Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 26 Oct to 1 Nov 2020

Brands that cut through: Axis Bank, Kelvinator, Hit, Cadbury, HUL, TOI, Manforce, Ford Endeavour, Pepperfry, upGrad, SBI Card, Sporto, Edelweiss Mutual Fund

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 26 Oct to 1 Nov 2020
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Axis Bank | Dil Se Open Celebrations

Arguably the best Diwali work we have seen in this category so far, this series strikes a chord with the charm of caring relationships. The heartwarming campaign pitches the bank as one that is listening to those who listen to the hearts of loved ones, and address their untold needs. A partner who notices that his better half needs a better set up to work from home – not an ‘out of this world’ plot. But the way it has been told as a story is nothing short of delightful. Ditto for the other plots, all of them set to a soothing background score that is yet so full of life. This is also a seamless extension of the brand’s ‘Dil Se’ promise.

Kelvinator | #ReadyForAnything

Kelvin’s exploits provide quality entertainment, which allows brand Kelvinator to spell out the benefits of each product with a different film. He could be the naughty kid next door or the one at home. One can empathise with the exasperated parent. With varied products, each of which has a different proposition, this common family plot to drive home each of them works well for the brand.

Godrej Hit | #SuperHitDiwali

‘We need this Diwali’ says the film, underlining the importance of these celebrations, however muted, to lift our spirits. It’s not just the office-goers, entrepreneurs and businesses who have been impacted by the lockdown, we shouldn’t forget that they all have homes. And in those homes are homemakers, kids and elders who too are struggling to cope. The homemaker has the vantage position of observing what each person has been going through and spells it out here in a manner everyone can relate to. Puting the ‘Hit’ in SuperHitDiwali was a nice finishing touch for a thought-through piece of work.

Cadbury Celebrations | Is Diwali Aap Kise Khush Karenge?

The Covid19 pandemic has brought out the best and worst in people and organisations. We have seen people making an effort to help, with some even going out of their way, be it for next door neighbours or complete strangers. Cadbury started the ‘Thank you’ series with the everyday people in our lives we take for granted: the watchman, driver and milkman. Come Diwali, it shows the gratitude felt by a daughter living abroad towards some young men who helped her family during the lockdown. Her gesture sweetens their Diwali.

HUL Beauty Fest | #TyoharWaliFeel #TyoharWaliDeal

This series of films promoting Diwali deals on brands like Dove, Sunsilk and TRESemme has a nice contextual fit with the times. They urge viewers to usher in the #TyoharWaliFeel. It will take a bit of nudging to move people away from the inertia of the last few months and towards celebrations, especially when greetings will largely be exchanged on screens. Several brands are taking this route and this campaign for beauty products has a perfect fit with the message.

The Times Of India | Badalta Rahega India, Chalta Rahega India

This is a very good time to revisit ‘A day in the life of India’ and see what has changed – and what hasn’t – after the peak (hopefully) Covid19 season. Brand ToI does just that with this film, with tongue firmly in cheek. Taking the humour route, it underlines that some things good and bad are still unchanged, and smartly also puts itself in the frame.

Manforce | #ProtectChildhood

Manforce addresses another important subject related to sex crimes with this campaign, urging parents to be aware of what their kids are doing online. After #YouAreNotAlone and #ShutUpThePhone, Manforce makes a much-needed statement warning parents about online child abuse and pornography, with the line: “If we don’t keep an eye on our children, someone else will.”

Ford Endeavour Sport | Meet The Other Side Of You

‘There are always two sides to you. One, for the world you love. And the other, that keeps you alive. Here’s to the other side.’ This prelude to the ‘other side’ – that is, a getaway in the new vehicle in all its rugged glory and the experiences that brings – helps this spot stand out. We have seen enough vehicles conquering terrains. It is always refreshing to see this other, human side of four-wheeler advertising.

Pepperfry | Kuch Apne Liye, Kuch Apno Ke Liye

This is how you make a Diwali furniture sale interesting. Marrying it with the shared Wifi reality and therefore ‘wifi spots’ at home was sheer genius.

upGrad | Ab Sab Ki Tarakki Hai Pakki

Likening a good MBA degree admission to musical chairs, where only one of many wins and the rest are left with nothing, is an interesting approach. Coupled with the narration, it does the job.

SBI Card | #ApnepanWaaliDiwali

Though the plot might seem a little familiar, the film manages to invoke the positive festive spirit of giving and caring with good effect.

Sporto Flexiwear | #MenBeFlexi

A good laugh at oneself never did anyone any harm. In this case, ‘cheering’ menfolk who made their first forays into the kitchen to crack an egg or cleaning washrooms, is doing the brand a lot of good. The linkage of this forced ‘flexi’ shift in men during the lockdown syncs well with the flexiwear category being promoted.

Edelweiss Mutual Fund | #BadhaoBhiBachaoBhi

Kabaddi was a smart device to convey the benefits of a fund that works to ‘attack’ or ‘defend’ your investment depending on the market situation. Proposition delivered.

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