Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 3 To 9 Nov 2022 | The Financial Express

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 3 To 9 Nov 2022

Brands that cut through: 5 Star, Sony SAB, Britannia, Santoor, Licious, V-Guard, Kerala Tourism, Google Pay, Goibibo, Amazon Pay, Ola Electric, Max Life Insurance, SBI Life, Nature 4 Nature, Catch Spices, Manipal Cigna, Polycab, Agoda, Emperor Akbar, Nourish

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 3 To 9 Nov 2022
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy 

5 Star | Do Nothing | #5StarsEverywhere

5 Stars Everywhere!

Brilliant and simple. Simple to the point where one senses that it should be executed well (I am yet to check it out on the apps). So simple and linear that one wonders why it wasn’t done earlier. We all knew that Cadbury 5 Star was a brave brand. That it is able to keep raising the
bar on its edginess is testimony to the client’s hunger. This is yet another testament to the brand’s ability to foster collaboration with multiple partners. The result is a campaign that will in all likelihood impress a few juries. But it will work wonders among consumers prior.

Sony SAB | Jo Roz Choto Khushiyan Dete Hain, Wahi Rishtey Toh Bade Hai

It’s the small joys. Haven’t we heard this before? In these spots, there’s a personification too – the relationships that matter are those with people who give you those small joys. A wonderful
thought. The dog film and the one with the two boys are endearing and relatable. The film featuring the couple would have been delightful too, but for too many ads featuring people with disabilities.

Britannia 50-50 Maska Chaska | 50% Desi 50% Videsi

The last time Ravi Shastri was portrayed as the brat, the spot was accused of being sexist. This one works on the two sides to his character without controversy, to present the two contrasting elements ingrained in the product. Delightfully and tastefully done.

Santoor | Young Soch

So Santoor stays within the ‘Surprised she’s a mummy’ zone but dons a ‘Young soch’. Taking up the case of young moms returning to work is a welcome addition to the brand. It’s a step that reflects its evolution with the times and was arguably overdue.

Licious | #LiciousKeNakhre

This is one of the few actors who can do no wrong on screen as brand ambassador. He helped the brand establish itself and he’s back again detailing the tests Licious subjects its products to. Allowing Kapoor to play himself was a good move. The message comes across – as loud and unmissable as the star’s presence.

V-Guard Water Heaters | #TanKeSaathManKoJagao

Refreshing, for the mind and the body – that’s the promise. Whether or not that happens, this is a refreshing watch for the viewer. In a spot like this, execution can make or break. It is (almost) everything. The makers have delivered on that.

Kerala Tourism | Yalla Kerala | Pack Up For Kerala (Arabic)

This Arabic campaign from Kerala Tourism is as delightful as its usual staple of work. It’s an adapt of the ‘Pack up for Kerala’ campaign. The imagery is as stunning as always from God’s blessed country and it has been captured on camera with the unhurried love and indulgence it deserves. The work is not about the places, but what they can do to the visitor. That comes alive through the protagonists. In the end, you want to be in their shoes, kicking them off.

Google Pay | Loves All QRs

Sprightly, straightforward spot with good use of a hit soundtrack to make the point.

Goibibo Merch | Arm Wrest | Go-Go Kit

Whatte fun! But not fun for fun’s sake, this stuff is deeply rooted. The ‘Arm Wrest’ is something each of us has experienced at the hands of some moron who landed up in the next seat (those flying non-cattle classes, you won’t get this). The ‘Pocket Tee’ sounds promising too. The brand doesn’t seem to be venturing into merchandise but is running a contest on instagram to give away the cool stuff. The docu-type treatment feels right. The Great Khali act works perfectly. In sum, it’s hilarious and effective to get the brand word of mouth.

Amazon Pay | #AbHarDinHuaAasan

Amazon Pay promised easier transactions with #AbHarDinHuaAasan last year urging people to #PayAmazonSe. It revisits the elevating jingle with a slight skew towards merchants now. The music remains soothing and the production stays uncompromised. I reached out to a couple of small merchants to check if the incentives promised excite them. They do, if they are significant and real, I was told. There is a bit of scepticism unless they know in tangible terms what the cashback and “T&C” are. That said, one notices significant incentives for shoppers to use ‘Amazon Buy Now Pay Later’. The e-commerce major is bound to push hard in the payments ecosystem and the work is a step in that direction.

Ola Electric | Proximity Unlock

That’s a lot of drama on the gymnastics floor to announce the proximity unlock feature on the bike’s OS. The feature is a welcome addition. And it’s a gripping film in which the element of surprise is kept alive till the end.

Max Life Insurance | #YouAreTheDifference

Great use of the celebrity couple. The lady is a familiar sight at India matches and the cameras never fail to capture her cheering the team on. Nice, sporting take on ‘fingers crossed’.

SBI Life | Thanks A Dot – Know Your Double O

A fantastic initiative that needs to be lauded. Creating an award-worthy creative around a disease to create awareness is one thing. Sparking a conversation and initiating behavioural change is another. This seems to be an example of the latter. That said, this will also be seen as a one-off unless the brand sustains the initiative for years to come, until there is complete awareness around testing and it becomes the norm for everyone.

Nature 4 Nature | Break Free And Blossom

Stunning, visually. The metaphoric shift from the concrete jungle to a natural paradise conveys the brand’s core. The two energetic and good looking young protagonists ensure that the film’s pace doesn’t slacken and that the ‘beauty’ agenda is driven home. The passion and effort that has gone into the making shows.

Catch Spices | Kyunki Khana Sirf Khana Nahi Hota

Reminds one of Fortune’s ‘Ghar ka khana ghar ka khana hota hai’ from a few years ago. The thought here is that there’s more to home cooked food made by loved ones than just the food. Told through a loving exchange between the couple, the story comes to life.

ManipalCigna Health Insurance | Health Ki Keemat

Bajpayee is a great choice of actor for a film with a poignant message. The message is indeed deep: What is the value of health? It can’t really be quantified is the answer, delivered with the examples of recovery of loved ones. The approach is impressive and impactful. ‘Experts ki suno, Sahi chuno’ may have sounded better if the actor had not spelt out the advantages of the insurance brand.

Agoda | Holiday bookings? No more drama!

If the agenda was to create recall for the brand and bring Agoda into the consideration set for holiday travel, this one does wonders. The filmy approach ensures that the viewer gets in and stays till the reveal. The plot remains centred on travel. The execution elevates the film.

Polycab Scintillate 3-in-1 LED | View Badal De

‘View badal de’ is spot on for a brand of lighting. That translates quite literally in the films into how one’s views change when the lighting is changed. The same-sex couple and hetero couple plots have similarities – with each other and with what’s been done before. But if the films lack in terms of original creative ideas, humour makes up for it. And as I said, spot on for the category.

Emperor Akbar Cardamom | Pure Aroma, Timeless Memories

Timeless memories with the aroma of cardamom? Well it may seem like a bit of a stretch but the point is well made here. For those who appreciate that food caters to more than one sense, it hits the right notes. Flowers and smell are a natural association and the film uses that to lead into the cardamom aroma promise. This ode to aroma is pleasing to the eyes and ears.

Nourish | #SehatKiSunoNourishHiChuno

“No plot! Badly made!” I can already hear feedback on why this doesn’t belong here. Switching off the trained eye is not easy to do, so I ran this past a couple of people. The hunch was right. The attempt to make it interesting – however bland and bizarre the execution and plot may be – seems to have had some degree of success. My personal view: How does one make an ‘unpolished and hence healthy’ pitch watchable? Let’s give them credit for trying.

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