Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 28 Sept to 3 Oct 2022 | The Financial Express

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 28 Sept to 3 Oct 2022

Brands that cut through: Tanishq, Fastrack Quirks, SMART Bazaar, JK Cement, Bisleri Limonata, Bata Impressions, Hersheys Kisses, ixigo, HP, Bajaj Pulsar, Pond’s, Gemini Cooking Oil, Melorra

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 28 Sept to 3 Oct 2022
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Tanishq | Alekhya | Har Nayi Shuruat Ki Pehli Diwali

Nayi Family Wali Pehli Diwali

‘Pehli Diwali’ has been effortlessly removed from the usual context of the first time one celebrates the festival after one gets married, marked by special celebrations.

A couple of women Air Force officers celebrate their first Diwali away from home with their new ‘family’, the armed forces in the sky. One of their mothers sends her a message asking her to celebrate the occasion well with her new family, completing the beautiful portrait. The salute the duo receive as they come down the stairs underlining their place in the system – somewhere at

the top – frames the portrait to perfection.

Tanishq scores on multiple counts. It slips in a new collection’s name but more importantly refreshes its connection with women in its unique voice. It may not be its best ever, but this is another glittering gem on the brand’s crown.

There are more in the series (as one noticed later). One with mother, daughter and their ‘Roadtrip Wali Pehli Diwali’ and another featuring a successful woman entrepreneur whose venture her husband now wants to join. Delightful work from the brand that retains the brand’s voice without compromising on the festive feel and shine.

For those contending that the gender conversation is being overdone, Tanishq’s is perhaps a case to study. Not just on ‘why’, but ‘how’.

Fastrack Quirks | For Quirky Daters

The brand that taught us how to carry off individuality fashionably is back with an extension. Fastrack Quirks gets the kind of advertising the brand name demanded. The watches have been smartly written into the stories. Perky, vibrant films around the ‘quirky dates’ theme work like clockwork for the brand extension.

SMART Bazaar | The Second Question | Durga Pujo (Bengali)

Confession. I was not aware about the practice of using soil from different sources – including from outside sex workers’ homes – for making Goddess Durga’s idols until I saw this spot. The belief apparently is that men who visit brothels leave their virtues at the doorstep and this is absorbed by the soil. While people go and ask the sex workers for the soil to make idols, inviting

them to the ensuing festivities has not been a practice for obvious reasons. One craftsman who has been making idols for years wants to ask the lady at the brothel ‘the second question’ – will she join them at the celebrations? A film about inclusivity rooted in reality in multiple ways. The sex worker’s daughter will indeed join the festival this year (in the film), thanks to the idol-maker’s conscience. Brave and moving work from SMART Bazaar. One that also makes us think.

JK Cement | #AndarSeSundar

The hilarious #AndarSeSundar campaign has been followed up by one that takes a more predictable and emotional route to ‘Goodness within’. Nevertheless, it has been executed above par to trigger emotions. I guessed that the client would fly down the painter’s wife and daughter, but this seems a more practical and believable option. One that will perhaps even come into practice as a kind reward during festive times for all workers, not just painters.

Bisleri Limonata | Let Loose

If the drink is as refreshing and tasteful as this TVC, it should definitely challenge the existing lemony-soda offerings. There’s no path breaking idea here, but there is flair and clarity of thought that underlines the power of execution. It kind of pleasantly contrasts with the existing competitor advertising, helping the brand stand out.

Bata | Impressions | If It’s A Celebration, It’s Got To Be Bata

Brands in every category from electronics to skin care to shoes and accessories want in on the festive season and why not. Bata, that pleasantly surprised us a few years ago with ‘Surprisingly Bata’, is sticking with the young vibes and celebrity route. This time, for a collection titled ‘Impressions’. The advertising follows the sub-brand brief perfectly with playful exchanges

and mild flirtation between two professional actors who deliver. Another winsome case of the product being at the centre of the plot but not boring the world to turn away by becoming the plot itself.

Hersheys Kisses | #SayItWithAKiss

Hersheys Kisses continues with its sweet films under the #SayItWithAKiss theme. This time, it’s not a young woman who finds her single father a match online, but a woman who tries to cheer a young girl saddened by her wilted plant. This can go on and on.

Ixigo | #NikalLo

Great use of celebrities here and one must add an interesting choice of celebrities too. Nice exchanges between them ending with the #NikalLo line. So short that skipping may not be an option. And why would you when these colourful characters are amusing you on screen?

HP Spectre x360 | Designed To Do It All

Stay In Focus

Perfect Timing

Product features by themselves tend to become a little boring. In this category of personal computing, we have seen a few instances of advertising that made features interesting. This must certainly rank high among them, aided by very interesting product features. The premise of two (very different) start-up founders and Bose and Khattar to play the duo won HP the first power play. Weaving the two exchanges with the product features at the core got the

middle overs and then some. The films reached the target well before the death overs.

Bajaj Pulsar N160 | Censored Ad | Who Needs Navigation? Reroute.

Brilliant use of the QR code. The campaign offers a ‘censored’ ad and a more action-packed version upon following the QR code. As always, incredible and dangerous biking skills are on show, performed by experts. One hopes the young viewers read the disclaimer, follow and don’t imitate. The ‘navigation’ to ‘reroute’ approach makes things interesting. Destination reached.

Pond’s BB+ Cream | #ChhoteMeethePalKaGlow

‘Glow every moment this festive season’ says the cream from Pond’s. But does so with enough examples that make the premise come alive. The category is not known for celebrating sister-brother exchanges and the like, but the brand meanders into these spaces with confidence born of its glow-every-moment stance. There are the woogly-woogly woosh kind of exceptions

but by and large, the category advertising puts product front and centre with little to watch around it. This film treads a fine path using adorable slices of life to pitch premise and then product features.

Gemini Cooking Oil | Aaj Kya Bana Hai Se Aaj Kya Banna Chahti Ho Tak

‘Waqt badla hai, sawaal badlo,’ says the brand. From ‘Aaj kya bana hai’ to ‘Aaj Kya Banna Chahti Ho’. Her place is #NotJustInKitchen underlines the brand, making the narrative powerful through the empathetic perspective of the mother-in-law who has lived the scenario. She would like to see the question and the life of her daughter-in-law change, for the better. The brand attempts to pitch ‘Nutri Fresh Lock’ that allows food to stay fresh for longer, giving the kitchen maker time to pursue her passions. The larger thought has been conveyed by many before, but it remains relevant even today. This rendition of that thought plots the product advantage as the driver of the change agenda, which is both smart and odd at the same time because some

would argue that it reaffirms that the kitchen is the woman’s responsibility.

Given that it is the reality in most homes, let us appreciate the spot for the thought, warmth and watchability.

Melorra | #HarGharMelorra

Every part of the country, whenever there is celebration, Melorra says it will deliver its lightweight gold jewellery. Breezy and bright, the spot’s nods to women from different regions and their festive celebrations should find appreciation.

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