficult conversation with a nicely orchestrated show of hands. If the young people featured are actors, they’re very good at what they do. It doesn’t feel scripted at all. Great initiative, communicated powerfully yet without much ado.  

Byju’s | Teachers Day | Student Forever

A teacher remains a student all his life. This was one of many thoughts put out by LEAD in its ode to teachers released a few months ago. A thought rooted in truth and brought to life here by Byju’s through the endearing old man.  

Lux Venus | #SabkoMaangtaHai

We’ve seen this school of advertising before. It is entertaining nevertheless, albeit in expected ways. From the floating vest that escapes him to his energetic chase, this is a formulaic script written for the mass star. Lux Venus manages to fit in — as he slips it on, ostensibly in mid-air.

Damensch | The Innerwear Therapy Collection

And this, is the opposite of predictable! The set of three films reiterate ‘soft, stretchy, odourless’ in a manner the young will relate to. It is also slipped in in such a way that it cannot be missed. Smart work that takes a dig at prevalent category codes, even if one may view the ‘picture in picture’ play as a tad indulgent. We think it only makes things more interesting.

Amazon India | #FindLife

‘Find everything you want on Amazon’ is what registers, with a tinge of warmth around the festive season. A parallel to the products available is a track of finding expression, finding oneself and so on, leading up to finding ‘Life’. Nicely interspersed to mix and match products and feelings. Very different from the festive fare we have come to expect.  

Kia Sonet X-Line | So Rare You Just Can’t Resist

The cat and the fish bowl, the music, the dancing… there’s nothing except the logo in the frame to reveal that this is a car spot, until the car is actually in the picture. All of it and the woman at the wheel make for an engaging watch. The premise of ‘So Rare…’ is perhaps what was attempted with the theme. It is a few shades different from the category norms and draws you in.

Amul | The Taste Of India

Warm, old school advertising that will strike a chord even today. A jingle (with slight variations) that promises to stick was of course a requisite for this kind of campaign. The brand has nicely sliced the audience into different clusters to allow for thoughtful storytelling.

Filo | Ask Filo 

The brand is obviously confident in keeping its promise of addressing queries in record time – ‘connect within 60 seconds’. That allows it to make the claim, and encourage students to open up and ask questions. Simple and straightforward.    

Vicks Roll-on Inhaler | Turant Clear, Toh Focus Ho Clear

It doesn’t get simpler than this. We’ve seen that disproportionately large nose somewhere, haven’t we? Only this time it belongs to Ranveer Singh. And the traffic cop pulling him up remind anyone of PhonePe? This time its an actor, Samantha, who plays cop. A bit of thrust on ‘Turant clear, Focus clear’ might have helped recall. But the spot and its message will be hard to forget with the star power this packs.

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