Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 25 To 30 Nov 2022 | The Financial Express

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 25 To 30 Nov 2022

Brands that cut through: Tanishq, Greenlam, Cleartrip, FNP, True Elements, Google Pixel, Kisna, Fit AF, Saffola, Ageas Federal, upGrad, PGI, Havells, eBay.

Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 25 To 30 Nov 2022
Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Tanishq | Marriage Conversations | In-Laws

Marriage Conversations | In-Laws

At a recent advertising awards jury meet in which I was privileged to be alongside the one and only Mohammed Khan and the erudite Nandini Dias, there were differences on the work – as one would expect. Mr Khan may have exited the world of Indian advertising but there was ample proof that you cannot take advertising out of the man. The passion with which he spoke for some of the work would put a practising creative person to shame. There was also one clear winner on which there was absolutely no debate. Each of us only had to say why it was a winner in our individual view. And that was Tanishq’s ‘Marriage Conversations’ from last year.

This edition of ‘Marriage Conversations’ drills deep into one of the issues that is very real and relevant in today’s time – distance from parents. By default, in India we tended to assume that the son’s parents are the responsibility of the couple-to-be. It is changing, albeit very slowly and only at certain rungs of the socio-economic pyramid. And who else but Tanishq to champion that change? The couple is real. The issue is real. And the film is a winner.

Greenlam Laminates | Kuch Mera, Kuch Tumhara

Is it possible to make a warm film that celebrates love to sell laminates? Here it is. One wondered whether a plot centred on choosing the shade of laminate would be worth watching. It proved to be well worth it in the end and then some. The audience needs to see the film and stay before you can make the ‘beautiful’ pitch. This spot keeps you hooked. More than the words, the music takes you to another world.

Cleartrip | Clear Advantage

Cleartrip is quite clear about what it wants to convey and does so compellingly in 30 seconds flat. Whoever says humour in advertising is dead is clearly not watching the good stuff. In terms of pain point, the online travel brand is again on point. At the end of the year, uncertainty is one thing that keeps us from booking that much awaited trip.

FNP | Khaas Gifts | Midnight Delivery

Great use of celebrities here by the gifting brand to deliver its ‘Special gifts for special people’ and ‘Midnight delivery’ messages. Coming to think of it, several brands have used the big man with telling effect taking the humour route. The combination here works wonders and the treatment should make the viewer smile.

True Elements | Food That Does Not Lie | Truing Truing

A clear proposition brought to life with humour. The exchanges and performances lift the simple idea to the top tier. Will get noticed and consumed. ‘Tring Truing What You Doing’ strikes a quirky chord. That said, while ‘Food that does not lie’ gets delivered impressively, I was left wondering what that translates into in terms of tangible brand or product promise. Once you link back to the brand name and look it up, it becomes evident.

Google Pixel | Google’s Most Advanced Chip(s)

Seeing Google’s branding on two packs of chips is bound to get people interested. Carrying this idea forward though the film has been done seamlessly. A mobile handsets ad that does not reveal the phones till the end is a rarity. This doesn’t lose anything because of that, as the Google branding remains right through and the chip(s) make an indelible impression too. Not bad at all, for an ad for a chip inside a phone.

KISNA I Teri Roshni Hun Main

Off the beaten track, this campaign should get noticed. Personifying the jewellery plays out smoothly thanks to the deft writing. Lovely word play around ‘Heera’ and ‘Roshni’ combined with good production values and direction helps this stand out. Choosing models who can act has certainly helped.

Fit AF | Tumse Hoga?

‘Tumse Hoga?’ is a dare that challenges those actively pursuing fitness. They will readily relate to the call that questions their drive. Fit AF promises to be there when they rise to the challenge. High on energy, high on intensity. Befitting for the category.

Saffola Fittify Peanut Butter | Fit-Fit-Fittify

Staying with fitness, here’s a brand extension and its advertising that could prove popular thanks to a catchy phrase that stems from the brand name. A fit brand ambassador to amplify it was necessary one would think, for this to fly.

Ageas Federal Life | #FutureFearless | Help Your Child Dream Big

Sachin Tendulkar is back batting for the insurance player. Personification of the child’s dream as an imaginary character is a great idea. As for carrying the little friend along hidden in his bag, we’ve seen this route adopted internationally and it has been done pretty well here by Ageas Federal. In the end, Tendulkar can “see” the kid’s dream. Very nicely done. But I do wonder whether it was necessary for Sachin to have opened the film.

Havells | Protection Buddy

The device of ‘ghost’ helps add some life to this spot. Likening the ‘wires that don’t catch fire’ to a father who is depicted as a 24×7 ‘protection buddy’ is a good thought. Playfully delivered using the little boy character. One misses the iconic work that launched the brand, built it in our hearts and made this tagline unforgettable.

upGrad | Real Stories of UpGrad

There are full-length interviews of over 30 minutes each alongside these one-minute edits on the brand’s YouTube channel. Testimonials are a powerful tool in this category. The stories featured – of someone who shifted careers after 15 years and a call centre employee who was egged on to complete his course – are compelling and should inspire those stuck in their careers to level up by upskilling themselves.

Max Life | #YouAreTheDifference | Aane Waley Keemti Palon Ki Guarantee

The brand creates a nice lead in before getting to the crux. Spend your valuable time with loved ones, Max Life promises to take care of precious moments in the future. The interaction between the couple is a slice-of-life scene one can relate to. And it is quite believable when it features a famous cricketer who would obviously be pressed for time.

PGI | Platinum Days Of Love | #CommitToLove

Two very different films here from the folks at Platinum woven around a common larger theme. The one featuring the South film star couple is as feel-good as it gets. The romance is fresh and the conversational lines celebrate their love and commitment thereto. The small things that matter make a big impact and all of it dovetails into the brand’s message. The one featuring a difficult conversation is similar to what we saw from Tanishq last year (an ongoing campaign). It’s hard to outdo that piece of work on the same lines, though this is a passable effort.

Havells | What-A-Heater | Unconventionally Beautiful

Interesting. Unconventional and hence interesting. Even if the ‘breathtakingly beautiful bathroom’ has been done before, an unconventionally beautiful water heater seems to be a first.

eBay | #ExportKaExpert

What’s with the yoga sessions? From Amazon Pay to eBay, the setting seems to be a favourite for brands. This one adds some flavour through the protagonist’s character and poses, even if it really is just a problem-solution conversation. A crisper cut might have cut through better.

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